Just Two Good Old Boys

038 Just Two Good Old Boys

August 20, 2023 Gene Naftulyev Season 2023 Episode 38
Just Two Good Old Boys
038 Just Two Good Old Boys
Just Two Good Old Boys
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Testing out new recording software on this one, and while audio sounds good, there were some issues with podcasting 2.0 features.

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Hey, Ben, how are you today? I'm doing fine, Gene. Well, we've got a can't fancy countdown now. Yeah, that's right. That's right. We're trying some new recording software. See how it goes. I mean, it's like I'm paying for this stuff. So, Might as well utilize it. Yeah, and it's got it's from the same guys that make Descript, which is the software that I use to assemble episodes. So yeah, it's your favorite transcription and yeah, screw with stuff. So for now, I mean, I think that the, when they came out, they were really the first to do accurate AI. That was several years ago. Now, I think there's way more competition in that room, including, there's just a, there's just a few, I mean, Amazon has an entire service. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean, like part of the Adobe suite now is a podcasting app that does very similar stuff. Well, Adobe's added a lot of, things including, The AI stuff that they've added. But yeah, I haven't used Adobe, like actually used Adobe in a long time. Yeah. Well, I. Generally we'll sign up for it when it's on sale and then cancel it after I don't use it for three or four months and realize I'm still paying for it. Yeah, I I used to use Adobe products very, very heavily back in the day. Okay. I, I was using Premiere for... Years and years and years Premiere? Were you making videos? I was, actually. Really? I don't remember this, you telling me about any of this. What kind of videos. No, no, not porn. I actually won some awards for a couple of videos. Really? No, cartoons then. no not cartoons. Come on, Ben. What could it possibly be? Well, let's see. I did a documentary in high school about, Effects of 9 11 on the students, where they were what they thought about some of the laws passed things like that Bringing up, I forget how young you are. That's right. Idea. No, no, this was quite a while ago. And you got to remember I was 15 at the time of doing this. That's right. You graduated high school like five years early. Not quite, but, and, you talk about my flight schedule and on unrelenting, but you get it wrong. So, maybe that was on purpose. Maybe. It's funny. A lot of people seem to think that I'm just spewing out facts and sometimes, sometimes not and data. But what I'm actually doing is creating a show. Yeah, you're, you're very much Gilbert Gottfried. Well, I, I'll, I'll take that as a compliment. Well, in the Hollywood Squares episode y'all were referring to, where he was purposely. But it's like, I'm going to get them to believe me on this one. I'm going to say something true here where I know they won't believe me. It was like he did everything he could to prolong that as possible. Yeah. That was, that was just classic Gilbert Gottfried. Well, and then Penn and everyone coming in, but he's always been the guy that's way. I remember him doing a 9 11 joke on 9 12, like, and saying, Too soon? When everybody booed. It's like, he was the guy that was always ahead of the curve. very quick witted man, for sure. Yeah, and he did, I remember watching him, oh my gosh, was I can't remember which network it was on actually, to tell you the truth, but it, he did like a, a late night show, movie, marathon thing yeah, I just don't remember the network, it was the weirdest thing, it was, it was gotta be in the 80s, and it was like, every Friday night, maybe at about 9pm or something, or 10pm, Gilbert Gottfried would host this like, bad, kind of, sexploitation type film, and then, At every commercial break, you would talk about it. So it's hard to describe the format because they don't really do much of it. It wasn't kind of like mystery time series 3000 where they're always on. I know. Right. Right. But it was the interruption. Yeah. Yeah. But it was, it was purely at the ads either before or after the ads. I don't recall, but every ad break, he would be talking along, like he's watching it along with you and then talking about some, like how horrible something is. And it was always these like 70s movies or something or 60s movies that were clearly B rate movies back when they came out, but had a lot of skin showing. They weren't R rated, right? Because you couldn't broadcast that stuff back then. Well, they were edited down. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Exactly. So you'd have, like, Pam Greer movies, and you've, I'm sure, seen some of those. Maybe you've made some, for all I know. I don't even know what you're talking about. Oh, you don't know who Pam Greer is? No. She was she was a very A very hot looking black woman that made a lot of sort of black women in prison type movies back in the seventies. How do you not know these things? Because I wasn't alive in the seventies. I know. One thing I don't like about this app? Yeah. It's using my camera even though the camera's off. You can turn that off because mine turned on and when I turned the camera off the little light turned on, turned off. No, my video is off in the app, but it is. You It, when I look at what's using my camera, it's this, so sorry. Okay. How's that? Did that do anything? Didn't do anything really. Okay. All right. I just shut off your camera manually on my end, but that is my camera. Yeah, so anyway Gilbert Gottfried was funny and it was sad to see him amongst so many others that Darren and I seem to keep talking about as being dead. Well, even my exposure to Gilbert Gottfried as a kid with him as the parrot and Aladdin, him and Robin Williams working together were hilarious, And Robin Williams, one of my favorite comedians of all time. Oh, yeah. Go ahead. No, that was, that was another guy that just, he, when he had his switch flipped on, he was, he never had off the microsecond. Well, apparently he did have it off when he was super depressed. But when he, when he had it on, when he was performing, that guy was just so quick with it. And one of my favorite performances, or not even performance, one of my favorite guest appearances of him. Was when he was on Craig Craig, somebody's late show that Scottish guy. I can't remember his last name. Used to be on Drew Carey's show. Yeah, I know what you're talking about. Yeah, yeah, that guy. And Craig, I think had the best late show out of all of them because at least as far as the character of him on the show was, he could give a shit. And it was like the worst rated of all the late shows, which he always made fun of. And so it was kind of like, well, we have no budget, but anything goes. And it was just a show where it was 50% sexual innuendo. And Craig is another one of those guys with a super sharp wit. Like, he, he, he's super fast at having the right combat to anything, but when he and Robin were on together, when he was interviewing Robin, it was like a master class in improv. You just, you, it's like watching a tennis match 4X speed. And you've seen some of those whose line is it anyway? And stuff like that, where you get some really awesome stuff. Oh, absolutely. So, yeah, a lot of that actually is an improv class. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that was actually a British show before it came to the U S. Yes. But also like the office and many other things, the Americans did it better. Oh my God. So not true. No British. British. Comedy, I think, is the best comedy out there. It's and I've watched a lot of comedy of other countries. The Brits, I think, by far, have the top rank on there. Because you have to have an intellect to appreciate British comedy. It's not slapstick. It's not just sort of like a theory. Come on, Monty Python. You're saying there's no slapstick in British comedy? I'm not You can laugh at it as a kid for the silliness of it. Once you're an adult and you understand what they're talking about and the critiques that they're actually making about like the British healthcare system, or it's only a flesh roomed or whatever, it's, yeah, it's at a whole new level, so. And certainly those guys individually in their projects they've done demonstrate more of that it's John Cleese is another guy that just super dry wit and hilarious and then John Cleese is effing hilarious. yeah, Yeah, you've seen his business videos, right? Yeah, I've seen lots of it. Yeah. Speaking of comedians, have you seen the I think it's Brad Williams. I don't think so. Oh my God. You have to watch Brad Williams. He's got two specials on Amazon And he's a short person. Okay. And he's hilarious. All right. All right, yeah, I've not seen He's definitely well, now that we're talking about it and Alexis listening, I'm guaranteed that it'll show up in my recommend. That's usually how these things happen is I'll, I'll be talking to somebody about something they tell me about the next thing I know, it's like. Hey, you should watch this. This is why I don't have an Alexa. That's why I have three of them. Richard not Richard Pryor. Shit. Who am I thinking of? George Carlin, George Carlin, was probably the most political comedian. Out there that was actually really successful. He, he, Lenny Bruce was pretty political, but he wasn't nearly as successful as Carlin. Well, no, no, no. Carlin, Carlin definitely made a lot more money. Yeah. Oh, Carlin was great. He was I think what's funny is he was very much viewed as a liberal back in when he was, Oh, but he wasn't, he was a libertarian at heart. I think if you ask college students, they to watch his comedy acts. They would call him a fascist Nazi. It's a big club and you ain't in it. I don't know how that would be a fascist Nazi. I'm, I'm guaranteeing you, dude, you, you get some college student age level kids to watch him. Adults, they're not even kids, but to watch him and... I worry about what this world's gonna come to. I really do. It doesn't matter. 2034. It's over. It is not going to matter. I, it's as far as I'm concerned, you might as well enjoy damn orchestra while the ship sinks. Ha ha ha ha ha yes, rearrange the deck chairs while you're at it. Well, you can rearrange them, I'll, I'll, I'll be listening to that violin playing. It's that is kind of a, another thing that I like about the British though, I have to say that even in times of crisis, that adherence to ritual matter, keep calm and carry on. Speaking of, well, that's changed now. Yeah, well, it, it has changed. I'm not sure I want to necessarily save this particular King though. Yeah, I won't say either, but speaking of the British. I'm going to the UK. Oh, nice. And and some other places. No, but I am going to be in London at the end of September. And then it looks like potentially Norway. so Norway never been nor have I, so it'll be interesting. I've never been to London. Yeah. Well, I think, we're in Norway, do you know, Oslo, or? It'd be Oslo, yeah. Yeah, if you get any, any chance to extend that into the weekend I think you definitely should. Yeah, it's gonna depend on a few things I'm gonna be there. So I've got to be there Tuesday and Wednesday and I've got to present and then I've got some meetings around some things and so I'm going to try and fly in the weekend before and then depending on what all business I have to do and then everything else, I'm, I'm going to try and just extend it a little bit so I can get some fun into, Oh yeah, it'll be great. There's no point in taking a nine hour flight and not finding some fun things to do. Exactly. Great. Man, you'd be able to enjoy that pickled herring. Yeah, that's not a thing I'm going to enjoy. Come on, man. It's great stuff. Dude, I eat, have, I I am pretty damn adventurous when it comes to food and I grew up eating lots of stuff. Pickled herring is not on the list. Alright, well, it's good stuff. Like you're talking to a white boy that likes menudo and I don't know if I can do pickled herring. Pickled fish just does not sound appealing to me. And I like pickles and I like fish, the two together are not a thing. You just got to break through that and just go with it and then learn to enjoy. I do want to talk to you off the show about some... I do want to talk to you off the show about some, things to do and What I should look out for. And then I'm trying to decide on my route and it looks like I'm going to be able to take the Singapore flight again, which will be nice. Oh, sweet. Yeah. Well, I'm glad the government's got money for that. I don't know what you're talking about. Yeah, I don't either. So what else has been going on? This has been an interesting week, hasn't it? Wow. Yeah. Lots has happened. Lots of, a lot has happened. What do you want to start with? Blair White. I think if we start with talking about the government and the song that was released. I think that's a good segue into everything else. Okay. So, Richmond, north of Richmond that everybody's talked about. First of all when I first heard it, I don't think he's that good of a singer necessarily. I don't know that it's that good of a song from a, from a technical standpoint, but the lyrics are so damn powerful. Right. It makes up for everything else. I mean, when you have the balls to say, I wish they cared about minors instead of minors on an island somewhere. Right. Are an old soul living in the new world. I mean, the JP's breakdown of it in response was just fantastic. Yeah. JP's brilliant to begin with, but I mean, he's pretty good. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But. It's just an impassioned anthem of being very tired and seeing, it's what we all see. It's the, it's the moroseness of watching this world decay in song form. Yeah. And I think, well, songs ultimately are just poems. It's just poetry. And poetry is powerful when there's a lot of emotion, like factual poems are not particularly good. Poetry is all about driving a remote I can't talk either today, is all about driving an emotional response. And that emotional response, I think is very poignant when you're capturing a slice in time. If you look at the Star Spangled Banner that's an example of a, of a poem with a slice in time, right? For what it's worth, Buffalo Springfield. The, the the musical aspect to it, I think just adds some background noise to make it more memorable, but ultimately, it's poetry. Yeah, you, you've heard for what it's worth, right? Remind me. I, I think I have Buffalo Springfield. Yeah, but I, Hey, stop. What's that sound? Everybody look what's going down. Yeah. It's a, it's a song about a riot that occurred and the National Guards response and everything else. This is very much the same sort of thing, right? It's an anthem for the moment that living in the moment means more to you than, Someone listening to this song 30 years from now that isn't in the emotional state that we're all in. Right, but if you pay attention to the lyrics, the poetry behind the song, then it will incite a similar reaction. Maybe not as strong as the one of the person living through it, But that's what makes it timeless. Yeah, yeah, I understand, but my point is Buffalo Springfield's song, which was incredibly popular and hit a nerve during the Vietnam era because of people living in the Vietnam era. It's still a good song. I like the song today, but I don't have the visceral reaction that people living with it did. Does that make sense? Yeah, yeah. It's true. I, think the fact that, Anthony Oliver's song, or Oliver Anthony whatever it is. The fact that he's come out of nowhere and has... Ginger dude. Yeah, he, I mean, he's got, Oh, in on YouTube alone on the main channel, he's got over 15 million views on that song and ancillary channels. Everybody's done a reaction video. to him. We're talking about it now. Literally everybody has responded to this. That song has been viewed. Easily 50 million times. So there's a couple of things that one I would be shocked if Tom McDonald doesn't do a collaboration with him soon. well, rich big from, you know, rich, whatever his name is, is helping him out. And he, he turned down an 8 million record contract. Good for him. Yep. Smart man. Those are not worth the money. The the other thing is instantly when he popped up, I started seeing people saying he's just a what's the phrase? A counter, Like, controlled opposition. Yeah, yeah, yeah. One of those things. Not controlled, but, because it's not opposition to the right, right? But it's, it's... What is the phrase? No, he's controlled opposition to the, to the oppressors. He, he is the, oh God, what's the name of the character in 1984? Goldberg, Goldstein, whatever it is. Yeah, that's not it either. But essentially. No, that's what people were saying, that he was that sort of character where he's appearing to be with. You and so on, but he's against. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And I've heard this about. A number of people over the years. Alex Jones. And I'm now absolutely of the opinion that the phrase that person is controlled opposition or a derivative of that phrase. Is a great indicator of someone who is actually control of the state. Yes, absolutely. Because there is no reason to ever say that because the only thing you're doing by saying that is you're trying to convince somebody. That's somebody who in the moment they're in agreement with, they shouldn't agree with. Yeah. I fucking with people's brains by saying stuff like that I I've been around a lot of people that I would call agent provocateurs. I've seen how government agents work inside groups to try and so division and cause issues. And yeah, there is definitely using your drag net. There's definitely the ability to potentially have how do I put this? There's potential, there's the potential of catching imp some innocence in it, but you know. and by the way. Interesting that you put parentheses in, what you put in parentheses on here. I can see the audio stats as well. I had to click around, but yeah. Oh, what did I put in parentheses? Nothing, don't worry about it. Okay, alright. Alright, so next bit here, and we'll see if this works or not. So, I'm gonna assume it works. Okay. And if it doesn't, do it in post. Blair White, looks like a woman is a woman, but I would say like you put you from 10, 000 people. They say that's a woman, good friends that she moved to Austin. You don't hear it. God damn it. So it's not working. Why is it. not working? I Don't know what you're even trying to do, I can't hear a thing. I'm trying to play Alex Jones. Oh God. What? I mean, I thought we were going to play a little bit of all of Oliver Anthony's or something. No, no, no, no. I was going to play, I don't have a lot of where Anthony queued up, but I thought I had Alex Jones queued up, but now... Apparently you're not here. Let me try it one more time here and see if this works. Blair White, looks like a woman, is a woman, but I would say You're not hearing anything? No, I'm hearing it. That's a woman. Good friends that you've lost. I'd start it over. Okay, let's start it over. Here we go. So this is the bit of Alex Jones that you sent to me. you sent me this clip. I, I, I sent you the original link. Right. And that's what I heard when I listened to the link right here. Blair White. Looks like a woman is a woman. I would say, like, you put you in front of 10, 000 people, they say that's a woman. Good friends since you moved to Austin. For me, there was nothing ever sexual about it. All of us are trans. That's why men have nipples. Because we're all... In the same boat, this is the reality. 100%. Like, you're not normal. No, you're not. For those who don't know, I start out as female, like you did, so I'm gonna shut up, because I'll talk forever, but I watch your show all the time. I'm gonna shut up. Blair. Oh, that's so classic, man. I, I love that clip. Good edit. Good edit. Oh my God. Yes. No. Gene's not a troll at all. No AI used in the making of that clip whatsoever. That was purely the old fashioned way. Still, still an edit, but yeah, it was a good one, but the rest of the interview is actually pretty good. Yeah, yeah, no, it is pretty good, but Alex Jones just makes it so goddamn easy to take things out of context. Oh, yeah, that's it. That's all it was. I mean, that's how you make a troll. It's an exercise in taking things out of context. But each time he said one of those phrases, and this is basically a half hour chopped up. Oh, no, actually the full interview, if you watch the full interview, on Banned. video is an hour and a half. Oh, no, no, I mean, the, the, Where these clips came from is the first half hour. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but the the full an hour and a half. Yeah, which by the way, while we're talking about Alex, what he did on mug club On the Bill Gates documentary that he just put out. Yeah Worth watching. Okay. Cool. It, it. A lot of it is everything we've already known, but it's well done and it ties it all together in the end in a pretty, pretty cool a photo of Bill standing on Lolita Island? You'll have to watch. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. But all I can say is that there is There's a, I I'm happy to see Alex doing that sort of content again. It's very reminiscent of a lot of his old videos out of the early 2000s. Yeah, like the the, whatchamacallit, Grove. Yeah, the Bohemian growth stuff, the 9 11 stuff the economic, World Economic Forum stuff that'll get him sued for 10 trillion dollars. Well, no, actually, the, the, the stuff that won't get him sued, but that will end up getting him sued, if you know what I mean. No, it's good. It's good. I still don't understand why he needed Crowder to do that. He could have just set up his own channel on the freaking Rumble, like everybody else is doing. Well, first of all, he respects Crowder and there's a whole thing between them. So there's that. I guess Crowder's a little gay as well, but, okay. That's crazy. I, know you don't like Crowder. I I, just, it's a process, dude. I didn't dislike him at all five years ago, but over the years he's just gotten more smarmy. see, and here's the ironic thing. I didn't listen to him or like him for a long time, and then, I don't know. I respect what he's doing. Yeah, I don't know, man. I think I think Crowder and this is where I actually I like oh, with the high, like, blanking out the guy's name. It's a California dude that's been, you started off doing man on the street interviews, now mostly just commentary. Do you know what I'm talking about? No. He's, he's always been on the very conservative side but, well, doesn't matter. Either way yeah, Crowder just, like, I liked his bits, and I liked the the little desk with the sign that says prove me wrong on it, I like all that stuff that he did. I just, I just don't think he's funny. I've never really enjoyed him as a comic. And I think that he is too full of himself, and I think that's gotten worse ever since he got the deal with the Glenn Beck, like, okay, something happened there where he started making enough money, meaning millions of dollars to where he started believing his own fans. And how great it was, and he's just not that great. Okay. I, I, I like what he's doing. I like the deal that he struck with rumble on actually having fiduciary responsibility built into the contract with them where they're not able to cancel them without it hurting rumble substantially. So, but there's no reason for rumble to cancel him. Sure there is. I mean, the, the whole argument of, oh, well, what happens when rumble goes to cancel you Well, he's got a contract saying, well, if you do that, there's going to be a problem. Here's why. Yeah. And everybody's contract should have that in there. I mean, you'd be stupid not to. Yeah, but most people don't have a contract with YouTube, i. e. Tim Poole does not have a contract with YouTube, and that's where most of his revenue comes from. Yeah, but if Tim Poole got a contract with Rumble, I guarantee you it would be a good contract. Maybe. I don't know, man. I don't know. Tim, Tim's done some crazy stuff. He has done some crazy stuff, but I think, I think as long as somebody that Tim respects. Huh. Tells him how to do stuff, like Joe Rogan, who's gotten a very good contract somewhere. Has he? Yeah, I think so. I don't know. He's had quite a bit of content. The more, the more that's come out about his contract, the better I've, I've liked it. Because initially I was like, Oh, total sellout. But the fact that he owns his content and they're just leasing it, that's a huge thing. That is really big. Yeah, and I agree with you there. The fact that he does own his catalog still and didn't give that up is big. But he also owns, they have a right to refuse to publish and we've seen that on multiple episodes where they've taken them out. Totally, totally, yeah. And I, I don't think that's unreasonable. I think that they can choose what they want on their network. That's he still gets paid though, regardless. No, I disagree. The, If they want to have... Joe Rogan on there and. He wants to put something out. They need to let him, right? He's the, he's the attraction, not Spotify. Like, the only, literally, the only reason why the Spotify app is even on my phone at all. At any point in time is to listen to Joe Rogan. Yeah. And I don't pay for Spotify. I use the free app and it's only, only, only ever on there when I want to listen to it. Yeah, I, I, I refuse to have it on my phone, but I, I think that. Okay, so you access it through a browser on your computer, right? No, I just don't watch them. Okay, well, I still want to listen to Joe every now and then. Right, and that's how They get you. They don't get me because they don't pay for Jack. Well, then you're getting ads. Okay, and I'll do that to support Joe because that's the way I want to hear him, but I wish he was still on YouTube. It'd be easier. Well, YouTube's still got ads too. Not if you pay for it. Not if you pay for it. Exactly. But which by the way, they raised the price. I don't know if you noticed. Well, mine's integrated with a bunch of stuff, so no, I didn't. Yep. I think it's 20 bucks a month now for family accounts and 14 or 15 for a single. Okay. So I think when I first signed up first, it was under 10 bucks. I mean, when I signed up for Google music back in the day, Like before YouTube premium or anything else, the account that's rolled over and rolled over, it was five bucks a month. Well, inflation's just going crazy, Amazon music used to be free as part of the prime package, which of course now they've it's, I think it's the same price as the Apple music. Yeah, by the way, speaking of inflation I actually got cheaper car insurance. Oh, good. Good for you Like then I was paying where you said, you'd drop me. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, so Yeah. And not with Bubba's insurance company either. Well, what, what'd you, who'd you get it through? Texas Farm Bureau ended up being the best for Bubba's insurance company. No. Not at all. It's a company no one's ever heard of. Yeah. Everybody raise your hands if you're a Farm Bureau Texas Farm Bureau. Farm Bureau's in every state. And it's, yeah, it's... I've never heard of them. That proves it. Everyone who has ever lived rurally knows exactly what I'm talking about. Did you buy a tractor supply company? No, but you do have to buy into the co op and have all that. But anyway homeowners insurance and everything was way cheaper with them. It was, it was it was a good exercise. So I might have to look into that. I mean, save me quite a bit overall, especially what people were wanting to go do. It was just insane. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hmm. Well, that's good. I'm glad you were able to figure that out. And then did you hear the latest about how the, apparently the police kept people from leaving Hawaii? well, they were so I, I've heard quite a bit about Hawaii. A friend of mine lost his house. Oh, that sucks. Yeah, I, and he's a native Hawaiian. He's he, He he's a very interesting character. He was CIO of a very interesting spooky company over in the middle East. And I thought you were about to say he was CIA And then, change your mind. No, CAO. And then he he's married to a former Miss Hawaii. Oh, wow. Yeah. And anyway, the house that they lost in Lahaina was kind of the family homestead been there a very long time. And they've got quite a bit of land with it. And he is very worried about government taking his land. Because that's what they're trying to do. Oh, yeah. And then sell it to to whoever the hell they want. What's his name? Well, the governor's already made provisions that if your land has fire, I forget what concentration of various things from the fire that you know, they're gonna take it for quote unquote safety reasons. I read that. Yeah, Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg apparently is has used the help of the government to take land surrounding his estate to grow the estate, which works out nicely. But on the other hand, most of Hawaii was at least back in the nineties was owned by the Japanese. So I don't know. It's, it's one of those places that's traded ownership multiple times. Technically not a state. The What do you mean technically not a state? I mean, there was never a signed actual, no, not a state. The native government of Hawaii never seceded to the United States authority. Yes, I know the Hawaiian propaganda. It's not. Hey, my people have their home and my people. I, since when are you Hawaiian? I consider myself part Hawaiian, always have. Just because of your physique. Yeah, you can go fuck yourself. Hey, my my buddy looks about the same too. Is that something about that Samoan jeans? Yeah. And I've got those. So, it's. No, I told you. Everybody knows this. I when I did my DNA profile 0. 00001. It explains it. It explains everything. Just because it's under 1% doesn't mean that those genes don't actually do something. But, yeah, I had Pacific Islander, it's like half a percent or something. So, which is, incidentally, more than Pocahontas has of Native American blood. Well, can we... Can we just, first of all, level set on how these genetic history tests work, right? You, you know how they work. What do You, mean? So I take a sample of people's genetics, Yeah. that I believe I know their pedigree. I know their lineage and I believe the documentation of their lineage. Enough to be able to say this is who they are. Yeah, but it's using the Mormon database, which is the most accurate database of lineage in the world. Okay. Some of them are, but my point is... it's all survey data and old self reported survey data at best. It's not scientific. That's not true. It is actually 100% true. It's based off a genealogical record. And wedding records held by churches. Yes, because there's never been a non paternal event in the history of man. It's not self survey data, is my point, which is what you're alleging. It is self survey data because it's self It is the parents of a child saying this is our child. Mm hmm. You have no proof, historical proof, Right. That the father of that child is the father of that child. Absolutely, that's true. But it self serving. There you go. From a scientific standpoint, it does gene. But anyway, my point is these genetic tests are nonsense and crap. Yeah, just because you're paranoid about genetics doesn't mean that they're nonsense. I'm not paranoid about genetics. I just don't want my DNA out there. Too late. How so? Your DNA's been out there. Everybody's DNA's been out there. You've never had a blood test done, have you? You ever have a blood test done by your doctor? Sure. Your DNA's out there. Not sequenced, nah. Okay, alright. You want to believe that, you can believe that. That's too big of a conspiracy. I would rather have, it's not a conspiracy. It's been in place for literally over a decade. Now, the DNA extraction that was done via the COVID test, that's documented. Okay, Okay, so you're saying when one's a conspiracy, the other one's true. Processes are the same. No, no, no, no, no, no. Because one, they admitted to sequencing, the other would involve lab technicians from across the country. There, there's five major labs in the U. S. that do processing of blood and testing of it. There are five major lab companies. There are hundreds of labs across the U. S. all owned by the same companies. Yes. Okay. So it's really not that hard to implement. Okay. So, On a non how do I put this? On a non Conspiratorial? no, on a non contingentious subject. Huh. You like glocks, right? I mean, I used to be a much bigger fan of glocks than I am today, but in general, sure. Well, have you looked at the Palmetto State Dagger, their Glock clone? I have. I don't have one, but I've seen it and I, I like the variety of colors it comes in. Well, did you see what I just sent you? The Because they're having a sale. Sale on it? Yeah, yeah. Sale ends today! Yeah, well I picked up a slightly different upper on this, and I got mine total with the upper and lower together for 2. 60 shipped. That's pretty good. And right now you can get, So you actually have a pistol you can shoot your caribbean magazines. that's exactly why I even bothered to get it. 100%. So anyway, I'm not a Glock fan, but at those prices, I don't know why you wouldn't just pick up the throwing vehicle once you get it. I'm curious. What you think of the grip because this was one of the things that like I shot Glock for many years I've got I mean one of my my Glock guns that I kept I sold a lot of my Glocks But one of the ones that I kept Has over 50, 000 rounds through it for multiple barrels. I mean this this was a gun that was manufactured. I want to say in 97 by the way, the gun I sent you is equivalent to a gen three 19. Okay. All right. But here's the thing. I found that the Springfield grips were a lot more comfortable for me than the Glock grips. So I'm going to be curious to see what you, Oh, you, you agree, right? Okay. Yeah. You've checked. Yes. I don't like Glocks, but at the same time, it's a utility guns are tools And if I can get. For 260, a equivalent to a Gen 3 9th Glock 19 with the cutouts, a threaded barrel, optics ready, everything else for that price. That's already going to take the same magazines as something else I want to put in my vehicle? Duh. And that's a great upper. I like that upper. The one I've been tempted to get from them, which is I think currently out of stock, but they've had it on and off is the gold version. Which is not actual gold. Usually when you see gold, it's titanium oxide or something. Titanium dioxide. I can't remember, but it's a it's a hard surface coating, but it also is gold in color and nice and shiny. So. I always thought that looked really cool and I was really close to buying that SIG that you bought with those gold the same gold color, but the only way to get that is from the pro shop at SIG. And when I hit the put in cart button for that, it came out to a little over 3, 000. Well, there's definitely, you can spend some money on guns if you want to customize them out the way You may or may not want to, but the, the SIG that I have which is the, the M17, it's the P320. That's a fantastic gun. That's one of my favorite pistols ever made. It's, it's, it's an awesome, awesome gun. It's, I've had a bad experience with SIG, but I also recognize that the totally could have been a one off. Well, it could have just been unlucky. Yeah. and, Sig and I'd say Sig and Taurus and several other manufacturers are those that people either love or they hate. There's not a lot of in between in there. I don't really have anything else bad to say about it. It was always a little on the pricey side, but but when I finally got a Sig, it had the, the most jams of any gun that I had. And I was like, Yeah, no way this thing's going back. Yeah, I've, I so I have yet to have a single malfunction with that gun. Okay, good. Good. And I'm I, I haven't had it that long. I'm only a couple hundred rounds in mm-hmm. but I'm probably, how many rounds am I in, I'm probably at least 500 rounds in on that gun. Hmm. Okay. But you gotta remember, when I go to the range, my average session with a gun is gonna have, 50 plus rounds. Pretty easy. I would hope so. I'd hate for you to do less than a box of ammo. Well, I'm taking multiple guns, so. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. depends. But yeah yeah, anyway, they, the dagger that they've got on sale right now, the, the lower, which is the registered bed is only 50 and then you can get the upper slides that you want to match. So the, the lower is going to be 50 plus the transfer fee plus the shipping plus the fee for the guide. All in. I'm going to, I'm going to be less than 300 into this gun. Yeah. All in. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And You can even get the 40 Cal version if you really wanted, which I am tempted to do because I like 40 Cal and give it to my dad. That was my old gun is, or the one I still have. That's an actual old Glock is a 40 Cal. Glock 21. The 21? Shit. What is the 40 Cal? I don't know, they, this is part of the reason why I don't like Glock. Their, their their, their modeling scheme makes zero sense. I Yeah, it's a Glock 22 is 40 caliber. It's a very simple system. It's each model they come out with is just one higher number. It's purely chronological, Right. But it has nothing to do with the actual. capacity. No, it's just the chronological ordering of their models. Okay. Yeah, it's a Glock 22 is 40 Cal 41. Or so what was a Glock one? I don't know What a Glock one was. My guess is it was a prototype, but it was a Glock two. I don't know what a Glock two is. The only Glocks that I've. Shot or start, I think with Glock 19, maybe 19, but 20 is a 10 millimeter. That's the one I know of Glock 17 and so on. 21 is a 45 caliber. 22 is a 40 caliber. Yeah, Glock are nine millimeter. 23 is a compact nine millimeter. I believe 24 is a compact 40. I don't know. There's a, you could go to their website and see what all the numbers mean, but it's purely chronological. There's nothing from the number tells you anything about the gun other than the order that it was released. Yeah, I think that it starts with the 17 17 is the earliest number I can find. Okay. Which makes no sense. Yeah, cause it's not like it came out in 2019 or something or 17. It's, it, I mean if they were, but, so the, it's not a useful system, but it is a system that you can understand how they do the numbering. Yeah, but I mean, it, the numbering doesn't even make sense because it's not Like it, doesn't go 17, right? It goes 17, 19, 17, 18, 18 is a fully automatic version of the 17. Okay. Like factory flow. so then we go 19, 26, 34, you talk about the nine millimeter size 43, I'm just looking at the, that's how often 48, 47, yeah. That was how often they, they made new nine millimeter versions of their guns. It's not super convenient, but it makes sense to me. And like the AK system is just the year of release AK 47, AK 74. A. K. 101. How is 101 year of release? 101 is 2001. But 101 doesn't mean 2001. It, yeah, it does, doesn't it? Yeah, it does. It's a, it's 101 years after 1900. Okay. I, I'm. Totally. Yeah, so the next one will be 120 something? Mm hmm. Yep. Yep. And I haven't looked this up in a while. We'll have to ask the next. Representative from the state of Texas. From your lips to God's ears. I disagree with what you're about to say when I'm about to say he'll know what the next AK number is. Why would you disagree with that? Yeah, that's not what you're going to say. What was I going to say? You tell me something about the AK being America's next battle rifle. Oh, man. Can't wait for that to happen. I'm glad You said it. You know what so what you're mentioning is Brandon Herrera is running for Congress. Yes, yes, everybody knows that. Did we not talk about it last time? We did, we totally talked about it last time. Yeah, Mm hmm. Did you see his Congress meme review? Yes, absolutely. That was hilarious. Yeah, I mean. It's good for him to keep on doing it's a political ad, so he needs to be careful in submitting on a proper, it is a political, it would be considered, let me put it this way, as somebody who went through training on political ads back in the nineties, that is absolutely a political ad because yeah, you mentioned the political ad, like his Trump committed, he mentions his opponent and has a photograph of his opponent in there that makes the entire Peace, a political ad. Well, then he's screwed long term. I don't know. I mean, as long as he's got people in there that, that understand the rules that can help them, he's all right. Okay, we'll see. So Trump got got indicted But he probably will get banned from, sorry. Just say he. I would place money that Herrera gets banned off YouTube and it's not going to be anything that's easily defined, but he will, he will lose that account. I mean, that is a huge financial hit to him if that happens. I'm pretty sure he'll get a deal on Rumble with Crowder. It seems to be running Rumble these days, so who the fuck knows, you know? I mean, if you look at the numbers for the Alex Jones stuff on Mug Club, it's pretty damn good, dude. Well, the numbers for Alex Jones in general are pretty good. Right, but, I mean, Crowder's, Nerd Club has nothing to do with Alex Jones. It's just a It does now. that's that's like saying, well, the numbers are pretty good on Spotify. Well, yeah, not because of Spotify, but because gave Alex, his own signup link where they inverted the percentages, but he's still a middleman that doesn't need to be there. Alex Jones, this needs to have his own channel on rumble, like this is not adding anything to Alex Jones. This is, this is adding Alex Jones to an audience. He would not know that is such a bullshit band. There's nobody that watches Crowder doesn't know who Alex Jones is. No, I don't believe that. I do not believe that Crowder is bringing a brand new audience that has never been into anything political and has never heard of Alex Jones. That is a correct. I'm not saying they've never heard of Alex Jones. I'm not saying they aren't political. I'm saying that he has a different audience than Alex And a lot of people may not go watch Alex, may not go seek it out and then see it on the same thing that they're already paying for. Yeah, it does make it more convenient for sure, but I don't know, man. It's, it's hard to say. I just, I think that there's a I think this was the wrong move for Alex. I think Alex should have done what everybody else is doing, which is. Do a deal with rumble rather than jump on he wanted somebody's existing deal with rumble I don't think Alex wanted to go through the effort of doing that clearly that is absolutely true Yeah, but it doesn't negate the fact that it's the wrong move for him. Okay, so I was going somewhere else with this And now I can't remember where Oh, I've never had that effect on people. No, not at all. I think Darren had the same moment last episode as well. Funny. Moving on. Yeah. So other than the gun you're getting, which I do like the idea, I may, I may just buy the lower, frankly, I wouldn't mind just having another lower. I mean, for 50, Jesus, they outlaw internet sales of guns, which they seem to be wanting to push towards. Well, you saw California in the 28th amendment. Oh, hell yeah. yeah Let's talk about that. So yeah. The 28th amendment essentially as California has it written, which they have initiated this would redefine the second amendment. So it's like that, well, it's got zero chance of passing. I think maybe I, I actually think several states will ratify it really? Yes. Well, one, California. Oregon will definitely ratify it. Washington will definitely ratify it. Massachusetts is very likely to ratify it. New York will likely ratify it. I mean, I can go on and on and on. I even think Maine will likely ratify it. Hey, just to touch back on the last AK point, I looked it up and it's actually, there's no 100 there. So it's the AK 15 is the newest version. So there's a one, one, yeah, there, yeah, there was, there was I remember, but the, the last couple have been just two digits again. Okay. And the AK 15 is the latest one. It looks like, okay, well, there was a 100 something, so. Oh, it seems to not be Congruous, but who knows? Hmm. So if they release one in 47, 20 47, it'll be an AK 47. Again. That makes no sense. Yeah. Yeah. My guess is they're not going to, there was an AK 1 0 1. Yeah, I, my guess is that and A 1 0 2. I know I told you that. and A 1 0 3 and a 1 0 4. There we go. Yeah. So they have four of'em that were in a hundred, and then there's the A K M and just lots of different incongruous things. Yeah. And the S The S variance. Yeah, it's I've, I'm actually more of a fan of the It's the, what the hell is that? It's the, it's the A. N. 94, I believe. Okay, back to the 28th amendment. Right, Right, right. Sorry, sorry. Anyway, I, I think that there will be quite a few states that do ratify this And I, I agree that as it's written, the odds of it actually becoming a law are minimum, but I think it's normalization in a step in that direction. Yeah. And quite frankly, it's definitely a level set of what wannabe president Newsom wants to bring to the table. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I think this is the biggest reason for Newsom doing it specifically right now. Is this is a demonstration of what his agenda will be as president. So it's going to be pretty scary. I mean, I hope that there's enough people that can win congressional seats to prevent him from just writing rough shots with his crazy ass California socialist policies when he becomes president. Did you, did you look at the other Alex Jones video I sent you? What was it about Alex predicting masking on planes and everything by mid September lockdowns by mid October. Yeah, I mean, I am not big on the prediction thing. Logically, if they're gonna do it, that would be the time to do it. That would make sense. But hopefully there's enough people awake there had better be a shit ton of deaths very early quickly for them to try and push this through because without a whole like, see, I'm the other time I'm the other way. I think that if they try and push this through, there should be a shit ton of deaths. No, I mean, well, I agree with both of those, but I think that there's and that is humor, ladies and gentlemen. Yes. Yes. Because government agents shouldn't say things like that. So there is a, there's definitely a push towards remasking. One of the other posts I saw and I didn't verify if it was true. I'm going to assume it's true. Is that Pfizer's profits for this year, year to date are down 87%. Wouldn't surprise me. So it may not be that percentage, but even if it's down 20%, it doesn't matter. There's significant 10, 10% would be catastrophic. So they're, they're going to need like a big boost from the government. And in fact, governments of the world in order to get back to the sort of profits that the stockholders are getting used to. Do you think the people will take it though? Yeah, there's a very sexual joke in there somewhere. Jesus Christ. Yeah, I don't know. My mind just wanders. Huh. It's... Get ready with the strap on it's, it's one of those, and that, that getting to be one of the biggest categories in porn in the United States right now, that's so sad. This is where we are right now. Is that the biggest fantasy that, that modern generations of men have is to have somebody shoving something in their ass? Well, not in the cuckold stuff and everything else is just pathetic. Yeah, that's true too. Yeah. It is, which I think one leads to the other, by the way, I think you're right, but it does seem to be very much an inversion of the sort of stereotypical male archetype. I mean, both of those do well. I think, I think it's, I think it's purposeful programming more than anything else. I don't know that it's I don't know that the demand is creating the supply or the supply is creating the demand. I mean, what a lot of people end up with is, they are constantly looking at something perverted and they get desensitized to it and they're looking for the next kink and they see something that would have maybe never occurred to them. But Ooh, what's this? Something new. And, but that's, that's kind of, you're getting to one. My point was about COVID, which is or whatever the next thing is. The next big thing is that once you've gone through what we had during the two years of COVID really over two years, but two hard years of masking and everything else to get people to repeat that. You need to scare them progressively more than you did last time, because if it's literally the same type of fear factor, you're going to have a much lower compliance rate. Yeah, I don't know how they can try and up what they did, though. I think they, I think they screwed up because they went too hard too fast. They weren't gonna get over the hump of making everybody just comply and that being it. And as a result, I don't know what they can do this time unless they release something that truly is damaging, I mean, I, let, Let's put this way, There's no way in hell I'm going to mask. There's no way in the hell I'm going to take a vaccine. Didn't the first time not going to this time. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And I certainly didn't either. And the only time I started masking was when you couldn't go freaking grocery shopping without wearing a mask, which is retarded. Well, I did too, until they told me to leave the store, and then I decided that I was hungry. I just ignored them. Yeah, well, I don't know. It's, it's you live in the country, I live in the city. No, I was in Dallas at the time, so please. No, well you live in the suburbs, I live in the city. Okay, yeah, well actually that's a fair point, is I do live in California, you realize that, right? Okay, so yeah. Yeah. The strictness factor here was way more ramped up than it is anywhere else in Texas. Hey, hey, you know what, when, when Ter look, when all of Covid started mm-hmm. first thing I did was take I was in Dallas at the time. We had a place in College Station. I was driving back and forth between the two. And I took some N95s that I had from some projects to my wife and kids to say, Hey, if this is really a thing, this is what you're going to need. And by the time the masking orders came out in Tarrant County, which is where I was living at the time. I didn't know you were on the Fort Worth side. Yeah, well, right in the middle, right in the middle. But yeah, it was in Tarrant County and that order came down at 6 PM on a Friday. At 601, I walked into Target because I needed to get something and this poor manager was standing there and said, sir, do you have a mask? I said, no, no, I don't. She goes, well, we're trying to comply with the health order. We have some for sale right here. And I said, well, I'm not interested. Thank you. And she challenged me again. And I said, you, you realize that every order has an exemption, right? She goes, Yes, yes, sir. I said, Well, you see, I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask. It's called having a brain. well, hold on. And, you know, she goes, oh, I'm so sorry. I said, Yes, you see, I have an organ that's vestigial in the majority of the population. and she still didn't get in. Then I said, it's called having a brain and walked right past her. And I did this over and over again. I had, I had restaurants threatened to call the cops on me and I told them to go right ahead and please do it. And I went through the entire pandemic without wearing a mask publicly. Well, and that's cool. So I took a different route because I'm an asshole. It's debatable. I'll challenge you on that. Who's the bigger asshole? Right. I'm an asshole. No, you're not. Yeah, fuck you. I'm a bigger asshole. I, said, okay. I mean, I guarantee you're a bigger asshole with all the shrapnel experience you've had. Whoa. So, I, I got a custom leather mask made. And so I wore a mask as required. Gene, I had just taken a drink of coffee. It was so hard not to just spray that all over my computer. Spit take a. Oh my god. Oh. So I was fully compliant per the requirements. But you know, I mean, if people let's put it this way, do you think more damage was done by people? Potentially breathing in this virus, or by seeing me wearing a leather mask. Seeing you wear a leather mask I would say so. at least more psychologically That probably scarred a lot of people in Austin. I mean, it had to scar many children. But You know, you walk into a bank wearing a leather mask, what are they going to do? Say thanks for complying with our policies, sir. Yeah, I like the guys who are walking around in full hazmat suits to make a point. Oh, those were cool. That, I, I thought about it. Here's the thing, is unless you ordered a hazmat suit before COVID. Everybody was backward for my size. Now, you may, you could still get the little skinny ones, but for fat dude, hazmat suits, they were all backward. What's funny is like, man, I just, I fought it so tooth and nail. I just, I refused. I don't know. I even changed jobs over some of the COVID stuff. Yeah. Yeah. And I know people have lost their jobs as a result of that too, which is insane. Well, I'm, I'm, I flat out told my CEO at the time that a mask and an injection were not going to be conditions of my employment. Yeah. And when he said, well, I think I have the right to mandate it, I said, well, then you have the you have until I find a different job to rescind that or I'm leaving the company. I left the company. Oh, that's a good stance, and I would certainly say, I mean, here's, I think the mask thing is stupid, and I, I go back to cite the study that was done in the University of Minnesota in 2019. It had nothing to do with COVID, but it had to do with specifically research on the the, the benefits of using a variety of materials to prevent viral and bacterial infection. Airborne. Air, yeah, yeah. And and this was clearly somebody's, master's or doctorate project because it doesn't seem like it's super useful, but they tested a lot of materials and what they found was that anything below the N95. Was way worse than what it was advertised as in terms of its ability to prevent transmission of small particles. And that the second best thing to an N95 was a cotton bath towel. Wet. It wasn't even wet. It was dry. A wet towel would be even better. I totally agree with you on that. And especially if you hook up a battery to the wet towel, then you're probably 99% guaranteed. Well, no, I'm, I'm not kidding because you, you want to have a an ionized surface that is, has very small pores. Yeah. And when you're hooking up, make sure that one of the grounds is to one of your nipples. Or genitals. One or the other. I mean. Might as well. It's all artistical. Either one. It's now, you see, you just reminded me of that South Park episode where that the teacher guy Mr. What's his face? Invents a new Mr. Garrison. Garrison invents a new form of transportation, which is kind of like this, this wheel that you sit inside of that you drive. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like, it's got a butt plug and Basically a dildo right in front of your mouth that you control it with and at the end of the episode, yeah, and at the end of the episode, and this is how you power and navigate, right? So everyone's riding around with these, wheels. And then by the end of somebody else. Yeah, but. Isn't there, like, why does it have those controls wouldn't it be better to do it using your hands? And he's like, well, I suppose so. I mean, but why would you want to, that everybody just assumed that was a crucial design decision where it was basically a gay dude, just having something that he would enjoy. Making his daily commute enjoyable. Right, exactly. So it's like, okay. And I, I think what you described is very similar. How so? Well, you hook up a battery to the towel to ionize it. And then, you put, you put the ground to your testicles. Okay, so, is it just me or is it hilarious that hurricane Hillary hit Southern California the hardest? Yes. And, and I made a comment yesterday that they, they downgraded Hillary and it was like, she just can't win. Always getting screwed over. Yeah. I wonder how many deaths are going to be part of this Hillary. I don't know, but they definitely need to go on the Clinton body count. Oh, totally. Just for the shits of it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I've got a buddy out there that was like prepping and getting the generator. Dude, it's going to be a cap one by the time it hits you. Jesus Christ. Come on, but this is California. They're not used to bad weather. Yeah. And I'm like five inches. My God, I would love five inches, of rain. Everything's brown here. I know you'd love five inches, Gene. Five inches would be perfect. I don't understand why he doesn't want five inches. What kind of man doesn't want five inches? This is a crazy man, that's what I say. Are we done? Are we done with the juvenile humor? Can we move on? Hey, you're the one who said it, dude. I'm trying to prolong the discomfort. I just want CSB to make a comic and just quote what you He already makes like a comic of me from from the other show. I do every episode. You want to make him to two comics of me every week now? No. Well, that's the one to make if there is one. I mean, he can just quote you. Well, he did another one. I don't know if you saw that picture. No, I didn't. Yeah. Yeah, so I'll tell you what that was in case you didn't see it in case you don't listen to unrelenting that show I did there was a I Made a comment in that show about how black women always like to touch my beard. Oh, yeah I touch your beard. Yeah. Well, can I touch your tits? I mean, tit for tat and CSV made a comic of that Funny. Speaking of rain, it looks like we might actually get some tropical storms that are forming. It looked like Tuesday was the last prognosis I saw that were there. There was a 10 degree drop in temperature and a very slight chance of rain. It's like 40% right now for us. Oh, good. I think it was like 10% when I looked at it. Well, you're further west than I am, but Houston, Houston's definitely going to get some, and hopefully we will too. Yeah, but I'm also further south than I am. Absolutely. Anyway, how do you not know Texas, man? Do you not know that Austin is further south? Hey, by the way, I had a really nice drive down to Corpus Christi. Mm hmm. I sent you some photos. You mean Galveston and yeah, well, I, yes, yes. I have delivered by the way. That's why I didn't recognize that because it's not quite accurate. It's pretty accurate. I had a delivery from Corpus to Galveston, so I've been doing quite a bit of American truck simulator deliveries around Texas, but my goal is to get Texas roads covered a hundred percent, obviously there are fewer roads in the game than in real life, so it's actually a realistic goal to just say. I've driven on every road in Texas in the game, but they've got an awful lot of landmarks and things there. Like you can drive down to SpaceX and see all the, all the rockets they're getting built. They've got the the landmarks everywhere. The the aquarium which aquarium, the, the one where'd I say it drove from, from From Austin to Galveston, not from Austin, though, no, from start with a C. What the hell? I'm blanking out. Corpus. Corsicana. Corpus. Corpus. Yeah, that one on Corpus. There's, there's it's the Aquarium of Texas, I think is what it's called. Never been to it in real life. I... Probably try and do that next time I'm down there, might as well. Yeah, there's a lot of good aquariums in Texas across You know, the marine biology department at a name Galveston has quite a bit going on down there There, there's just a lot going on here. so yeah, there's plenty to find. Cool. I mean, if you like aquariums, I mean, there's really, really cool private aquariums out there. There's one actually in grapevine, the Grapevine Mills Mall, which is pretty nice mall, I've been to that one. There's a private aquarium in there that's actually better than a lot of state owned aquariums. Well, and then depending on what, what type of fish you like to look at. There's aquariums that specialize in colder water fish and some of them are very much tropical type fish. I told you about what I had my, my old conference room back in the in the nineties and early two thousands, right? Maybe. So I had back when I had an office and like the company and stuff I had a conscience room that had aquariums and two walls and dry erase boards and the other two and a, a huge, like 12 person table in the middle. And I really enjoyed the aquariums. I didn't do saltwater because. I just, I just saw people that I knew that had salt water, like how It's salt water takes. It's hard. A lot of work. Yeah, it really does. It's balancing salt water is very difficult. Mm-hmm.'cause you have to constantly change the salinity and make sure it's right. I did a 20 gallon salt water aquarium in college. Yeah. And that was a nightmare. Yeah, I bet. So I had the, the these were, I think 260 gallons. And so I had three aquariums, two of them, large than one that was like a smaller one, like a 55 gallon. And I had predominantly African cichlids in there because they're very entertaining fish. They're bright, unlike most freshwater fish. They have cool colors, but they're also very. Like they dig little houses for themselves and they're, they interact with other fish. They're, they're not passive at all. I had a, and then next to my office, I had an in wall aquarium and I had Barracuda in there. And so you did have a saltwater? No, no, no, no. This is a freshwater Barracuda. I didn't know there was such a thing. Yeah. Yeah. There's a freshwater version of it. But it's the most boring fish out of all the fish I have. Hmm. Because it predominantly just stayed in one spot. It just kind of hovered there. And then the only thing that would happen is every day they're being usually, well, that's cause it's not the same thing. No, it's different. Yeah. It's different type of fish, but it looks the same. It looks the same. So they call it a freshwater barracuda. Yeah. But every day I would come home, come back to the aquarium and it'd be one fewer fish in there. And so it basically ate a fish a day. Didn't really care how expensive the fish it was eating was. Fucker. Yeah. But eventually I brought them back to the store. And they put him back in the same tank I got him out of, and he went from being the smallest to being the biggest one in the tank while I had him. Because he was basically living in a supply of food. No, it was, it was fun. I had in the big tanks, I had Placostomus that grew to over a foot long, which I apparently I didn't realize. They don't stop growing. Invasive species. Yeah. They really don't. But I found an aquarium eventually to give them to that had massive tanks and they took them to they, they eat algae basically, they, just scrape your glass. Well, they're, they're, yes, they're a bottom feeder. Yeah. And I always liked them cause they're kind of funny looking. They're like dorky looking. And it's the kind of fish that if you hold a a little tablet of like spirulina, it'll literally eat it out of your hands and it's got little, it doesn't have any teeth. It's just got lips that just suck stuff. But I don't know. I kind of thought they were neat. Had a bunch of the little freshwater shark things. I forget what they're called. There's a name for them. I thought about setting up a tank for the kids, but I haven't done that yet. It'd be your responsibility, because I think it'd be fun for the kids for about a week. And then it'd be like you, that's the problem. So it's, yeah, it is one of those things. I really didn't mind the crams. I did all the work myself on them. I cleaned them myself, had the water purified and everything. But it also made me understand a lot more about the plumbing aspects. And so when I built my my liquid cooled PC. I actually used a one and a quarter horsepower aquarium pump on it. Hooked up to a, an aquarium conditioning unit that was like. Running at 34 degrees Fahrenheit, the craziest thing I've ever done is taken a 10 and a half, a 10, 10 gallon aquarium right at, and filled it with mineral oil and submerged a motherboard. Oh yeah. And watch it run. No used it for overclocking. Oh, right, right, right, Yeah. Yeah. Mm hmm. And then as long as you didn't, I just took the fan off the heat sink and then just make sure the mineral oil was circulating and you're good. No, that's cool. There were, I think, a number of attempts back in the day of people putting a hydrophobic spray on film on motherboards to submerge it, submerge it with, and actually have water cooled with free water flow. The, there's quite a few problems with that. Obviously this is why the mineral oil, mineral oil, you've got to watch it because you've got to move it enough. Otherwise it'll just heat up right there locally. Yeah. It, it, it won't flow the same way water does because a, it's viscosity is entirely different. But you know, mineral oil is non conductive and transfers heat. So, yeah. Do you know what the, the, heat conductivity reading on this? not as good as water. and it's got way more, yeah, the Delta V Of water is significant. But I don't remember what it is a mineral oil, but the problem with mineral oil is the viscosity is so much heavier that. Water does temperature inversions very easily because it has low viscosity. So as water heats up, the hot water rises and moves away and it churns itself. So even if, let's say you could put a heat sink in water and you've got a big enough tank of water. The water is going to create its own inversion layers, and it's going to start moving on its own just based off of that heat transfer. Mineral oil will do the same. All liquids will do the same thing, but based off of their viscosity, it's going to take much more energy to get it to do that. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, the heat capacity of water is 400 or 34, 181 joules per kilogram. Yeah, it's just, it's a lot, one of the best of any substance and the fact that it's liquid makes it super convenient because you can move it around well, liquid with Extremely low viscosity and yet also a universal solvent craziness. Yeah. So, and that's what I, cause I originally, I was thinking, well, I can use any liquid in here. Well, not any liquid. I mean, Like my original thought, which I did not do, but it would have been so fucking cool. Was to use mercury again, using movement of the mercury and viscosity problems become a thing. No, because it has a very high conductivity of heat. So you could literally use it as a flexible, bendable liquid transport for radiator. People have heat pipes filled with mercury for their, for their heat sinks. I, yes, but the, but the problem is if you're trying to do a liquid cooling system where you have to have it moving that, that can be problematic. Yeah. So instead I did water with a, a little bits of a little bit of alcohol in there. And I thought that the alcohol would be. Good at just keeping it anti bacterial. Mm, no. And yes, we'll get to that. And, I can tell you what happened already, And a little bit of ultraviolet green coloring to make it all look like a sci fi experiment. And it looked awesome and it totally worked for several months perfectly. Here's the thing I didn't realize is that alcohol actually, not only is it food for bacteria. But it, it seems to like promote bacterial growth and eats through rubber lines. I don't think I had any rubber. I think it was all just TPU. Okay. Well, they can eat and all the heat sinks were gold, but it was a, I started getting. What I can only describe as a a bacterial go be colony thing. Yeah. Colony. Exactly. It is a county like, like you could see them in the water. It was like, shit, man, this is not good. And then when I, when I took the filter out, I was like, okay, I think I just created life. This was not my intention. Literally, you have all the biological components that you need for critters, the size of bacteria within alcohol and water. And then what I was doing as I was circulating it, Through an environment where it gets hot and then gets cold. So you've got all the ranges of temperatures that you need. Because a lot of these bacteria will only grow in certain temperatures. Well I was providing them a nice gradient. Evolutionary experiment. Create my own life. So it's kind of gross. So eventually I swapped everything out. For pure distilled water, and then that worked great for years, the the old joke, right? What's that Scientist dies, goes to heaven, says, God, we don't need you anymore, we can create our own life. All guy goes, Oh, yeah. How scientist goes to pick up a bit of dirt to make his own life. And God goes, no, make your own dirt. Yeah, yeah. Anyway so have you been paying attention to ERCOT much lately? I'm not. Should I? Well, so, people are morons Tell people what ERCOT is. ERCOT is the ISO, independent system operator for the majority of the state of Texas There's part of the panhandle and part of East Texas that are operated on different grids, but they're the grid operator for Texas. And we've seen some wind drop out here and there. And if you look at the graph, I actually just sent you for today and you see how here in the afternoon, it just peaks off where the predicted generation is, dropping, that's all loss of wind. So wind in Texas is really prevalent in during the summer when it gets hot in, the afternoons, heat of the day, wind dies down, which is problematic. So Friday, ERCOT hit EEA level one emergency action level one, which is three. Yeah, I got a message about that. Yeah. 3000 megawatts of spinning reserve. Which is not a big deal. It's initial, okay, we need to start looking at load shed, what are we going to do here Paying the hell attention to what's going on. As what E a level one is voluntary load shed, things like that. And then E a level two, you get into actual forced load shedding, so Uh, and all that was caused by the wind. And of course, now, after that happened. What the headlines you see are, Oh Texas power prices spike 6, 000%. Well, this is the way the market is set up. Literally, most power companies in the state of Texas, the way the market is set up. they make their entire year's revenue, they make or break their entire year's revenue on a handful of hours out of a handful of days a year. Literally, a company like I used to work for, between August and September, there are maybe nine days out of those two months. And maybe a total of 10 hours out of those two months that literally made or broke the revenue for the year for the company. that makes sense. That's insane. That's not how you operate a free market. Well, the only thing that I really think is a major problem with this system is the abilities. Well, okay. There's two things that are wrong with this system. One of the ability to bid negative. No, there's three wrongs that are problem with this system. Otherwise it's fine. No, the thing I really don't like, and just clearly this is problematic, is the ability for literally a non producer to buy futures. Well, it, it, so you should be a market participant, either producing electricity. Consuming electricity or distributing electricity, and if you're not one of those, agreed, but that's not what we have. That's what fucks the prices up. It's not just that. It's not just that, but that is something that, that shouldn't exist. Hedge funds having access, having day ahead trading floors, having a 15 minute market. Yeah, there, there's lots of things. I mean, literally any major power company that's operating inside of ERCOT has its own trading floor. Which is insanity. It is. So I think if we got rid of that, that would, that would lessen the volume or not the volume that would lessen the amplitude. So let's put it this way. Average power prices, generation side, power prices, pre deregulation. Yeah. You want to guess what they were per megawatt? No idea. Take a guess. What are they now right now? Post the average throughout the year is roughly about 24 a megawatt hour. Okay. So pre deregulation same 84 a megawatt Okay. That's crazy. What does that translate into the kilowatt hours? Oh, well, a megawatt is, a thousand, a thousand Watts. So 24 cents doesn't kill Watts anyway. Well, no, I, cause the only thing that I remember as a comparison mark is I remember in Minnesota that I was paying 14 cents per kilowatt hour. no, no, no. Okay. So here's the thing, the transmission, here's the thing. Generation is deregulated. You see a average power price to the generator drop off literally by two thirds or two, three three quarters. So you get down to the 20 a megawatt hour, which, by the way, natural gas isn't even profitable at that. But natural gas can turn on and off, right? So if you take a power plant that has a fantastic heat rate let's say a 7000 plus heat rate, and you look at natural gas being, let's say 3 an mm BTU. That power plant's going to cost about 21 a megawatt just in fuel, but they can turn on and off coal plant. Can't there are coal plants here in the state of Texas that their cost in fuel per megawatt is less than 7 a megawatt. So massive difference, but the problem is how much coal is 7 by like a square hundred yards or. That's not the way that's not the way it works. Well, the, the plant I'm thinking of, each unit, which both units are around 900 megawatts each, a little over they both, the, it varies between unit one and unit two, but the rough number is they each consume around 120 tons of coal per hour. Okay. That's delivered in just in time delivery. But anyway, so it's, it's measured in, in weight rather than mass or rather than volume. Correct. It's tons. Hmm. Anyway you have this massive drop off in the amount of money that's going to the generation fleet in the state, and then... You have transmission that is still regulated, which what that regulation means is the transmission companies in the state go to The public utility commission and they say, here's our budget. The public utility commission goes, yep, we approve and they make 10% on whatever their budget is. I got a question for you when you're done and then you had deregulation of distribution. Kinda, So if you live in a city like Austin, Dallas, actually austin's a municipality austin has municipal power. Yeah, but if you live in Dallas or Houston and a couple other Places here or there, then you may have the ability to select the servicing company that does your billing. But the hookup to your house. is the hookup to your house and it's owned by one of generally the transmission companies. If you live in Austin or where I live, college station, you have municipal power and they are immune to that. So you don't really have deregulation in the States in my point, and it has caused nothing but havoc. And the average power price has not gone down for the consumer. Yeah. My, my bill went up by 70 bucks this year. easily because of because of Yuri. There had all the co ops have to build in for you right now. Hmm. Well, I don't like it. Yeah, none of us like it. I remember paying under 100 per month and now I'm pushing 400. Yeah, well, my house, is fairly large and I've got... A lot of kids here and everybody and we pay during the summer, five to 600 in our utility bill, but that's water, trash and everything. Talking to my buddy who lives up in Seattle and he's got like a 4, 000 square foot house and totally different environment. And he pays like 120 bucks a month. Yeah. He also isn't running AC at 110 degree weather. Exactly. Exactly. But he is charging a Tesla. Okay, so you know. Okay, so his house won't be there very long. Got it. Contemplating doing the solar roof, but so far he hasn't so I think clearly the solution is we need to put gas powered turbines in front of the windmills to generate wind when the nature is not cooperative so that we can have continuous power. Now we probably have to, yeah, we probably have to subsidize the hell out of these turbines because I don't think they're going to build them voluntarily. Well, the funny part is those wind turbines that exist today have to be spinning before the wind can even power them. Oh yeah. Yeah. So they're, they are gas powered. Yeah, in a way, Anyway, there's lots of things, but our, grid operations are holding up. But we are pushing the limits of our thermal fleet and we are becoming dependent upon like, if you look today we are dependent upon wind and solar being there. If we hit. the demand that ERCOT is predicting today, which is an off day, it's a Sunday. So there, there's not the commercial, requirements that there normally are and things like that. But if we hit the demand that they are predicting today, with the thermal availability that they're predicting, we have a problem. Yeah, we do. This is why I set my thermostat down 70. Now, just so if power goes out, that's the only reason because I don't, I don't care about like, the temperature my snakes like is 80 degrees, but I keep, I keep the heater running for them in that room so that they're sitting at 80, but the rest of the house is cool down 70. I don't need 70. I'm perfectly fine at like 78. I've gotten used to it. 72, 73. Yeah, like in hotels, I always have to turn up the temperature because God, see, I'm the other way. In hotels, I crank it down. It's pretty cold. No, because they generally set it at like 72. No, no, no. I, I, I, I want it, I want the windows frosted up in a hotel room. Yeah, not me. No, I've, I've really gotten used to just having much warmer temperatures. Well, anyway. And if it wasn't for the, the crazy ass risk of, losing power, then I wouldn't cool it down nearly as much, but I just want that buffer because I, I don't have a portable. Air conditioning unit, if the part goes out, I've got a generator, I can run for the refrigerators and stuff, but it's not going to help me with cooling now. So anyway, what else we got gene? Oh, so I was going to ask you. So what did not make some sense to pump the exhaust from the. Either oil burning or cold burning that has a lot of CO2 in it through water, and then grow algae. Why? To acidify the water? To grow algae in that water, to release the action back. I mean, there are several different ways of potentially doing that, but the amount of output that you have from a tons and tons and tons of CO2, the amount of water that you would have to essentially use to oxygenate that. We could turn the Gulf of Mexico into that. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Because first of all, flue gas has a lot of different things in it. Regardless of what your environmental controls are, you do have some S. O. T. You do have some acidic stuff in there just, because you're, you're burning things. So you have a reduction, I had some S. O. T. Just the other day. No, you didn't. I did. In what way? You know what a dead animal smells like? Okay. If you, let's put it this way. I've been on stacks of running power plants, And you're wearing an SO2 meter and I've had the wind shift on me and. Breathe in some stuff that I shouldn't have breathed in and your lungs hurt for days. Yeah, now that going out into the atmosphere and being released and titration, all that, not that big of a deal. In my mind, it's a very Pugin smell. So two, yes. So two is, is the main smell of a, which is sulfur dioxide. Yeah. Sulfur dioxide decomposing animal flesh. And that's where, from a coal plant and everything, this. Anyway, there's lots of things that you can do to remove SO2, mercury, NOx, all these different things. What's the negative thing about NOx? I can't remember. Well, it's supposedly greenhouse gas and something. No, it's also ozone layer stuff. Right. But it's not like poisons or anything. Well, I mean, it's not great. It's not like carbon monoxide. right, Which we also have in exhaust. Right. SO2 is really what was to blame for quote unquote acid rain and things like that. And all it is, is an acidification. But, SO2 removal is is a thing. Large modern coal plants have these big scrubbers that literally run the flue gas through a mist of a limestone slurry, and that limestone absorbs the SO2 and becomes gypsum. Well, and that's a useful product. Yeah, I mean, a modern coal plant produces a lot of artificial gypsum, which in fact, most of your most of your drywall today comes from that. Yep, because it's a waste product, but they still charge you a lot of money for it. Oh, I mean, it's a, it's a significant source of revenue for the plants because they, they produce that and they sell it. Well, it's good to come up with uses for waste material. Well, it's, it's one of, it's an interesting thing because an American. Well, no an American style coal plant, like what I'm describing where they have a CO2 scrubber that's going through and doing this is not as efficient as a European style fluidized bed as far as environmental controls and SO2 removal. But here's the thing, and this is why Americans are smarter than Europeans. the scrubber style, while it doesn't remove as much SO2, removes... Let's say if the fluidized bed is a hundred percent, which it's not, but we'll say it's a hundred percent, the CO2 scrubber technology is about 95% of what the fluidized bed could do. So they're very close. The scrubber technology produces a sellable by product. The fluidized bed uses three to four times the amount of limestone. And all of that ends up in the bottom ash that has to go to a landfill, total waste. So you're gaining a marginal percentage increase in reduction of output, but now you've created a new environmental impact because all that is going into a landfill as bottom ash, just waste versus a usable product. So, and why does it have to go in the waste? Because it's it's the slag, it's what's left over from burning. Right, but there's no other use of it? There's no recycling of it? Not bottom ash. So fly ash, and that's the ash. that can literally fly in the flue gas. that ends up in concrete and lots of other things. Mm hmm. That that's a useful byproduct. Bottom ash is actually regulated by the EPA as a radiological material at a coal plant. Oh, really? That's yes, because you burn dirt and you refine it, so there's essentially you're, you've refined concentrating on. Yeah, yes. you've concentrated whatever potassium, for example, is in the soil down. so therefore it's a, technically as far as the EPA is concerned, it's a refined radiological material, which is absurd and you can export it. Hmm. Yeah, it's I mean, there, there's certain. Environmental precautions that I think are useful and essential. Yeah, did you know solid waste could be a liquid? Solid waste can be a liquid? According to the EPA. So it's just a liquefied form of solid waste? No, the point is the EPA has, if anyone who's done environmental training at a company that has EPA, it's obvious how much the EPA has bastardized the English language in order to stay within the law of their regulatory power. Thank you. That makes sense there. This is a problem in general with any agencies and ATFs might be a good example is that they are self serving their, their mission is to provide enough things for them to do and grow. It's like an organism. It will, it's its main guidance is around survival and its secondary guidance is around growth. Those are the top priorities, top for any. Organization, but also that, that we see exhibited by organism. So unfortunately this is where that, that line from Jefferson always comes in is that there, this is the, the only means of preventing getting overrun by these organisms is sometimes you just have to get rid of them. Yeah, well, I Unfortunately, I don't see a way out of where we're going that doesn't water that tree. It's, I, and I think more people are starting to realize it and not just people that are kind of like gun dudes like us. well, let's go back to that Oliver Anthony song. The fact of the matter is he, that, that song is going to chart easily close to number one. In its first week. I haven't looked at the, it should be out today. I haven't looked at the, billboard rankings, but on most of the hot 100 and everything else, he's number one, number one on iTunes, number one on Spotify, literally. Minimum, at low estimate, a number of views and plays of that song is easily 50 plus million. That is an anthem of a lot of pissed off people who don't want to go back. Absolutely. anyway, I, just, I think if they try and do the masking again, if they try and do the same thing again, this is something that people need to realize. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Violence underlies the human condition. When you don't let someone talk, they yell. When you don't listen to someone yelling, they get violent. Well, we've certainly seen that in Antifa. It's human nature. You have to allow people quote, Robert F. Kennedy, those who make peaceful revolution, impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. And so I think it's always been true. And so here's a topic we haven't talked about, Africa. Mm hmm. You've been paying attention to what's going on in Niger. I have. And I think it's funny to watch people avoid mispronouncing that country. What do you mean? It's obviously Niger. Well, how else would you pronounce it? Huh. Huh. There have been some very interesting moments on YouTube. I bet. And you... Hmm. It's the African country currently involved. Yes, exactly. Yeah. So it looks like a, in a lot of ways to me, this looks very similar to the. The banana republic revolutions of the 1970s to where countries that effectively were run by private corporations dole to create product that was all for export. Eventually there, there were enough people that were pissed off at that happening and the lack of financial growth that a revolution came in place. And I think from what I've seen, and I'm watching videos from African YouTubers this is being portrayed in the West as a military coup d'etat. However, the way that it it's described by people in Africa is that this was a revolution by the people with the support of the military. Well, and the French are not happy with the U. S. involvement at all. Well, the French aren't happy about losing their supply of uranium, which they need to run all the nuclear plants they have. Yeah, they're screwed on that. Yeah. And so the French, I think, I mean, I, this term has been a little overused lately, but I'll say anyway, I think, unfortunately for Niger, the French see this as a, oh, it's in their national interest. Yeah, this is. It's a strategic interest thing. This is. This is not good for them. It is absolutely in, in a part of their, like, this isn't going to happen. This is a. It's not quite a life and death type scenario, but it touches on the supply of a material that the country needs to survive. Well, yeah, yeah. So, I don't think that it's unavoidable to have France bombing the shit out of Niger. It's gonna happen. The only question is, will it happen as a unilateral act, or will it happen as part of NATO action? Which is what they're trying to go for. I think it'll be unilateral at this point, but one of the things I'll say there is we've already talked about the predictions of a return to a neo colonial era where, We're, We're seeing a dissolve, a dissolution of Bretton woods and where that takes us. and, the French are definitely going to be one of the centers of power is what it looks like. And, this is the first step in them regaining their colonial status. Yeah. Or at least attempting to, because I think, Oh, they'll succeed. Oh, I don't know that they will succeed. I mean, they, well, I guess they have 11 years to try. It is, it is going to be questionable because they have a lot of trouble at home and if they get to a point where their supply lines are cut off for uranium they're going to have electrical issues. And the current unrest coupled with rolling blackouts, I think it's going to push things over the edge. First of all, they can always re refine the fuel rods. I don't know what their current supply is. Like what would. What are they holding in reserve? well regardless, whatever spent fuel that they have, they could start re refining that. And how long does that take? Depends. I don't know the specifics of what, I mean, if they're not doing it right now, if they have to start getting the equipment to do that, that may take, Oh, they already have the equipment to refine uranium and plutonium. Well, they already have the centrifuges. Well, sure. They have that, but I mean, right. So refining just is a matter of going through taking spent fuel and putting it back through a centrifuge to reconstruct probably three years. No, not even that. Well, it's still not overnight. A few months at most, but regardless. And it depends on how much fuel they need, and how many reactors need to go through refueling, and what, what, what their current fuel is, right? Or how hot are they running on their fuel, how long can they go between refuelings, I know none of that for the French, SLPs, but at least in an American facility, they could, 1, refueling outage refueling outage is usually once a year. And even then that's. Because they, because you're replacing X percentage of your odds at a time and just, the, how we do it. But theoretically, if you had to skip a refueling outage, for example, you could go, depending on the fuel that was loaded in there, three to five years without refueling. I think they're going to see this as an existential threat though, to them, the whole cutting off of the uranium from Niger. So, so there's a lot of different potential paths forward here in terms of like, we don't know what's going to happen, but it's going to be interesting to watch. This could very well be a moment where Europe gets his first payment if you will, or its first retribution. Or what's that, what they've been doing with Ukraine? Maybe I think France would be a bad target for that though. I don't know, man. Second largest in Europe. Yeah. But the French haven't been doing what the Germans and the British have. So, yeah, no, that's true. But France sells a lot of its electricity to Germany because Germany shut down all their plants. Which, by the way, I was talking to a German friend of mine and asking him how the hell Merkel got elected. Interesting. No, I it could be, but I, I don't think that the French are in that position yet. And we'll see what happens in Africa. I really think when you look at what's going on with China and the Chinese economic issues that are coming China's not gonna be able to sustain what they've been doing in Africa. They're gonna have to pull back. Why do you say that That are they face a revolution at home. I don't think there's any revolution coming at home. Okay. No, I think I think China's In a pretty good place right now, they, their biggest risk right now is that's insanity losing market share. That's their biggest risk. No, their biggest risk right now is the collapsing demographics. It is the collapsing of the manufacturing base. They have this huge sunk cost of manufacturing capability and the rate at which that a actual Purchasing standpoint to countries like Vietnam and even on shoring in the various either European markets or U. S. Markets is staggering. We're seeing China. The rate at which China increased their manufacturing capacity versus decreasing orders is it's just astonishing. We thought the growth was fast. This collapse is going to be even faster. Yeah, that's not going to be. But You know, I'm sure Zayhan would agree with you. I'm not even talking from Zayhan's standpoint. I'm looking at the actual growth and manufacturing inside Vietnam and the issues that that country is facing from a grid standpoint in order to meet the growth in manufacturing capacity. And that is absolutely because people are fleeing China. Sure. Do you know who owns those factories in Vietnam? I do. Okay, go ahead. Tell us. A bunch of different conglomerates. Why? And about a third of them are Chinese. I'm just looking at it right now. Now it's not a majority, but China has been, they're not stupid here. They, they know that this is happening. And they're making strategic investments so that it's still funneling money into Chinese hands. Yeah, and this is okay. So that's like saying Toyota is owned by the Japanese. Well, you think they're owned by Americans? Okay. But where is the, where are the jobs? The jobs are here because that's where the consumers are. It's cheaper to make cars near the consumers for them. Okay. All right. Hold on. The profits are still going to Japan Some, and the Japan have worked into that model, but it took them decades to do. I don't think China has that time. and that's where I will agree with Zehan. and here's the other thing, the manufacturing that is on shoring in the United States and in parts of Europe is not Chinese owned. They are making, the, they're trying to become a regional power. That's why they're investing in places like Vietnam. 100% agree with you. I don't think they can do what Japan did and. We'll, we'll see. But there are estimates right now that 40% of women born in China will be childless. So women born right now in China, Mm-hmm. 40% of them will be childless. Why is that? That's just the estimates based off of demo Demographics by the rate of the birth collapse in China. Yeah, I just think it's all bullshit to me that that type of prediction is no different than the climatology mess that we're in, where we're acting as though it's real and it's just computer bullshit models. I think this is the exact same thing. What we're seeing are our companies. That make money predicting things with absolutely zero penalty if they're wrong. Okay. Do you agree with the demographic numbers as recorded? Meaning you had X number of births per woman last year? Well, it depends on the country. I mean, some countries lie about that shit. Others don't. Okay. But United States numbers. Sure. Why not? So if we can look at trends and predict it, I think that that's a much tighter system and easier to predict than, something as large and complex as the global. It's it's, it's only easier to predict in the absence of large, unpredictable changes. And China, unlike the United States, although U. S. is trying, is a command economy. And in the command economy, you can do things you can't do in the free market. Command economies do not work. They may not, they may not work long term, but they work short term. And I think that it is very naive to think that nobody is thinking about how to address these problems in China right now. Thank you. And that they're just going to let things go until they fall apart. That's not going to happen. And I, and I think that assuming that it will beyond being naive, sets countries up for a policy around China, which is not to the best benefit of the country with that policy. If you just assume that after world war one, well, Germany's defeated, we've squashed any potential problems that might come out of Germany. We took care of that one. I mean, you could argue that a world war two actually came out of Churchill, but so you don't think there'd be a world war two without Churchill? No, I don't. Okay, but there would be a bigger Germany. Maybe. Well, absolutely. No, so the... the Polish stuff, some of the, you would have seen a return to basically the size of what existed pre World War I, but I don't think you would have had Churchill. Definitely caused a lot of problems that led to World War II. No, I don't deny that, but the other thing that caused a lot of problems that led to World War II were the conditions of post World War I, I don't disagree. I, I, I, the Treaty of Versailles was problematic. 100%. So Hitler would, had it not been for the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler would not have come to power. Absolutely. Yeah, totally. But had Churchill not been Prime Minister, World War II probably wouldn't have happened. But he didn't become prime minister until fairly late in the development of the rise of Hitler. Yeah, yeah, but, the whole Polish situation and everything else anyway, There's a book you should read called Churchill's War. It's fantastic. You mentioned it before. So is that our book for the episode? Mm. Okay. Or do we have a different one? You want to go? Are you still reading that series that you were all I am. Dude. I on so, dude, I am so deep into that series. It's not good. How many books you got left, are you gonna be like looking for a new drug when you're done with that? I am actually in fact, I've slowed down purposefully because I knew I have this trip coming up and I know I'm going to read a lot on the trip and I'm like, I don't want to lose this. Yeah, well, it sounds like the guy is a very good world builder. I, of course, have not started reading it, so. So he is a fantastic world builder, and he, like this, this book series should be a TV series. It would be an absolute excellent. You looked it up on IMDb. See if someone's optioned it, I haven't, but someone should. I mean, like, the, this could be a bigger than the Walking Dead sort of post apocalyptic series really could be. Oh, maybe. Maybe Jeremy from Jeremy's Razor should do it. What's, I forget his last name. Jeremy Boring. Boring. Yeah. Because, they, they want to develop a whole competitive TV and movie franchise. Well, first of all, it definitely has the right political ideals. And that's probably why it hasn't been optioned which I don't think it has, but you can correct me if I'm wrong, but yeah, I I'm, I'm almost done with book eight. And like I said, I've purposefully slowed down and it's, it's hard. it's called it's the it's called the survivalist series, but it's, it's hard to find there's another survivalist series out there. If you just look up going home by a American, you'll find it. Got it. Yeah, it's that's the first book, right? Yes, Going Home is the first book. I mean, I've got several people addicted to this series already My, my parents are reading it together and they're already on book four. Okay that's cool. Yeah, it's I, I bought them. I just don't, I probably won't get to them for a while. Well, I, I think you ought to take a take a little bit and listen to book one and see what you think I've just been really enjoying house. Okay. House is a great series. Anyway. Yeah there, there's several books. Churchill's war firebombing of Dresden Hitler's war. All by a historian that before he started saying some things was pretty well received and then not so well received. So yeah, David Irving is in a very interesting character. All right. You don't know who David Irving is. I don't know who that is. Who is that? Interesting. Well, it, I mean, he's been arrested in Germany for, denying the Holocaust. So there's that, even though he didn't really necessarily deny the Holocaust. There's lots of things, but yeah he's a British historian. His first book, which was on the fire bombing of Dresden. Okay. Really was a very good historical account. You can say that maybe he went off the rails here or there, but he's got some good books too. Yeah. and pre 2016, he was all over YouTube and then, YouTube started shutting that shit down. So is he pro or against the firebombing of Drozen? Oh, very much. Telling the story that the allies were not necessarily the good guys in that. And they weren't the good guys because of The firebombing or is there a better reason for it? Well, I mean, the fire bombing of Dresden would be considered a war crime today, which, my opinion on war crimes. Okay, it was a civilian non, non industrial target and It was pretty heinous. Even Kurt Vonnegut and slaughterhouse number five talked about the fire bombing of Dresden in a very graphic way. That's probably the place I know about it the most other than just watching documentaries. Yeah. But I think there is a A rationale for bombing civilian targets during a war and that is to demoralize the population. Yeah, well, and so you bomb drop the nukes. Yeah. So the firebombing address and the big moral conundrum there is that We we bombed it. We waited till first responders show up. Now we bombed it again, but that's standard operating procedure right now in the military for every side is that you always do a second run of bombing. Once the, there's another group there of your enemies looking around to see, if anybody's alive now you're doing it to soldiers. So I guess in, in your definition, that would not be a war crime, but that is standard operating procedure. Yeah, but against a civilian non industrial target, I, why are you bombing that? Well, I mean, clearly to make the Germans want to, well, same reason, the same reason that the U. S. is supplying Ukraine with weapons. It's to make the local population realize how horrible of a situation they're in. And the only way to change things is to overthrow their government. Okay, well, what it comes down to is I think if the U. S. wants to be the United States, we have to maintain some morality and if we don't, then what are we, what are we engaging in? That's neither here nor there. Yeah, I think that, that ship has sailed a long time ago. What I, what I'll say about this I know enough about World War II history to know that I don't know the truth about World War II history A lot of people dead. There's enough propaganda, I'm sorry? A lot of people dead. Yeah, a lot of people dead. Other than that, who was the good guys? Who was the bad guys? I think there's a lot of bad guys on both sides. Not to say the Nazis are two good guys by any stretch. I think there was a lot of horrific shit there. I'm not a fan of totalitarianism, but I don't believe that the Allies were the saints that a lot of people believe us to be. Yeah, I, I don't know if there's ever a good guys in any military conflict, I think. And, to, to do your ego a little bit of good I don't think the U. S. won World War II. No, Russia did. Everybody knows that. I don't know that Russia did either, but certainly wasn't the U. S. alone. I mean, I'm, I'm, I'm serious. U. S. U. S. won the Pacific War, The U. S. definitely won the Pacific wars and Russia wasn't engaged in it, you know um, but even the European war, I don't know that Russia had the U. S. not been on the the the other side there harassing Hitler and doing the invasion at Normandy and so on. I don't know that Russia would have had the success that they had. I think it would have taken longer for sure, but there was a very definite rush from the. British American side to into Germany and to get into Berlin, to get to Berlin specifically before Russia. So the path that Russia had to go to push the Germans back to Berlin. Was significantly longer than storming the beach, Normandy. So I think that the majority of world war two was already done by the time the U. S. joined you're, you're basing it off of just pure ground covered, not economic value and lots of other things, but well. The industrial side of the war was of the German losses had already taken place before the U. S. joined. I'm just looking up the stats right now. Well, the majority of German Lawson's actually happened after the surrender in U. S. camps What do you mean? More Germans died in U. S. camps after World War Two than during. Well, that's fine. I'm talking about during the war. I am making a different point, but yes. Okay. So I think that it would have happened. It just would have taken more time and cost more lives. Now could the U S of one war on both fronts without Russia? Do you think Britain was sufficient to do that with us? No, no. But I think the U S manufacturing base. Oh, by far the best and biggest manufacturing base in the world. Yeah. So I think the manufacturing base that we had and the fact that No one was bombing our factories and we were bombing Germany's it was just a matter of time that the U S industrial machine was going to outpace the German. And yes, we would have won at some point, regardless of the British, quite frankly. The only thing that the British gave us was an unsinkable aircraft carrier in which to launch sorties from, I mean, quite frankly, the British were not helpful during World War II. They would like to think otherwise, but in number of material, manpower, aircraft, etc. Well, and honestly if you look at a lot of what the British did, it really was hospitality. They, they were the unthinkable aircraft carrier. Like you said they were also the place where expats from all the countries. That were invaded went to in order to help the war effort. Yes. So yeah, they, they were a location and provided an amount of hospitality. Well, and let's be clear, without the British Isles, World War two would not have been had. Germany taken Great Britain and the British Isles. Yeah. There would have been no invasion of Normandy. There would have been no invasion of Europe from the Americas. Yep. There just wouldn't be there. The Europe would have been. Sacrificed at that point from an American standpoint because they're you're not going to launch a invasion like you did on Normandy all the way across the Atlantic, across the British. The channel is 1 thing, but across the Atlantic is another absolutely. So had Great Britain fallen. It would have been 100% up to the Russians to do anything about it Yes, there would have been no one else that could have maybe up from Africa, maybe possibly, but Yeah. Yeah. Rommel. Well, but, patent, I mean, Rommel wasn't all that successful. And if you look at the African campaigns, they were a waste of time for both sides. Because yes, yeah, but had Britain fallen, the Americans would have dumped everything into the African campaigns, The African campaigns from an American standpoint, were nothing but harassing. Patton's entire purpose was to keep Rommel busy. Well, and Well, 80% of Germans, this week in war to history before the us came in to the Europe, 95% of the casualties. We're Russian. So that, that, that's the single biggest factor is I think the, the amount of dead people that resulted from countering world war two was very disproportionate. Russia still hasn't recovered. Paid by Russia. Yeah. To some extent. And I lost both my grandfathers in the world war two. Russia, Russia definitely has the ability from a cultural standpoint to that said, Stalingrad was very costly in the long run for Russia. Yeah. Now Stalin was also very costly for Russia or for, the people of Russia, I should say. Yeah. Just a few leaders in Russian history have kind of caused problems there. Russia and the French, man, y'all, y'all have some interesting choices in history. Which part of the French are you referring to during the French revolution? Yeah, it's and and quite frankly Napoleon. I mean, I think the reason for the French Revolution is super Understandable. I do too, but not the choice of leaders Well, you know what? Here's the thing. I've said this before as a Like as a culture the Russian people were lagging Western Europe by many, many years. I don't, I don't know if it was hundreds of years, but it was, Russia. In the beginning of the 20th century still had serfs. I'm not aware of any other country in Europe that still had serfs. Well, I mean, every other country has serfs today. Oh, Well, yeah, to some extent, but I mean, well, that's my point. Like where the majority, the vast majority of your population are serfs that can not own land. that was the case in Russia. Literally, I would argue that no one really owns land in the United States. Look, I can make those same arguments too, if I'm sitting on the other side of the table, I don't mean in a practical sense, because you're paying the government every month for the land that allegedly you own in this country, but there, there was no pretense. Okay, you're, you're living on somebody else's land and yeah, and this is why, the czar ended up dead. Yeah, exactly. This is why the czar and then honestly, he probably wouldn't have ended up dead. Had he not been taking bad advice. But that aside I think it is a, just a historically accurate statement to say that Russia is a country and the people that were there, We're not nearly as ready for capitalism as a lot of the Western countries that have slowly moved away from surf them towards a more like the idea of liberty existed in France and before that in the United States, many, many years, over a hundred years prior to the Anybody in Russia, expecting that as a reality, like people might have talked about it, but and written about it, but not. It's not something that anybody would have said exists. Yeah. The, the, the thing I would say there is they were right for the victim mentality. I don't know if I would agree with that, but, but the point I mean, that's how communism comes in at any point in time is a class victim mentality. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay. I'll, I'll, I'll agree with that. But the point I was trying to get to is simply that a people that were yesterday. Serfs, they are going to be looking for and most agreeable with a strong leader, not, not a free thinking leader, not a libertarian type leader. They're going to be looking for an authoritarian type leader, a good authoritarian leader who cares about them. And I think this was a lot more likely to happen. In a country like Russia than it was in a country like the United States or or, France for that matter. Well, it just comes down to when they haven't had the responsibility of being yeah. Self reliant. Absolutely. I'll give you another example of this. And this is, this all kind of ties into why. Yeah. Americans see Putin as this evil dictator. Russians see him as the best man for the job. So why would we change him? It's, it's a difference in the mentality of the people in as much as it's a a different perspective, depending on which side you're sitting on on what's good for you. For the average Russian, they are not, they don't see themselves as having a dictator. Like that's not a thing. What they see themselves as having is a leader who's not corrupt, unlike most other countries they read about. You think Putin's not corrupt, Putin? Well it depends on your definition of corrupt. I guess. Let's do the Bill Clinton thing, but I put Putin Depends on what your definition of his is. Yeah, exactly. He rose to power squashing corruption during the early years. Of Yeltsin, that was sort of his notoriety was he was the guy that, that kind of, and believe me that there was a lot more corruption in Russia back then. I mean, everything was for sale. It doesn't matter what you want or who owns it. It was always for sale. Makes me think of Boris and Natasha. Well, should make you think of Ukraine. Cause that never, that that's literally what Ukraine has been including now still is. Everything for sale is just, it's just now the Americans are like, well, what's wrong with Boris and Tash? That was a great cartoon. Well, just when you said Yeltsin, that, that cartoon significantly predates Yeltsin. Yeah, but it just makes me think fearless leader. Yes, Moose and Squirrel. Moose and Squirrel. That's right. Yeah, Rocky and Bullwinkle Man. What a, what a great cartoon. That was an American cartoon. It was very, and they were from Frostbite, or Falls, Minnesota. That was a wonderful cartoon. I particularly like the the stories of the, the English what was he? I don't think he was a general, but he was something. He was a brigadier or something? No. Can't recall the British dude. Have I ever told you the story where I single handedly captured all of India? Is that gay? It was funny. So just an aside Have you ever watched Despicable Me? Or any of the sequels? Sort of on an airplane, not really paying attention. All right. So in one of the sequels, some of his minions end up on a stage and they're, they don't speak, they just speak gibberish, but they, they start doing this rendition of modern major general from pirates of Penzance. Oh, that's, that's awesome. I love the Pirates of Penzance. All right. All right. Totally not gay. Yeah, I, well, I start going off on it because that's whatever. And my wife just kind of looks over at me like? how do you know what the, what? It's like, God, Jesus Christ. Culture. Yes. But yeah, it's, so just to wrap up that point is what I'm saying is I think that certain, certain countries, certain cultures are in different phases along the continuum of their evolution. And I think it was, it was, there's a reason why communism was easier to take hold of in Russia. Why it was easier to take hold of in China both of these will be easier to take over in the United States We're finally America is finally getting to that point where now communism is what is going to be easier for it to take over exactly Yes, And the reason why is because too many people are too freaking weak and want and to authoritarian Everybody wants to tell everyone else what the hell to do and you just described the average Russian Literally, like I remember all the, like here, we, we have videos of Karens is like, Oh, check out this video of a Karen, telling somebody to not mow the lawn or they're going to call the cops. Look, dude, that's literally every woman in Russia. Literally. So, I want to finish on one thought. I got a summons yesterday for jury duty. Oh, dude. I haven't had one of those since COVID. I got out of my due to COVID. I haven't had one in a while, but you know, I've got a lot of things coming up and I, quite frankly, with my kids age and everything. With, with my kids age, I could get out of it very easily and a lot of, a lot of time my, my wife asked me, well, why don't you just get out of it? And I just, first of all, I but who's going to be nullifying the laws. If you get out of it though, I blocked off the dates I needed to block off And I have to go for jury duty here in October. Okay. And my thought is if I were ever, Yes, if I were ever on the other side, I surely would want someone like me on that jury. Absolutely. That's a very good point. I I've served on more than one jury. I never try and get out of it. I don't try and participate. I just answer questions honestly and move on from there. Yeah. But I truly believe that if the good people who are capable of getting out of it. If, if all we're left with are the people who are too dumb to get out of jury duty. Yeah, that's true. That's a problem. So I, I do have to admit, I did get out of my last one. Like the COVID one, I didn't even have to get out of it. It was just during COVID and they ended up just canceling it. But the one before that I got out of, I, I went to the first day, but I got out of it in the questions, the initial questions, because one of the questions they had is that, Do you and it was, I don't know, cops doing something or somebody that is, do you have any reason to be unsympathetic or it wasn't unsympathetic, but do you have any reason to doubt the validity of the. It was basically asking, do you dislike cops? And the way I've seen them phrase that is, do you or do you have a proclivity to trust the police or not? Something like that. Yeah. And my answer was like, well, yeah, I mean, I, I think the cops are the most amazing, perfect people out there. And the cop. I don't think that. So you committed perjury. Wasn't technically perjury and, and amazingly after my answer, I was dismissed. And I went, I went home. So it's, you can definitely get out of jury duty legally if you really want to. The, the hardship thing, I think they really frown on because a lot of people misuse it. They, they abuse it. I tried once by saying, look, I'm a solo business owner. I, I can't get paid time off for this. Anything I do means I'm not out there selling and I'm not out there doing the work and I have no other means to make any money. And they said, that's unfortunate, but you still have to do it. Well, with kids you can pretty easily get out of it, but regardless, I, I don't want to. I think it's a civil duty. I think it's very important. I've served on juries that had I not been there, I think some people would have been wrongfully convicted. Every jury I've been on, we've always had a guilty verdict. So I was jury foreman and I made damn sure this kid did not end up in jail because the state didn't prove their case. And if the, this, the, here's the thing, I don't know if the kid was guilty or not, but the state was lazy and they didn't prove their case and they thought there was going to be a slam dunk in. the jurisdiction they were in. And the only reason why it wasn't because I was on there and quite frankly, I, beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt. Right? Yeah. I had a case once a high standard on the jury that I was on. That had is a money laundering case. And so it had a bunch of witnesses from the secret service. And I had the, the funniest thing happen is after it was probably about two months after the end of that trial in, in, And it was, it was actually a fun trial because we got to convict Nigerian and was he a prince? He might as well have been, because, he's printing money and although what sucked is, we came up with a really nice, harsh penalty for him. Right. And then the judge basically said well, in lieu of the of the penalty, you're going to be deposed. So I mean deported. deported is what I meant. Exactly. Okay. They're going to talk to him and record it? Jesus, what a penalty. I know, right? Oh, you're right. Deported. So they were going to ship them back to Nigeria. But but yeah, so two months later, I was actually speaking at a secret service event. Where I recognized the guy that was on the trial thing, and then we ended up chatting afterwards. So that, I thought that was like, what? Crazy timing. Mm-hmm. We'll, we'll see what this next week holds for me. Yeah, well if you get a case, hopefully it's a good case. Not a, oh, I'm not talking about that, but parking case or something. Yeah. Oh, you meant the deposition. Are you doing deposition? No, no, no, no. I'm, I mean, some things that'll be happening next week that maybe I'll be talking about. Gotcha. All right, dude. Well, I'm going to say, and let's wrap it up because it's probably been a couple of hours already. And two and a half hours, two and a half hours. Well, by the time this thing is edited, it'll be a lot shorter. I mean, it'll be 30 minutes after we, well, it wouldn't take more than 30 minutes to listen to that's for sure. You and your like four times speed. If the person is slow speaking, then yeah, sure. I don't think either one of us are slow speaking, We're not, we're not. I was, I was thinking of band. I mean, we're not been Shapiro. We're not to just, we're definitely not been Shapiro. Yes. Ben Shapiro at most, I can do it one and a quarter. I mean, you put him at two X speed and he sounds like a mosquito. He does. You put them at 0. 75 speed and then the average person can understand them. My favorite episode of Freedom Tunes, do you watch Freedom Tunes at all? Yes. Favorite episode of Freedom Tunes was the Thanksgiving at the Shapiro house. Oh my God. That was hilarious. Where every, every member of the extended Shapiro family talks like Ben Shapiro. And they make arguments to each other like Ben Shapiro. So they're constantly explaining to each other why you shouldn't pass the gravy that's hilarious. You'll check it out, guys. Do yourself a favor. Just look up Ben Shapiro and freedom tunes. You'll, you'll see those tunes. I have been let's wrap her up. All right. We'll see you next week, Jean. Sounds good. And I can't find the app. There it is. Turn it off. Button's at the bottom. Oh. Hmm. I hope this got recorded. It says recording on my end still. Is it? Okay. I can't start or stop it, but it shows recording on my end. That's cool See the problem is I didn't have a backup either. Did you. know I? Can kick you? No, I mean if it was recording on your end, it's got to be recording on my end, right? Shows recording on your it's for me It just seems like it's okay. There's Jean. there's Ben look down at the bottom. There's a recording button there. How long, how long it was. See, here's the problem. I just clicked on the link here. Look, I'm sending you. Okay. Yeah, I'm, I'm still here. There we go. Okay. I had two windows open for it That's what the problem was. All right. Well, I just sent you a screenshot of what I'm going to.