Just Two Good Old Boys

039 Just Two Good Old Boys

September 10, 2023 Gene Naftulyev Season 2023 Episode 39
Just Two Good Old Boys
039 Just Two Good Old Boys
Just Two Good Old Boys
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Howdy, Ben. How are you doing today? Oh, Gene, I've been I've been better, man. The government keeps pulling some shit. You referring to ATF or which government? A federal and state. Yeah, there's a slew of new laws that are either rules proposed to come into effect or laws that went into effect on the 1st of September here in the state of Texas that. I take issue with where do you want to start? I know about the federal ones. I'm not sure about the Texas ones. We can start with Texas. If you want. Texas has passed 700 plus laws that went into effect on September 1st. That alone should give everyone pause for a second and say, what the fuck? There are some pretty egregious ones in there, including a new Texas is still technically not a you know, must ID state. But now if you're pulled over during a traffic stop, you must ID, which is interesting because You know, the law, if a cop stops you on the street, they can't ask you for your I. D. But if I'm pulled over a cop then requires me to I. D. This is just... Let me just interrupt for a second and play devil's advocate here, because I remember when I was taking criminal law classes way long time ago in college they had said that the difference between Asking for ID on the street and asking for ID of a driver is that there is no requirement for a government document to be able to walk in the street, but there is one to drive a vehicle. And even if there's no laws broken, having a demonstration of your ability to drive on that road. Is you know, and maybe in the state you were in, that is the case. But in Texas, the state of Minnesota. Yeah. In Texas, that has not been the case up until now. And now you must I. D. And failure to I. D. Is a misdemeanor and false I. D. Is now a class B misdemeanor. I think false I. D. Has always been something increase, but yes, if you're under arrest but if a cop says, Hey, what's your name? And I go, John Smith, that's not illegal in the state of Texas until now. So it, it's just some changes there then go ahead. You're still allowed to just not say anything or did Texas fuck without you? No you must ID and failure to ID is a misdemeanor. Yeah. That's going to get turned over. Oh I, it should as well as what's the other one? The equal protection clause. Yeah, they, yeah, they can't do that. Yeah. So here's another one that should get turned over. DWI child support. What's one have to do with the other? So if you are a drunk driver and you kill a parent of children, you now owe those children child support until they're 18. This is a law written by a woman. No, this is a law that is absolutely, and you, we can argue DWI stuff all day long, but the problem I have with it is if you're a drunk driver and you kill a parent, and I'm a tired driver and I kill a parent, one both, it resulted in the same thing, one now has to pay child support until the children are 18. Yeah, that's not gonna stand either because that's totally not equal protection because what if you kill a single person, then you're off the hook. Congratulations. Fuck that you ought to have the same penalty for the same crime. Not in Texas, not anymore. And this is, it's all the Californians moving here, man. Yes and no. I mean, there, there were seven, over 770 laws passed, signed and done. And anyway, I sent you to a link in here on the Texas child support general driver law, but you know, there, you must talk to your state representative, you must. Beat down their doors and you got to, anytime the Texas state legislature's in session, we've got to be paying attention. We really have to. So anyway, those are just two very egregious examples. They're only here in session every other year. Correct. Unless there's an emergency session or something like that, but yeah, now this is what they. Allegedly Republican governor and allegedly a Republican majority legislature. Vast majority. But like, like the Texas I. D. law was actually pushed forward by cops because they were, quote, tired of hearing drivers ask them what what they were being pulled over for before producing I. D. Yeah, and what's wrong with that? Oh, no, you're questioning authority, Gene, how dare you? I mean, obviously you should be shot the way that pregnant woman was in Ohio. Luckily that law won't apply in Austin, where we have very liberal police force. Did you see the shooting in Ohio? Is that the one you sent me? The pregnant mother of two. You sent me a link to a cop kill with no description and no reference. And I was like, what are you, just watching this shit for fun now? No. I, it's all over the place. I thought that you had seen it. I don't watch the news, so no, I didn't realize there was a shooting in Ohio. Yeah, pregnant woman, mother of two supposedly shoplifting and stealing alcohol from Kroger. The body cam footage is pretty damning, now, she was black, right? She was. That's not really a relevant part of this case. There are no fathers anywhere in the three of these children's lives. Who knows? I mean, that's not a relevant thing, nor is it something you can really assume. You can look it up, probably. Anyway, the the body cam footage is pretty damn damning. The two cops come up to her car, start beating on her car, telling her to get out. Yeah. One officer steps in front of her car and draws his weapon, which he had no business drawing his weapon at that time. None. Yeah. And he starts banging on the hood of her car, and he then shoots her in the head through the windshield. Now, I think he shot her when she started moving forward. He claimed, yes. That's what I saw in the video anyway. Okay he said he shot when she put it in drive. Anyway, the, so what? Get out of the way. So there was... You have the woman identified. You have a woman identified, you know where she's gonna be. There's a video, and I think I sent it to you, of the exact opposite. And what I mean by opposite is a video from California, where, same kind of incident, car gets stopped, cops are yelling for the person to open the door, open the window, person's not complying, cop gets in front of the car starts moving forward, cop jumps on the hood, And hangs on to the hood while the car proceeds to accelerate to 30 miles an hour with the cop on the hood, the cop yelling at the person to stop and pull over and the person not complying. Finally, after about a minute of this, the person makes a sharp turn, the cop slides off the car and then falls in the street. Not dead, but there's definitely some injuries. My question throughout that whole video is... How do you not shoot the guy? I mean, when you're on the hood of his car and he's accelerating, I think you're fully within your rights to shoot the guy. Yeah you shouldn't have put yourself in that position to begin with. That's an argument to be made later in court. No. Like, first you shoot, then you do the court case. Okay for the record, any cops that jump on my hood and that sort of scenario, it's just no. It's just not a good position. Make sure you have bulletproof glass before you do that. I mean, if you're driving with a person hanging onto your car that has a government behind them, I think you're going to need to make a decision there of whether you're going to suicide right now or suicide later. I mean, we all are facing that sort of decision. Just look at what happened to Joe Biggs. Who's Joe Biggs? You're joking, right? No. Remind me, guy. 17 years January 6th. Oh wait, which guy bigs? Which guy you take him? 17 years. Seven. Oh, the guy that got 17 years. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was one of the news items come up. Yeah. I think that while we can certainly see the egregious banana republicism of sentencing somebody for, quote, breaking into a building when the cops open the door for them the reality is, though, there's a stark contrast between doing something like that and getting 17 years, and then between driving with a Hanging on the front of your hood like I could see somebody getting 17 years for that and I wouldn't be concerned about it my, my point was if you attempted murder, if you find yourself in attempt is it the cop jumped on the hood? He did. As a result, he placed himself in at risk by his actions. Fuck that. As a result of the car. The alternative would've been to get run over instantly versus, no, the alternative is to jump out the fucking way. And anyway the big problem I have with both the Bigs case and this case where this pregnant woman was shot even if you think she's stone cold guilty of stealing alcohol from Kroger, let's say she's guilty. Right. A death sentence is not warranted. Yeah, I would agree with that. Life in prison would be enough. As far as I'm concerned, the cops involved the cops involved need to have some very serious repercussions. I think it was mostly the front cop, the side cop. Don't care, the other guy didn't tell him, put your fucking gun away. That, that, you do not unholster a firearm in that situation right there, you don't. There's no reason to. I don't know man I think that... The cops shouldn't do that, but I gotta tell ya, if I'm in front of somebody's car, and they start revving and moving towards me, I am absolutely unholstering. She wasn't revving. He unholstered before she did anything. She was sitting in her car. And why the hell are you standing in front of her car? Step to the side. Hey, he can stand anywhere he wants. He doesn't have to step aside. That's a poor argument, saying you should get out of the way. No, he doesn't need to get out of the way. The cops the cops, forget cops. Any person has right away in front of his going to stand his ground and force her to do something. That's just that is literally why we pay cops and literally why they should not exist. Okay, let's take the alternative. Let's say there were no cops and we'll get back to the other bad stuff here. But this is kind of a fun topic. Let's say there were no cops Kroger employee walks out with shotgun steps in front of her car. She starts moving towards him. He shoots justified. Absolutely. And I would think in Texas that would be extra ubble justified. I mean, yes, compared to Ohio. But here's the thing, it's private property that she's on and she just stole property theoretically. And he here's the problem I have. The cops were extremely, they have video, okay? We haven't seen that yet. And she hasn't been adju adjudicated. And she won't be'cause she's dead. Exactly. Here's the problem. The cops, fewer people would steal if more people shot. The cops were immediately hyper aggressive in that body cam footage. Absolutely. For no reason. I think the cops acted poorly, given that they are cops, but my example is just simply saying that if we get rid of the cops and we go back to the way it was in the Old West. the Kroger employee's actions would be absolutely justifiable. And I would feel better about a Kroger employee's actions.'cause I think they would escalate less. But they would feel l here's the thing, but here's the police simply the outing of that. No. Here's the reason why you can't fucking sue the cops. You have immunity. No, you can't. They, but I mean, people sue the cops all the time. No, they sue the departments. You can't sue the individual. Only if they have qualified immunity, which almost, which they can lose, almost all of them do. Which if they do something egregious, they lose qualified immunity. It egregious based on what the department sees as egregious. Yes. Not what the citizen if I egregious, if determines, yeah. If I sees that what they were doing. Yeah, so we need to, you know what, you want to keep cops in qualified immunity, make sure every cop has to have insurance retainers for malpractice, same as a doctor, and we can go from there. But that's effectively what a department does. No, because they provide qualified immunity. Right, but you're suing the department, and you're still getting money from the department that's just not coming out of the cop person. No. It needs to come out of the individual. No. I disagree with that. I don't, it doesn't, no. No. And here's why. If you're a bad cop, and you get sued, and your insurance premiums go up to the point where you can no longer afford it, You can't be a cop anymore. That way there's individual accountability so that you can say, Hey, this person committed X, Y, Z. They're a bad cop. They should never be a cop again. The same way you can go to a lawyer and or a doctor and have licenses removed and basically functionally prevent them from practicing medicine ever again. You should be able to do the same thing for a cop. I don't think that's how it works for doctors either, dude, because who is paying for the insurance isn't the individual doctor. It is the office they're working for. Okay. Anyway the point is we should individualize this as to prevent bad cops from hiding and moving from department to department the way they have been. Oh, I agree with that. In this case, there are a lot of good cops. Not many. Okay. That's, and there are some good lawyers out there too. Not many, but there are there's lots of good lawyers. I, I personally know a few. Huh. Anyway. My entire... I don't know any good prosecutors, but I do know good lawyers. Anyway, my entire point is if we can't hold people accountable for their actions, we have a problem, and right now we don't have a good way of holding cops accountable. It's also completely different in every jurisdiction. There are some places that do a much better job than others. There are there's actually some videos that I've watched of, by the the cop auditor crowd. They're rare, but occasionally you'll have a video of something like... Wish all cops were like this, you know, basically a video showing a policeman doing exactly what should be expected of them. No more and no less. They do exist, but they're kind of unicorns. They're not many out there. They're very rare. You know, I knew Jack McClam, we've talked about it on the podcast in the past and Jack was officer friendly and he was a very much a community policing type of person where he knew the people you know, from the time he was a beat cop. Now I read that he was a white supremacist. Yeah, no, he was the kind of guy who, instead of sitting in his patrol car, got out and walked the streets. And I think cops need to do that. Cops don't need to be in a car. They also don't need to be wearing bulletproof vests 24 7. It's a method of isolating you. It's, I think Hollywood's more responsible for that than anything else. I'm pretty sure, dude, because... It's, I think that the vests were driven by the cops wearing a lot of that gear in movies and then like a decade later, now all of a sudden cops are starting to do the same thing. Actually, I think it's a lot of former military coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan going, Hey, I want my body armor back and still having a lot of the same mentality. You think? Yes. Based off the cops I know today. Really? Yes. Interesting. Yeah, I guess maybe I've not looked into the percentages, so I don't know for sure. I do know that huge percentage of law enforcement is former military, the former military. Yeah. You know, back many years ago when I was a firearm instructor, I used to run a class specifically for military coming back from deployment and getting them their concealed carry permits. And going through all the differences and subtleties of civilian caring versus being out in deployed territory. So it was I was going to say, and it was very interesting for me actually, because you know, the guys would inevitably bring up examples or things that you know, that seemed weird or different to them. And If I can summarize it in just a couple of words, I would say individual responsibility is the key thing to carrying concealed as a civilian. That's another thing that's going to be very interesting and I haven't seen any court cases yet, but man, there's a big dichotomy between license to carry holders and state taxes and constitutional carry. You know, there, there are penalties, there are privileges and penalties associated with license to carry holders that don't apply to constitutional carry that, I don't think we'll hold up. For instance, if you, we'll go back to the DUI child support stuff, if you had a DUI case with a license to carry, you're prohibited from carrying for five years. You're prohibited from carrying under the license to carry, but why can't you carry constitutionally? You're now in this weird space of, you know, double punishment. And there are lots of things like that, that I think... Wait, DUI has a prohibition on concealed carry? What the hell? Yep. How did they figure that? Because if you committed DUI, whether you have a gun on you or not, you can now no longer carry under your license to carry in the state of Texas for five years. What if you never carried and you never had a license and then you have DWI and then you apply for your first license after DWI? You have to wait five years before you will get a license to carry. That just sounds like a court case challenge waiting to happen. It should be. Because those two things are disconnected. And I can see the rationale probably when they created the laws. If you can't trust them to drive a car without drinking, you can't trust them to carry a gun without drinking. And it's already illegal to carry. When you're drinking. Oh, it's worse than that. So if you have a gun in your vehicle You can now get an unlawful carry charge Whether it's on you or not for what for drinking and having a gun in your truck. Oh, yeah. Yeah that's wrong with that. No, I don't think that's wrong. I think that's right I've always been a big proponent that you have to make a choice. Do you want to go party? Or do you want to be responsible and carry a gun? Okay, and I have a gun that sits in my truck, and I go have a couple of beers, and I... Hold on. And I'm not intoxicated, but a zero tolerance. It's a zero tolerance. There's... One drink is too much. No. Yeah. Sorry. That's not reality. No, that is reality. That is the way that reality is written. I should be able to transport and have a object in my vehicle, and unless I am using that object in a reckless way, it is pre crime and bullshit. Here's my compromise. If you have a safe in your vehicle, and you put the gun in the safe, go have all the drinks you want and drive with that vehicle. But if you just want to have your shotgun in the back rack, and go to the bar no. Okay, I think... I think alcohol is one of those things that causes too much impairment to reason. Honestly, if alcohol was a brand new drug that we just discovered in the last decade, it would be a type 3 controlled substance. Yeah, and if cars were invented recently, we would never allow them. What's your point? We'd allow them. We would just only allow them if they're driven by computers, not by people. And by the way, that brings up a good exemption, right? All the shit that you're talking about, I'm fully in agreement as long as cars are driving themselves. You could be drunk, in the car, with a gun, as long as the car is driving itself. Why? I can still drive and, yeah, what does the possession of the gun have to do with driving the vehicle? Nothing. Nothing. Okay. I'm trying to be facetious here. Yeah. But I do believe that you need to make a choice, and I don't mean you, I mean like literally anybody. you want to drink or do you want to shoot? You can't do both safely. And everybody knows the first rule of gun, of shooting, is safety. It, don't point your gun at something that you're not sure what's behind it. That's not quite Don't point your gun unless you're gonna pull the trigger. Dean, come on, you know the five, you know the universal firearms I'm drunk right now, so you know. Yeah. So that means I get a pass. Huh. Huh. Speaking of guns the, I've been picking up and playing around with some new toys. What'd you get in that one? I got a PSA dagger. That's that Glock knockoff, right? Yeah. It's a Glock 19 clone. The one I got it with a cutout slide. Threaded barrel. Mhm. And you know, These are all things Glock does not sell natively. Correct. Yeah. And I, you know, I don't, I think we've talked about this. I don't like Glock. I've never really liked Glock. Glock don't, they don't fit my hand right. There are lots of things I don't like about them. I think they're ugly as sin and I just, I don't like the way they shoot. I don't like the pointing with your thumb versus your index finger sort of aiming lots of things. Thank quite frankly, a lot of my gripes about the grip and a lot of my gripes about Glock because I thought they were very expensive for what they were are solved. Also a lot of the plastic internals that Glock uses, like the guide rod that I've just always said, why the hell would I buy a gun with a plastic guide rod? Cause it doesn't need to be metal. Okay the PSA dagger has a stainless steel one and it's lighter than the Glock. The biggest complaint around, excuse me, the biggest complaint around the PSA dagger is the trigger. But if you're comparing a Gen 3 Glock 19 and a, this PSA dagger, which it's a clone of, they're pretty damn similar. Yeah. And... You know, it's easy enough to drop in a new trigger if you want. Yeah. I've got a three pound trigger on my Glock. My last remaining Glock that I still have. You know, if you like Glock and you have a lot of Glock magazines, so right now with the sales. Let me just ask real quick, do you how is this thing out of patent? How are they able to knock it off? Yeah, it's out of patent. Okay. Got it. And they've made some substantial improvements to it as well. Got it. Okay. I have, I think, God damn, I don't even know if mine's a Gen 3, mine might be a Gen 2. Let me tell you this. Right now with the sales going on, you can pick up different slides and different receivers and they're kind of really pretty ones. Yeah. And the lower receiver, if you will, the grip and the registered part of the gun. You can pick that up for 50 right now and then you can build out whatever slide you want and it just goes on and there you go, Bob's your uncle. And you can get the slideship direct to your house. Just can't get the frameship to you. Yeah. The frame is the FFL component. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, the the one I ended up getting is what they call the doctor cut. So it's a cutout slides. It's a lighter slide. And it came threaded, which I don't care about, but it was just the deal I wanted. Anyway, all together functioning handgun for under 250. What? No way. Yes. That's, and that's not some. Weird ass Turkish looking handgun. That's like an actual clock looking handgun. This is a made in America, lifetime warranty clock clone. Wait, they're making them here? I thought they were made in China. Nope. They are made in the United States. I didn't realize that. I thought all their stuff was made in China. Nope. Made in the United States and lifetime warranty. That's good then. I think you ought to look at it. I bet you it is. I'm talking about their other products, but like what? The the what the hell is it called the rifle that I got from them It's their ak 47 knockoff looking thing. I mean it was a gen 1 gen 2 what you know Six months ago. Anyway, their reputation is that they're not super accurate products. I mean you can sit there and talk about the We're talking about Palmetto State here, right? Right, right. But the you know, again a pistol really comes down to your trigger. The barrel isn't going to matter as much on a pistol as much as the trigger. And you know, I was assuming they were made in China, but I guess if they're made in the U. S., it's even better. Yeah, made in the U. S. and lifetime warranty. Yeah the lifetime warranty is good. I don't know what your experience has been. For me, it's been very binary with guns. Meaning if they work in the first six months with no problems, they're going to last 20 years. If they have a problem in the first six months, they're going to have multiple programs over their lifetimes. I've only had to return one gun in my entire life, and that was a Sig. Everything else I've kept it and if I didn't like it particularly, I just sold afterwards, which brings us to our next topic, which is look, let me answer your question for you know, I've had some various malfunctions with firearms but I, you know, shoot a lot and there I've, you know, there are where components that will wear out you know, like I have a 40 Cal handgun that I have worn out. Crips on it. I have worn out internals. I've worn out lots and lots of things on that gun. I have thousands and thousands of rounds to that mainly because it was my first real primary handgun. And I just loved it and shot the hell out of it, you know, you're going to make fun of me, probably it was a Taurus 24 GT, 24, seven pro first gen. So it's a striker fired gun. That's a double action striker fired gun, which is pretty cool. And you know, why would I make fun of you for that? That's a perfectly reasonable first gun. Because a lot of people hate Taurus and people have a binary experience with Taurus. Either they think they're junk or they think they're great. And I happen to have had nothing but amazing luck. And again, another lifetime warranty product. I've had three Taurus guns. Two have been very good. One was okay, but not bad. I think they're a little inconsistent in their manufacturer. That's probably one of the biggest things. But they also make some... Unique guns. Like they'll take a gun to knock off cause they also make knockoff guns. And then my dad has a Taurus Beretta clone. That's actually better than the Beretta. Yeah. Yeah. That was actually what I was going to mention is Taurus made a stainless steel Beretta clone that Beretta made. So that's literally the one he's got? Yeah, literally. Yeah, I've always wanted one, like, back in the 90s I wanted one because Yeah. Berettas were still cool back then, like, not anymore. Yeah, he's had it since then. Yeah, I believe that. If he ever wants to sell it... I'll let him know, but he's only got a, probably a few hundred rounds to it. And one of the cool things that it has is the de cocker and I mean, just the safety's in the right spot. I mean, they made some nice little improvements to the Beretta. The Beretta was a very expensive gun when it first came out. It was amazing that the military actually picked up on that contract. I mean, they must've had huge discounts. And you know, for people who don't know so if you look at a 1911 a 1911 requires an armor to service, meaning it requires hand machining. It requires hand fitting to put that gun together. Period. The Beretta. Requires less, but it's still in that vein. When you think of modern polymer pistols, modern you know, glocks you know, your Springfields or any modern striker fired gun, they're erector sets. Yeah. You can take parts out of parts bin. Put them together and the gun's going to function reasonably well. There is zero manual fitting required, but the Beretta still required it. Interesting. Yeah. It's, and it was a pretty gun design wise. It was the really one of the first high capacity pistols out there. Yeah. Double stack. Yeah. But I remember looking at those things. 700 back in the nineties. Now the Taurus was. Cheaper, obviously. And they also had the cooler versions like the stainless, but they were, you know, back then about all I was buying were toruses. Anyway, it's that's, it's been a great gun and it's the one he has is chambered in 40 cow. Which I've always been partial to 40 Cal, I think each caliber has a certain place. Oh, no, you learned your law. You learned your stuff in the nineties from law enforcement. That's why you like that. That's why I like then I should like 10 millimeter. If that was really I do like nobody. Yeah, exactly. That was the problem. The 10 millimeter just costs too damn much money. So yeah, it's not as much as slugs. Jesus Christ. That was my biggest, holy shit moment. Looking at the price of slugs, like since when? Apparently I missed a decade there because the prices went up quite a while ago, but I remember buying a, you know, a box of 20 for like five bucks at Walmart. I remember getting 22 for, you know, 500 and some odd rounds. 550 rounds for four 95. I don't remember that. I remember like 10 bucks, but yeah, I remember paying less than five bucks for 22 for a box of five 50 of twenties. They're just for Plinkin. Yeah. It's the, I think the cost of lead must've gone up or something because. I don't understand why the primers everything. But anyway, we have another story of government overreach to get into. Yeah, exactly. Which one do you want to do? Let's start with the FFL stuff, and then definitely want to talk about the gunpowder stuff as well. Yeah. The FFL has got a couple of new rules they're putting out now in the past, this would have been like them testing the waters to see what they can get away with. But in the Biden administration, what the role is, it's probably a lesser version of what the final rule is actually going to end up being. So there's no testing here. They know they're going to be able to push this stuff through America. Ireland is going to get in the way of any of their bullshit. Yeah, so they, they've released a NOPR, right, which a NOPR is a notice of proposed rulemaking and there's a comment period and which the comment period, yes, you should make comments, but really ultimately in the grand scheme means jack shit. Yeah, the only metric they use is the number, total number of comments submitted. No one actually reads them. Anyway, this can drastically change and potentially criminalize anyone buying or selling guns for that matter. The way this is written, if you buy guns and they deem that you have the intent to sell whether or not you have or not, they can say you require an FFL and you don't have one. Therefore, you're illegal. How beautiful would it be if this just. Ended up playing the opposite direction and they had an insanely huge number of people submit FFL applications. I don't think that would be good at all. I don't know. I think the more FFLs we have, the better it is. Nope. Nope. Because you have to, as an FFL, you have to maintain an inventory of guns. And this is part of what they're after. And this is what people need to realize. If you have an FFL, you have to maintain an inventory of either firearms in your possession with the ATF. That's a gun registry. And we have a de facto registry now whether we like it or not, but at least it's a little bit roundabout the way and Congress has said, no, ATF, you shouldn't do that. And there's a little bit there, but if you get an FFL, you have to register the guns in your possession. And that's a bridge. I'm not willing to cross well in the position of the business shirt. Also wholesale pricing. Also, being able to ship guns directly to your house because that's your business. I mean, there's like a lot of pros that goes with an FFL and I've been wanting to do that literally since the nineties, but it always seemed like it was too much paperwork and too much costs and too much of a hassle. And there's also more scrutiny on you and fingerprinting and lots of other things. Dude, I've been fingerprinted so many times I could give a rat's ass. Good for you. Just really, I mean, every government institution has my fingerprints. That really does not matter to me. All I can say is they are adding in and making this extremely vague in order to be able to catch, it's an add on charge is what it is. It comes down to laws like this and laws like the Texas I. D. are there not to do anything but give a prosecutor an option when they decide they want to get you. What was the what was the USSR leader that said, show me the man and I'll show you the crime. That was probably Stalin. I would imagine. I don't know. I can't remember, but anyway, same sort of thing. Yeah. But that's, I mean, that's been true forever. Like there ever since the original woman got the guy in trouble. Talking about Eve here ever since that happened that no man's been crime free. Agreed. So I think that's a true statement. Show me the man and I'll show you the crime. I don't think that's a good thing. It depends if you're the guy showing the man, or if you're the guy who's being shown the crime Like, like, and somebody else said that. I know that it was in a. In a Oh, what's the guy's name? It was in the movie. It was Melbrook's movie where he played Louis the 14th. I think where, you know, where he says it's good to be the king in that movie. But I think in there he had something that, that was a much better way of phrasing what I just said, which is. You know, it all depends on which side of that you're on. If like, there's nothing wrong with collecting taxes, if you're the one who is getting the taxes, because you're the one collecting them, right? Sorry. It wouldn't unmute there for a second. I don't know about that. Taxation is theft and yeah, I'm not talking about moral thief. Right. I'm not talking about morality. I'm talking about immorality. I'm talking about how. To every relationship, there's somebody that's benefiting. And it could be both parties, but if it's the one party, then it's better to be the one party that's benefiting. It's a funny, comical saying that I think is kind of true, but it obviously, you know, morality gets in the way. So yeah, the ATF, it just keeps on trotting along and creating de facto laws where they have no capacity to actually do that. They have no charge to do that. First of all they, the ATF can't write law. They can only enact policy. And the ATF is enacting this policy based off of the post Yuvaldi gun control law. And they're pointing to that as their reasoning. So we'll see what the court holds on that. And we need to use fat birding for rhinos. That's the other thing, people. And this goes to Brandon Herrera and who he's running against and why. But if Heller holds, then that law should be struck down. In fact, the whole FFL rule should be struck down, quite frankly. Yeah, in fact, the whole FFL, or the FFL, the whole ATF should be gotten rid of. The FFL licensure requirements You know, if this rule goes into effect, which I have no reason to think that it won't this may end up in a Supreme Court case that takes that down. Or not, because we know the Supreme the ATF will sit there and play games until they get a a court that is sympathetic. Clarence Thomas is off the court. He's the only guy who's actually programmed on the court. Everybody else is very wishy washy or anti gun. Yeah, since Alito died. Yep. Suspiciously. Yep. It's bad. Now, you know, let's talk about the gunpowder. That's related. Oh remember the fifth of November. Sorry. Yeah, that's coming right up in that. Yeah, but you know that, you know, Guy Fawkes poem. Gunpowder, treason, plot. Yeah. Yeah, gunpowder, treason, plot. Yeah. Ironically enough, nothing to do with this, but you know, hey. No, but it's cute and we all love those masks. And I may or may not be making any suggestions there. You know, I gave away like a hundred of those at the first Texas Knowledge in the Meetup. Yeah, we should, you know, we should do another one. And you and I met in person, the one the first time I didn't know it. I have pictures. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah, so this is something that I actually find it very insidious. The ATF is ruling that. Yeah. And this is another one open for NOPR you must notify fire departments, local fire officials of any explosives that you're keeping well define explosive. Yeah. I can tell you how they're going to define it. Any little fuck way they want. Yeah. Anything that contains one grain of gunpowder. Yeah. So ammo. Ammo is absolutely your, everybody that has ammo has to now go notify their fire department. Okay. Thank you. Of and of how much magazine capacity is listed there. How much exactly? So again, these are evil rules. They're not laws, but they're effectively going to be treated as laws, but they're based on this ideas of safety and safety is literally the opposite of freedom. Safety is the thing that kills freedom. Because safety is always the excuse and let's let's just keep in mind that failure to comply with this would be a felony and result in you losing your guns, which is ultimately when they want anyway. Yep. But so essentially with these two things, they're wanting not only a de facto registration of firearms because forcing more and more people to be FFL, but also a de facto registration of your ammunition. And or your capacity to manufacture and I think they could probably get away with doing something like that. If there was an exemption for basically excluding yourself from the fire department. No, we have a bigger problem here. I hate to tell you, but. If you store fireworks left over from last 4th of July, you're now a felon in Texas. No, in, in by the ATF, because it's an explosive because it is an explosive. Do they not specify in the, I did not read the rule. Do they not specify the explosive thing? Just any, just the generic word explosive could literally mean anything. So having nitroglycerin pills for your heart. It has to then require you to go to the, this is why I said define an explosive. I mean, I mix a couple of household chemicals, but I've got an explosive. Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. Cause if it's not even specifying what an explosive means in the document. That opens it up to areas they have no purview over. There, yeah, no. Alcohol, tobacco, firearms. And, you know, they've got explosions and explosives and demolition in there too somewhere. But, anyway. We, I'm the idea that you have to not only report that you have this, and they literally stayed in their magazine capacity and what they mean by magazine capacity is your storage of the classical definition of the word magazine, not a magazine for your gun, but yeah, not the thing people call clips, right, but an actual magazine meaning a repository of ammunition. So kudos to them for using the term properly for once. You gotta take your wins when you can find them. I mean, it just I... That's no one's business, man. Yeah That, that is A clear breach of Into people's privacy That, that's never been Enforced before. And you have to notify the fire department the day of. You getting it verbally and within writing within 48 hours and then you have to keep updating them every year until it is no longer stored there. And then you have to notify them that it is no longer stored there, right? This is ammunition tracking. This is ammunition tracking, but it's also going to create a whole new department within the. The you know, fireman department and here's the thing, liberal cities will do this. Not, yeah, they will do it, but is this not a unpaid mandate or whatever, what they call it? Undue burden. Undue burden. Unfunded mandate. Yeah. They're basically telling local enforcement to do something that they're not sending them. Maybe they're, they've got a plan to dump a bunch of money from diverted from Ukraine. To fire departments to track people's ammunition. Here's the thing. The proof that you notified the fire department is now incumbent upon you. You have to keep those records for five years. Oh, I'm sure it'd be automated and electronically monitored. Maybe my local fire department may or may not they may go, okay, cool. Thanks trash. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don't see how they can have any say whatsoever in what a fire department does. Unless this was something that was like, you know, pushed through by lobbyists for the firewood departments of America, which I don't know if that exists. Do fire departments want a map of everyone's ammunition stores? I'm sure that there are arguments for that because in a fire, they go off and it's dangerous. Yeah, except it's not dangerous. No, it's not. Because what happens if people have never seen this before? What happens if you put a box of 50 rounds of throw it in the fire? And let's just say I've never done that. But let's say, what actually ends up happening? Is the latest part of if there is a detonation due to the heat that's created, this is a basic Newtonian physics for every action. There is an equal and opposite. Exactly. So what happens is. The shell case flies off and the lead moves about an inch. So sure. You don't want to stand right over that fire with no safety protection on your face, right? You're going to get smacked, but is this going to kill anybody? Absolutely not. You know, if you're stupid enough to be looking directly at it, something could hit your eye and you could lose your eye, sure. But, if you accidentally drop your gun on a fire that, that is, got a full magazine in it the detonation of some of those rounds, and probably not all of them will even detonate, but the detonation of those is gonna damage the firearm, nothing will travel any great distance whatsoever out of the gun, unless there was a round in the chamber already. Because in that case, that might go further, but still nowhere near the sort of level of panic and danger that they're implying. Without a chamber, a shell is not that dangerous. But, you know, you put it in, this is like any explosive shocker. You contain it, and you contain it appropriately, and it becomes... The big thing, right? And that's what the chamber of a gun does is it holds the shell and it holds the, you know, it holds everything together and make sure that all the energy is focused in one direction. That's why the barrel is the only opening when you pull that trigger it, all the energy is diverted to that, except what is in a semiautomatic diverted back to cycling the weapon in a bolt action. Everything stays locked up. All the energy is going down range and it's semi automatic. Some of that energy is used to then cycle the weapon, whether in the case of a pistol or some carbines, direct blowback, or in the case of like an AR 15 gas operated or an AK, you know, gas piston. Exactly. Have you watched, I don't know why this even came to mind, but have you watched videos of guns being shot underwater? Yeah. How very little the bullet actually travels. It's cause it's dense. Yeah. It's not compressible. Right. So it has to literally move out of the way. It can't just get compressed. Yes. And this is one of those things that's totally off topic, but I, for whatever reason, I just came to mind that, but every time you watch a movie where somebody dives in the water and people are shooting at them and nothing hits. That's actually pretty damn true because the Mythbusters found that the bullets penetrate maybe a foot, maybe 18 inches of water at most. And even at like a foot, even if they're going to keep going, there's very little energy there. So if you're wearing a leather jacket, it would literally bounce off of that. So as long as you're over two feet deep, you're unlikely to get shot underwater. Yeah. And here's the thing that people don't really realize is water is uncompressible. This is why hydraulics work. Right. So the idea of hydraulics is I put one PSI pressure on a one inch square, and then I have a tenant square on the other side. You know, I can then amplify the amount of force substantially which is just functionally cool. Now Hydraulics are cool. Yes. They're a bitch to work on though. Yeah, constant problems. But yes the other thing that was pretty interesting. I was watching there. Sometimes I watch car videos because I like classic cars and, you know, even for a dude named Ben, I'm actually pretty mechanically inclined. I can work on my own vehicles and do quite a bit. And anyway, there was this one guy talking about how they used to decarb as in remove carbon from the old engines. And they were talking about taking a spray bottle of water and using the water to steam clean the engine. I'm like, that's a really bad idea. And then 30 seconds later, he's like, yeah, but if you put too much, it's like, yeah, you know, cause all engines work on. Pressure to some extent and water doesn't compress. This is a bad idea. Steam compresses though. Yes, but if you put too much water and it's not turned into steam yeah, for sure. Yeah, it's steam compresses back to water. Yeah, it's and I don't know if you know off the top of your head, do you know like what the pressure has to be at a certain temperature in order to compress it back to water? I'm sure there is, but I know that you can get well up over, you know, 35, 3600 PSI and. Or actually even higher than that. Let's see, what is a supercritical unit? While you're looking that up, isn't it amazing that we were able to build a steam engine trains 200 years ago, like the amount of engineering involved and the potential for explosive damage is tremendous. So yeah, super critical is 22 megapascals or 3, 200 PSI. I was right on. And, you know, where most of the power plants and everything operated because they want that real dry steam that doesn't do damage gets up to 1500 degrees. So it can go back to liquid water, so it's all about the temperature, so it can be liquid water at 22 bars, but it has to be under, that's 705 degrees. Yeah, which is the whole reason that if you use a pressure cooker, you cook stuff faster is because you're able to get the water past a hundred degrees. 12 in Fahrenheit and yes, and keep it in. Yes. Without it evaporating. Right. Because it stays liquid instead of turning into a steam because of the pressure. Yeah. Shocker. This is why water also boils at a lower temperature at higher altitude. Right. Right. I've never done that. I've never actually gone camping so high up that it's been a noticeable difference, but I've seen videos. You're joking. I've never gone camping in Colorado, dude. I mean, I've been in Colorado, but I've never camped in Colorado. Or any other states that have high mountains. I've only done camping at, you know, within a couple thousand feet. Oh, I mean, you get up much up over 000 feet and it's pretty noticeable. Is it? Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I've spent quite a bit of time at altitude. I mean, that's a good thing though, right? Because you want water to boil sooner. No. You don't? I mean, it still gets to the same. Then it should get your tea faster. But at a lower temperature. Right. But you don't really want a hundred degree tea. When you say a hundred degree tea, you mean a hundred degrees Celsius. Sorry, 212 degrees. Sorry, 212 degree tea. Yeah. Let's use the proper measurements here, Gene. I am. Oh, Jesus. So my, my tea maker, my automatic water boiler tea maker thing I guess technically it's called a hot water dispenser. Your electric kettle. It's not a kettle. It's the Japanese hot water dispenser. See after going to Europe and the Middle East and everything and having used an electric kettle for those weeks, I kind of want one. You should get one. Totally. So useful. I think these are more useful. So the hot water dispenser basically gets it boils your water and then brings it down to the temperature. That you want the tea at, and then maintains that indefinitely. Mine is set to 62 degrees Celsius. And you can, which is the lowest setting that it has, because I don't want to wait to drink my tea. I tend to drink it immediately after I make it. But the I think it'll have it'll have two more settings above that, like a 72 and an 82 degree. But it's I love, this was like a birthday gift that I got a decade ago from a buddy of mine that knew I liked to drink a lot of tea and the problem with traditional Western style kettles is that they will get the water to boil and then turn off. And so what you have is you have a very sharp increase in temperature up to boiling, a short boil. And then a slower decrease in temperature is that water is no longer being warmed up. What these hot water dispensers that they use all over Asia, China, Japan, Korea. I think mine's actually Korean. It's a Jogoroji, which is no, that's Japanese. That is Japanese, not Korean. It's a, it's an elephant, but it'll do that, but it looks like a thermos with the dispenser, or it looks like one of those. Coffee thermoses that you see at corporate events is kind of what it looks like, except it's got a motor in it for pumping water. So you just hold the button and it'll pour. But the point is the cool part of it is that you can skip the boil and go directly just to the temperature that you want it to dispense at. And that makes it way faster and it holds that exact temperature literally for years. So very cool gizmo. And if somebody is wondering why do you not want to boil the water? Because I only drink distilled water. And the other thing I would say is that depending on what you're trying to do, whether it's tea or hell, even running, you know, certain items through, You know, a distillation process you only want to take off certain volatiles and if you get the temperature too high, you're getting other volatiles to come off. So the temperature at which you brew your tea will change the taste of your tea. Absolutely. Which is why I run it at the lowest temperature. This is why when I forget who said it to me, but because, you know, in the South, we grew up doing sun tea in the summer and stuff. I love that. And people I literally had someone say, do you think it really tastes different? Yeah, it does. And there's a scientific reason for it. And when I lived in the North, we had a thing called Icy, which you make by putting a teabag into water and putting that whole thing in your fridge overnight. Yeah. Culper. Yeah, exactly. Anyway, people are just unbelievable. So Trump joke, cause we don't have sun up there. Yeah. You literally don't, I mean, literally, anyway, go ahead. So Trump came out and made a hell of a statement. This is the the one where we're not going to put up with it or whatever. What do you say? Exactly. The do not comply statement to Vax mandates and masking. Yeah. Which is ironic given that it was him that started it. This is the redemption moment. I think a lot of us have been waiting for our own Trump. Yeah, I agree with that. And that's, that is very good to hear that whoever told them to say that kudos. I mean, I really think this is a big turning moment for him. So we'll say I Yeah, I mean, I'm happy to see he's doing the right stuff. I like Vivec a lot more. Oh, but Vivec has problems depending on who you talk to. Oh, who's the problem with Vivec though? Oh he took a. You mean he took a Soros scholarship. Huh. In his 20s. So now. And the key thing here is that the Soros scholarship is not from George Soros. It's from a different Soros. So there's that. And then the other thing is you know, there's, there are several things that have been listed there. I actually sent you an interview that he did explaining it away. I think, you know, a lot of people are calling him a shill and this, that, and the other. I don't get that impression from him at all, and I consider myself a pretty damn good judge of character and looking at his background, looking at what he's done. I think he's been consistent. I think his positions have evolved some, but. Who's haven't and you know, if you, let me just put it this way. If you are born a conservative libertarian and you had the perfect political views from the beginning I call bss because if you're not able to educate yourself and grow, then bigger problem. Yeah. I think my views pretty much stabilized when I was about 14. Fair enough, but some of us grew up a little more, I mean, you're already in college by 14. You know. 16. But yeah. You're always exaggerating stories. Have you noticed that? Is that, just now, you just noticed that? No. It's been a while, Gene. Yeah. They all have a green truth though. Indeed. That's the important part. And one of these days when you're in town, I'll try and have a meet up with Roy Williams, who is the head wizard. And you will be amazed at his storytelling. He's one of the best storytellers I've ever met. Which makes sense given that he sells more diamonds than any other person in the country. Okay. He writes ads. He's an ad writer. Diamonds are forever. Yep, exactly. Which is bullshit, but you know, I mean, they're literally oxidizing before you're all gems. Yeah. Yeah. We've all watched videos of diamonds, like getting melted away. You know, the beers the false scarcity of diamonds and everything else, but I gotta tell you, regardless of what you actually gave him the beers gave him a lifetime achievement award. Okay. Yeah. Those crooks. Lead diamonds. Just to give you an idea of right now, a comparison price to that under 250 right now, a Glock 19 gen five, which is a gen five, not a gen three. Is going for six on sale buds, which is one of the cheapest places to get it. Yeah. I think the list is 620, right? But it's 620 is real street value right now. Yeah. But I think seven 29 is the list price on that gun. But here's the thing that everybody that's ever bought a Glock notes. You can always find a cop Glock, and they're usually priced in the 400s, 429, 439, 459. And the thing about buying cop Glocks is they've never been shot. That's exactly right. I mean, it is a joke. Okay. They have been shot, but here's the distinct thing. And I've had many of these. Most cops have to pay for their own training ammo. So they don't. Here's what they do. Most caps get 50 rounds a year for free. And that is literally all that they're ever going to have in that gun is those 50 rounds. So what you'll have in the cop guns, which I'm talking about Glocks in particular here, cause they're plastic is You will have more wear and tear some evidence on the holster, on the slide. where it touches the holster than you will in the barrel. If you take the barrel out before you clean it, before you do anything, look through it. You'll see a factory fresh barrel with the tiniest bit of following on there. Yeah I would say that on my carry gun, you'd see the same thing though. That's exactly true. But you're not employed 24 seven or even eight hours a day to be walking around with a gun keeping peace. No, but and shooting pregnant women and stuff like that, but I do carry a firearm and my carry gun would have more holster where than, you know, I mean, it but it was probably shot because I, you know, anytime I go to the range, geez, a hundred rounds goes through it pretty quickly. Yeah. But I mean, a lot of people would actually, if they're carrying a gun, that would be their main gun that they would also shoot at the range. Now I do shoot it at the range. I didn't do that, but I'm still saying you'd see the slide where as well. You would see the slide where, but on the cop guns, I'm making a distinction between having where on the slide, but nowhere in the barrel. I got you. Okay. Just making sure it's clear. But no, I agree with you. And in fact, when I when I was carrying my little bursa around, I had. Much more wear on the bursa from the slide than I did from the barrel as well, because it was a 380 and I don't generally like to shoot 380. Why would you carry a 380? Because it's very small. It's very concealable and you know, you can put that holster anywhere you want. And get your mind out of the gutter. I don't know what you thought I was thinking, but it wasn't. I'm talking to the audience. All the listeners there, it was a very small considerable gun and, that gun is actually now owned by Adam Curry's wife. Thank you for outing her firearm choice. You're welcome. By the way their local fire department. Let me just let you know exactly how much ammo they bought from me for that gun. Man I, the thing is most people are not going to comply with this because most people won't know. Yeah, most people are going to end up being felons. And, you know, I, we have to make a conscious choice of where lines in the sand are. Yeah this should not go through, but if it does, my bet is there'll be lots of money that will be set aside from this because they're not going to trust people to do this shit on their own. What's going to happen is. When you check out at the gun shop or the Cabela's or wherever, you're going to have to provide the name. They already have your address from your driver's license. So they'll just simply have a line in the computer that will be or not even a line, a checkbox to basically that will notify your local fire department out of magically. Right at purchase time. And you know, if we look at what New York is doing in the New York state law on background checks for ammunition, this is. This is in line with that. This is where it's going. In fact, a lot of the FFL rules that we've talked about today are basically enforcing California and New York already. And yeah, this is just a sneaky way to try and take it nationwide. When Gavin Newsom becomes president, it'll be that much easier for him. What did you throw up a little bit? No, I just I think that people sound like you threw up a little bit. People have a choice of educational material. They need to start reviewing. They need to choose between the guillotine and gallows. Yes. Learn how to build one or the other. Yeah. Yeah. Guillotine requires, I think, more skill. Yeah. That was pretty straightforward. I'm just saying, man, you, I don't know, there has to be a line in the sand. There has to be yeah, but he's going to draw it to this. The problem, right. Is that we can see a lot of injustice is happening. And we can talk about it, but it doesn't motivate a significant enough portion of people to do anything beyond talking. And I think COVID was the big example of that because I couldn't believe, like, I remember in the first couple of months of COVID where the grocery stores were mostly empty and I was the only one walking around with no mask and and then all of a sudden I remember meeting up in fact, again, with Adam Curry, cause he used to live. Like a couple of miles from here and we're meeting up at the local grocery store, standing in the line. And we're like, Oh, they get a mask rule. I didn't bring a mask. All right. They'll sell you one like that's bullshit. It is private property and they can have a rule in place. That says if you would like to shop here. Nope. No, they must be wearing a mask. Nope No, they can't same reason why you can't have no shoes. No shirt. No service laws. They're not no they don't They are not enforceable. That is bullshit and you can't discriminate So hoist them on their own partard and their own anti discrimination laws and everything else You and I are libertarians and do I believe that a private institution should be able to do that? Yes. Yes Can they legally in? Most states, no, and FM and I would say, you're not for, you cannot discriminate against me based off of a fashion statement. If I'm not wearing my watch today, I can't shop here. Bullshit. Yeah, absolutely. And I think that they can show me a law that says they can't discrimination laws apply to five different areas of discrimination. Wearing a watch is not one of'em. You can absolutely discriminate on somebody based on whether or not they're wearing a watch. You can't discriminate based on color, race, sexual orientation, and the other two that I can't remember. But a watch is not one of'em. You can totally discriminate against people for not wearing a watch. Ooh, You're obviously looking stuff up, so I'll keep talking. You also sent me a link to some I m I. Yeah, they've got it on sale right now. Yeah, that's a pretty good deal. I just checked it's under a buck around 86 cents around for anybody interested in for IMI, which is not cheap ammo. Yeah. IMI is pretty good. RMI is the Israeli military industries. So they're basically like the main company that makes weaponry in Israel. I've got a number of their firearms as well. And I actually have. Quite a bit of different calibers of ammo that they manufacture, and it's pretty good quality stuff. It's not going to be like the target ammo that if you want to get like federal target loads or match loads, those are going to be better. But as far as bulk ammo, this is actually very good. Yeah, absolutely. It's pretty accurate bulk ammo. So here is a law firm blog going back to 2001 that back in the 1970s when the public businesses first placed their signs on the door saying no shoes, no shirt, no service, public outrage ensued and it talks about the legality and how no mass and everything else and that this is essentially not enforceable. And that there are court rulings against it, saying it is discrimination. Yeah, no, it's totally enforceable. As is the Texas we reserved the right to refuse service to anyone. Okay. And then you can't refuse service based on only five different criteria. I don't like those three that I mentioned and two others that I can't remember. Anything else, you can refuse service to anyone for any reason. You don't like somebody not wearing a watch, you can absolutely refuse service to them. Okay, I don't think that'll hold up, and hold up on what? It's a private enterprise. Yeah, but they were doing it under mask mandates and everything else, and here's the other thing. But they weren't! Okay, so let me... No. Gene, you're wrong here. Because, number one... Number one, they were doing it under mandates and they were trying to enforce a mandate. Number two, while in our libertarian, ideal utopia, I own a private business. I ought to be able to do whatever the hell I please with it. That is not the case today. You can say that, but the case is whatever ends up. Going to court and here's the other thing. Okay. Let me for instance, say what I started forced me to walk backwards to shop there, but they can refuse to let you in if you're not walking backwards and they can ask you to leave if you're not walking backwards. And if you refuse to leave, then they can trespass you. And if you show up again now the cops get involved. And I, and they can trespass you for any reason. They don't need a quote, legitimate reason to trespass you. They can simply say, we don't want that person on our property. So saying they can't do that. No, and here's the way it was done with masks. Is there were government regulations that placed penalties on stores that didn't create regulations for themselves on wearing masks. So the government did something very unethical here, in my view, which is to put the burden of enforcement for something that the government has no right. To create any laws around to force private enterprises who do have those rights to create those enforcements. So that part of it, I think is unethical and questionable legally is like, could the government find a store. For not enforcing mask mandates, the government did something unethical, right? It's it's the first time ever it's never happened before and it was under trump so we can blame him But they themselves like the government can't tell you have no right to go into that store That is absolutely something that is outside of their purview, but they Because businesses are regulated, they can tell a business not to let you go into that store. That's, I mean, it's the same thing that the FBI does with Facebook, right? It's like, we can't gather this information on people who haven't had a warrant out against them, but you can. It's the same thing that the U S does with the it's programs with the friendly nations out there. Five eyes. Yeah. Yeah. Where we're not allowed to spy on Americans, but you Brits, you're totally allowed to spy on Americans. Then send us dossiers. It's a subversion of the intent and it's something the U S government is extremely good at do it. Not just the U S by the way. All governments are very good at doing this again, gallows or guillotine, learn to build one. So what do we do to get people? I can't even ask that because we're going to end up in jail for a fictional novel that I'm writing definitely you know, skirting lines for a fictional book that I'm writing in that book. The, one of the main characters is, on the leading edge of a revolution. And for that book, I'd like to ask people like, what would be. A reasonable amount of events to occur to motivate the Joe Q public, the average person on the street to get involved instead of like these extremist types. So pretend that, you know, to help me with my book writing project that if I was to ask you that question, what do you think the answer would be? Like, how much is too much? Because if I write this book and I, I have people join the revolution too early, it's not going to seem realistic, right? It's like, that would never happen. People would never support this main characters push towards. Throwing, overthrowing a dictatorial government because people clearly aren't fed up enough. So what is that right amount of being fed up? That's my question to the listeners out there to help me with my book. What do you think Ben, what's the right answer to that? I think I am not a reasonable enough person to answer that. Probably not. I think they've kind of already jumped the shark to an extent and it's just a matter of people being uncomfortable. And the fact of the matter is people are too fat and lazy today to be uncomfortable. And, you know, a lot of people basically take the attitude, if it's not directly affecting me now, so what? And that's a problem. I don't know. But that said, I think that Trump's mugshot has done a lot, man. It really has him getting a mugshot, him striking the pose that he did for that mugshot, the amount of propaganda that is being based off of that mugshot, both directions, that mugshot will go down in the history books of potentially. You know, right up there with the, like the Gadsden flag. You're not wrong in a certain sense. I think this will literally be the official presidential photo in all future school history books of Donald Trump. You know, every president has their particular pose you have in history books. Most of the publishers are very liberal and they are absolutely going to use that mugshot as the representation. Of Trump, you know, I think Trump will endorse that, you know, once he's the what? 47th as well. Yeah, it's not gonna happen. I mean, again, it's not that I don't like Trump. I like Vivek, I think a little more than Trump at this point, but I also am sticking to what I said right after the last election, which is the stupidest thing that the Republicans can do if they want to ensure a failure on their part. Is to have Trump as the candidate, because there's so much baggage. There's so much there that the liberals will do to make sure that they win the election. They're going to try harder than they've ever tried. And we know how hard they tried the last election. You know, Biden, most popular president ever in the history of the United States, more votes than anyone's ever gotten. It's amazing. He's got tremendous support. Oh, no, he doesn't. If you actually look at the polls, he's one of the least liked presidents ever, but yet he was elected by the majority more people than ever. So I think Trump is going to be watching the election from prison. It's possible. And I think here's all they got to do. All they got to do. It's tied up in court. They got to tie it up in court and says we don't think he's eligible. And so even though he got more votes, even though he got elected, did you watch the Dershowitz video I sent you? How long ago? I don't recall the last few days. I don't think so. So Alan Dershowitz was talking with Beck on that was a Beck one. Yeah. I did not watch that yet. Man, Dershowitz looks old. Holy shit. He is old. Yeah, I don't remember him seem that old. Okay. Anyway He basically is under the theory that they're gonna go for a quick and dirty conviction Knowing that it's gonna get overturned on appeal, but having already, you know Screwed with the the election enough that it doesn't really matter. I think they are definitely going to go for a conviction. I think they'll get the conviction given where the trials are set. I think they're going to get multiple convictions, including in Georgia. And I think that the fight to overturn that. We'll take longer than the next election. That's his point. Okay. Then I don't have to watch the video cause that's well, you should. There's a lot of good things in there. Anyway. I think if Donald Trump is not on the ballots. He won't be in California, New York, guaranteed 100%. If Donald Trump is not on the ballot, I don't think you have a legitimate election. And I think that but so what they don't care, man, you're flirting with what gets people motivated for a fight. It's all for my book. Let me just say this there there's a line of thinking here when you do not allow someone to speak and be heard. They scream, if they, you do not allow them to scream, they fight that simple. Yeah. And then I'm still waiting for that, you know, question or the answer of where is that line to where people move from screaming to fighting? Because I have not seen where that line is for this country right now. And I don't think it's with Trump. I don't think, I think people are just going to say that kind of sucked. I guess we have to pick a rhino next time. I don't know, man. I think if Trump is barred, I think Vivek is the heir apparent. And I think he has a hell of a good shot. And I think he'll immediately pardon Trump. I agree with all that. In fact, he could even appoint Trump as his vice presidential candidate. He could. I mean, I don't know what good that would do, but I would, what I would appoint Trump, honestly, and I thought about this even before this conversation, if it was a Vivec administration. Trump absolutely should be the the, what the hell's the name? What the the it's what's the foreign the person basically talking to everybody else, God damn, I'm blanking out the foreign something it's not the minister of foreign affairs, that's for a different country, but it's that for this country, what is that title? I'm sorry. Say that again, minister of foreign affairs, like a secretary of state there. Okay. There you go. That's what he needs to be. Why would Trump be secretary of state because he is the best negotiator of the bunch of them like there's never been anybody in office That has been a better negotiator than Trump. That is his forte is negotiating if Trump is the secretary of state China relations improve Russia relations improve Middle Eastern relations improve African relations improve South American really. I mean, like literally everything gets better for the U. S. We may not ever rise to where we were when we had. A monopoly of the US dollar and the only superpower status, but it will be better than if we don't have Trump in that role. Yeah. I think that would not be a role he would take. So regardless, too bad for the country because that's, that, that is where his biggest asset is. It's not on being president regardless what it comes down to is, I think that a lot of people will not view the election is legitimate and, you know, it may be an echo chamber, but I hear a lot of people getting very frustrated and basically seeing no way out of Yeah. Yeah. Of our current situation. Yeah. Welcome to the Soviet Union. That's how about 90 percent of the population felt. Yeah. Because the other 10 percent worked for the government. So you should watch. That's what socialism brings. So you should watch the the Dershowitz interview there that I sent you because he definitely talks about a neo McCarthyism and yeah. Yeah. I'll watch it. You know, it is not. It is not unheard of, and literally using the Soviet Union is a good example of it for a country to have a 90 percent of its population be unhappy with the government. Like, that's totally realistic. It's happened in many countries, including large ones. And yet, nothing changes. And it doesn't change because the government did a pretty damn good job of making sure that people have no means to do anything that changes things. What it comes down to, this is why jury nullification is important and most people need to, if you get a jury duty summons, you better go and you better try and serve. That's why it matters. By the way, didn't you get one of those recently? I did. Are you on that or did they kick you off? I will find out in October. Oh, okay. So it hasn't come up yet. But I've served on juries. Yeah, same here. And I think it's important. Again I just look at it like this. If I were accused of a crime, I sure would want someone like me sitting on that jury. Okay, this is hilarious. This is in real time. I just got a text message to one of my phone numbers here, not my main number. So it says suspected information leakage, your shipping orders with an apostrophe held verify at HTTP colon slash postal dot. F C G Z X dot slash. com to prevent data theft or delays. Seems legit. Ah, totally legit. I mean, why wouldn't you verify your personal shipping information at a F C G Z? Z X ZX dot dash com. I mean, it's like Jesus fucking Christ. People. it's It's so ridiculous. I've been seeing a lot more of these just completely low level, random phish things that don't even look real. So I think they're more prevalent probably. I mean, I've gotten phishing attempts at a lot of high levels, but like text messages. Oh yeah. Oh my God. So working at some of the firms that I've worked at, I've had, you know, CEO spoofing sort of stuff trying to come after me and all sorts of things. Yeah. Those are always fun. Yeah. That was, I need you to do this now. Yeah. Yeah, I'm traveling on busy trip. Send my entire contact information pleases. It's like, there's always a couple of spelling or grammar mistakes and the address that it's mailed from is obviously spoofed. It is it's amazing when people do that. I remember the last company that I was at a couple of years back, the supplement company I was running, the there was an incident like that where somebody had actually done something like one of the employees, when they got that email, that spam actually sent that stuff in. And then there, there was a bunch of spam that went out from the CEOs. Account as a result of that, it's like, come on people. If you, why would you not talk to somebody like, Oh, I don't know, say the personal assistant of the CEO or forward that message. Say, Hey, was I supposed to get this? Is this legit? Is this something real or you know, what's going on here? Rather than you're just a generic employee that has no interaction with the CEO on a daily basis. And then you get an email directly from the CEO asking you to do something like that, just even if it's legit, it just seems suspicious. Yeah. So funny story on that sort of thing. I won't share all the details, but this is long enough ago that I think it's okay. So there was a financial institution I was doing a pen test on and I did, we had some rules of engagement. I mean, this was. Quite a while ago. You know, little different rules of engagement back in the day than you would find today. But we were doing a couple of different things. First thing I did was I called up the bank. I got the bank contact information. I called up, got the president's secretary and I was playing as a fictitious I. T. company that Did not exist condition name, so on anyway, I got her to sign me into the bank presence computer. It was down there. Needless to say, once I had remote access to that trivial anyway we went through and so there was that aspect of it and that was more educational and really around, you know. The basically fishing exercise education level. Right. Yes. Okay. Yes. You, congratulations. Just used you know, social manipulation to do this, but, you know, social engineering, whatever you want to call it, but we also had some technical stuff looking at website and internal practices, things like that network pin testing, you know, what could be done? Found some interesting things from the lobby that we could. You know, get to pretty easy and lack of segmentation between public and private networks as far as what was available to guests. And man, I found that so much doctor's offices were the worst on having a publicly available wifi for, you know, guests and then not segmented at all. Very basic segmentation. It was very easy to escape. Being very problematic. I've only done like two red teams. I've managed a number of incidents or not incidents, but a number of red teams, but I haven't been the one actually on them, which made me kind of jealous. But it's been well over 20 years since the last time that I actually got paid to try and break into something. It is fun though. Oh yeah, it's lots of fun. I mean, but I'm happy to have moved into the world that I've moved into, quite frankly. IT just, it's boring in comparison, you know. Anyway, what else we got, man? Let's see, what else we got? Is that by the way, you sent me a picture of a shirt. Is that Trump's actual booking number? I believe it is that someone off of no agenda, social made that. And I said, dude, you got to get with the no agenda shop and you know, get them to make it. And he replied, Dan, I, you know, we were tagging them in a two and he said, go nuts, you know, run with it. So yeah, we'll see. I would love to purchase one of those. That would be great. I sent you a video, you've read Anthem, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So it reminds me of equality. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, cool. You know the character. Yeah. I'm scrolling back here. Oh, you had a picture of Alex Jones with no new mask mandates. I had not watched that either, that Mug Club thing. Did you know anything from that, or was that just a watch Alex Jones kind of thing? Oh, no, it's just, I think he was doing some pretty interesting stuff. And the responses he got, which, you know, I'm sure edited to a large degree, as any man on the street sort of thing are. What? I thought those were all 100 percent the examples of what they heard. Yeah. Anyway it gives you hope for humanity. I'll just say that. And I will say that the mug club stuff, some of the stuff that they're doing and putting out is pretty damn good, dude. Really is. Then we had that case of the mother that won a hundred K off of California for not enough money. I totally agree with that for what they did. I mean, Jesus, California pays out more than that for somebody. Misgendering somebody for Christ's sakes. But they basically involuntarily transitioned her kid in school without her knowledge, which they're again, not really unexpected. That's exactly what I would expect California schools to do. People that send their kids to schools and states like that. Expected unless they're homeschooling or private schooling. But other than that, I don't know. The only other topic I was going to bring up, obviously, cause it's a big part of what I'm doing right now is the whole video game thing. Yeah. Starfield. Starfield. Exactly. So I've been playing that it's technically only released in four more days. I've seen a lot of ads for it, dude. I know. Right. I bought into the early access of it back when I bought it in June, I think I preordered, but it is a really well done game on a number of reasons. Number one, only one bug in 38 hours of gameplay so far. Now, that is fricking impressive for any program. How many days is that 38 hours spread over? Two days. Shut up. And you recorded unrelenting in that period of time too. I had to do a two hour break. It does not matter how many hours I've been awake. That's your own. Yeah. Yeah. So Gene has literally sat on the toilet while playing this game. I just want to recognize that. Just very short bathroom breaks. Very short. But it's it's very well done. Good storyline so far. Lots of variety. Graphics are really good. I will say star citizen still edges out the graphics just a tiny bit. Like I would say if in the scale of one to a hundred with 100 being perfect video reality, like what if you're going to have something that looks just like reality, you can't tell it apart as a hundred. Star Citizen is about 90. This game is about 85, 86. So it's just a tad behind star citizen and realism of things. The character moth models are great. They're perfect. There's a lot of variety. The there, there's just a ton of stuff here. The game is also using modularized random what's the term for it? But basically where they're creating stuff on the fly. So what that means is. If you fly, you're only rendering what you're looking at. No, that's not what I'm referring to. I mean, they are doing that as most games these days. But what I'm referring to is if you do a game, if you start a new game, you go to a particular planet, let's say, and not like one of the big ones where there's a big storyline mission, but just some random planet that you go to. And then you start a new game and you go to that same planet, same exact location. What's at that location will be different. So it's actually building the location with a random seed. Every time you play the game in a new playthrough, which means that you could literally play this game many times without it getting boring and about infinite, but certainly plenty. But that's a cool thing of the, for people that are give a shit about this topic, which Ben's not one of, but for people that are into gaming, I would say it is a very nice intermingling of content between three games. There's a part of it that looks or not looks, but that plays similar to no man's sky. And that is the sort of simplified spaceship controls. It's definitely not a SIM. It is a game, but it's still fun. Part of it plays like star citizen in that you do have really large detailed locations, and then you also have tons of planets, which is actually better than star citizens. But then you also have ship interiors where you're walking inside your own ship. You've got different areas within the ship to do different things, except that unlike star citizen, the ships are fully customizable and buildable. So you can not just buy a different ship like you would in Elite Dangerous, but you can build a ship from scratch, or you can take your existing ship and say, add more structures to it. So is this like an massive multiplayer game? No, it's single player only. It's single player only? Really? Yeah. Interesting. And then wow. That's shocking to me. So that's, yeah, so does it have any first person aspects or is it all third person? No, it's first person by default, but you can put it into third person if you want. I hate third person. You know, I mostly do, but there are... Times especially with my female character that I created where I don't mind third person view you know, like in, in another game called cyberpunk, for example, when she's riding a motorcycle, that's a third person. I'm definitely going to send you a video link from YouTube about women discussing why men play as. And you know, female characters. Oh, I know exactly why men play as female characters and I generally play as a male character unless the, no, seriously, unless the game has a very good customization, character customization. This game has the most expensive customization I've ever seen. It's even more than cyberpunk. There are probably about 150 different elements that you can customize. You can move. There's too many. It is. In a lot of ways it is. I didn't touch most of them, but they're in there. You can move like the cheekbones up, down, left, right, front, back, things like that. Why? Like insane levels. Cause somebody might want the character that looks just like, you know, an old girlfriend they used to have or something. Who knows? Whatever, don't fault him for that. That's a good thing. Tons of customizing, the character took over an hour. That's insane. But, you know, I got my hot red head out of it though. So that's good. What else? And but there, there are also really good NPCs in this game, which unlike most games, the NPCs in most games don't do much other than just sort of mill in the background. Yeah. And for those who don't know what an NPC is, that's most of the population of this country. NPC stands for non player character. That basically it's not, it's obviously not the player character, but it's also not one of the. Main characters that you're interacting with here, most of them are in most games, just there to make the place not look empty in this game. I've walked up totally random people that I've chosen and then ended up having a conversation with them and then move away. Now I will say the conversations are somewhat limited. They're not any worse, but they're not a whole lot better than what we had 10 years ago in terms of interactive conversations with characters. There's a video out there that's floating around of some other game, which is plugged into using the chat. Chat GPT. Yeah. Chat GPT on there, which allows these NPCs walking around to have full conversations on literally any topic. That is not this game. This game is more like here's the four options of what you want to say back to this person. And then you pick that. Then obviously they'll respond accordingly. So it is. That part of it is the same technology that we've had forever, but I don't know I'm happy with it. I do like the fact that it's single player because most other games that I play are multiplayer and being single player means you can start and stop anytime you want. You're not tied into it. Like you can actually take a bathroom break where some games you have to wait for the action to kind of be over. And cause there was no pause in the multiplayer game. Like either you're. Either you're in a situation or you're not, but at no point can you just hit escape and then just walk away and then come back thinking you're going to be alive. So I would say it's a purchase. Is it overpriced? We talked about this. If you take into account. The inflation that this country has experienced. I remember the most expensive games in the eighties were 30, 30 back then is about a hundred dollars right now. And that's what this game was a hundred bucks. So since, you know, we're talking about some things that, you know, I may or may not care about should we talk about college football that happened yesterday? Sure. Let's do that. No, I actually, I do want to throw something out there. Have you seen the Lenovo yoga book? Yeah, I review. I mean, I haven't seen that particular review, but I've generally liked those laptops. You haven't seen this one that has no keyboard and it's just dual screen? Ew, no. I need to go see it. Yes so I'm trying to outsource a potential buying decision to you. Oh good. I like that. You go purchase, let me know how it is. What's the model number? The one that I'm looking at right now is the yoga book. Nine I it's the two screen model. So instead of a keyboard and mouse and all that, it's just another screen. Oh, I like that. I've always been a fan of that. All right. So it's a touch typist. So I don't think I would actually. I'm a touch typist too, but I touch type on iPads for a long time, dude. Yeah, and so I've gotten very used to typing on a surface that has no response back the 14 inch Is that the one you're looking at or the 15 inch? I don't remember. It just popped up. I thought it was a interesting look It's the dual screen model. Yeah Dual screen it looks cool Now you can get a keyboard for it. Apparently you can attach one. Did you see that? Yes So you can hold it. Yeah, it's like a third flappy thing. So you have a screen the screen and the keyboard fuck you just confused me now because I was really close to buying another dual screen laptop. The Asus one? The Asus one. Yeah. I figured you, those both would be up your alley. Yep. Yep. This is how well I know you. Yeah. If you know that I like computers with lots of screen real estate, then you do know me. It's got two 13 inch screens effectively. And the reason why I'm even looking at that I would have to have some form of external keyboard for me, but one of the disadvantages when traveling is I only have one screen. Oh, Microsoft just released one. Did you see this? A surface. Yeah. A surface that has two screens. Yeah. So the reason why I'm looking at these dual screen options isn't because, Ooh, it's pretty. Or I want to type on a screen. Actually, I personally don't, but having email or, you know, something else up on two separate screens. Yeah. Yeah, no, this looks kind of neat. So it comes with that little back thingy that stand, I guess. The kickstand, is that what they call it? Kickstand. Are you talking about like a surface? No, I'm looking at this one. Yeah, but it looks like it's like a folding. Yeah. It's got the same sort of thing as like a surface. Oh, and you can actually put this sideways. So the two screens make a one single bigger screen too. Or. Two side by side monitors, which two side by sides might be more useful, which I'm good with. And you know, one of those things that, that's what I would want personally is the two side by side and then a separate standalone keyboard. Yeah. Anyway, and you can take a U S B C monitor or whatever, but a yeah, that kills your battery life. And then two, and I'm sure this doesn't have great battery life either, but is it Ola? Or is it yeah. I mean, it has OLED options. I don't know which model you're looking at, but okay. I would just get an ED at this point. There's pros and cons. I think the OLEDs they look nicer. They have darker blacks and brighter colors. They also have burn in problems. They have burn in problems. So that's something that like I've got a how big is this? A 43 inch monitor for my Mac. That's an OLED, OLED monitor. Burned in. No. So it is nothing's burned in because it's on screensaver 23 hours and 59 minutes a day. So it's got a bouncing apple, so it's not gonna get burned in. But that is one of the concerns is that on my L c D screen that I have on my PC box I never put a screensaver on'cause you don't need it. It doesn't matter. So it's just all the time. And it's, you know, the first generation plasmas had a similar, yeah issue and the, you know, that went away. Hell, I just got rid of my last plasma TV cause the power supply died on it. I always liked plasmas because again, black or blacks you know, in actual per pixel coloration and there was a lot to say for plasmas technology. And I'm sad it went away. Because realistically, it other than the thinness and the heat given off by it, plasma was the superior picture technology. And even OLED is just now getting back to where plasma was from a picture standpoint. Yeah. It's just disposable. That's the problem with it. If it costs significantly less than I don't think it would have gotten away. If you, cause you need to replace your TV about every three, four years with plasma. Oh no this plasma TV I had, I don't care how long you kept it. I'm talking about like for high quality. Why? Because if you appreciate those black blacks and bright colors when you first buy it they don't hold up over time. The blacks do because the black is just turned off, right? Because you can turn off per pixel. Right. Right. But no, they don't simply because of the burn in. So your black starts getting tinged. And okay. Anyway, it's there's different issues, different screens. I agree. Visually, they look really good. I think we're OLED is going to be absolutely like coming into its own is in the wearables. Like the apple goggles, because you have super high resolution, eight megapixels per eyeball is what you're going to end up with. And it's only going to be on while you're using it, which will be probably less than 10 hours a day. I, yeah, I'm going to click on something and it may play here. Hold on. Okay. Now here's the thing. It's plays, but not very lovely. That's fine. I don't need it to it, it was posted 11 minutes ago. It's a ATF new gun show loop hole, fix the fix, start the unconstitutional register unconstitutional federal gun registry. Question mark. No shit. Yeah, no, that's, it's true. It's a, did we talk about that? Yes. We talked about the FFL rule gene. No. I mean, but. But there, there's more to it than that because I remember Biden was talking about how they're closing that loophole now for, yeah, I guess that is still part of the same rule was basically they're saying if you sell a gun with a box that it came in, it doesn't matter if you're a private owner or a retailer in like new condition in, yeah, in like new condition, if you sell a gun in like new condition You're, according to them, a de facto seller of firearms and you need a license. If you don't have a license, that's a felony. So yeah, they're just creating shit out of, So any gun that you purchase, you must put at least one around through. It is no longer like new. Yeah. But every gun I've ever sold has said like new, because I always keep the boxes. And I cleaned the damn guns before I saw him. Now you'll, instead of using the phrase like new, you'll have to say only X number of rounds fired. Can you say better than you can do that? It anyway, yeah, you, but, also there's rules around you know, if you're soliciting for purchase of firearms and things like that. So if you post an ad on a forum saying wanted, you could conceivably need an FFL. Yeah. See, that's bullshit too. So you can't say, Hey, I'm looking for this gun without being a dealer. What kind of bullshit is that? I mean, it's totally illegal because they're right. They are trying to, they're attempting to regulate behavior that hasn't happened yet. But beyond that pre crack, what kind of bullshit is that? Like what is wrong with somebody? That's a consumer. You're dealing with the same government that for decades and decades has classified liquids as solid waste. What does this surround. EPA, the EPA rulings on what constitutes quote unquote solid waste because the EPA only has the right to regulate solid waste. I see. I see what you mean with the exception of air quality and stuff like that, that I'm talking about. So did you know a liquid can be a solid? I think you can convert most liquids to solids given the right. No. At room temperature and room temperature, a liquid can be a solid without changing matter states. Legally, legally, it can be a solid. Yes, it is fucking nonsense that we allow these agencies to play trash with the English language. This is something that I'm just going to rant here for a bit. So I have worked in the power industry in North America for. Quite a while now. So that means I deal with SIP, NERC SIP. And NERC SIP has this glossary of terms. The reason why NERC SIP has a glossary of terms is because NERC has its own definitions for words. That means if you're reading the NERC regulations and you see a word that is capitalized, it is defined term by NERC. Therefore you must go to the glossary of terms, read the definition and forget what the fuck you knew about the dictionary. That's wrong. It is wrong. But which is worse? When they don't define the language used and it's left up to the courts. Or when they do define and it's the wrong definition, it's still left up to the courts because your interpretation of their definition is what matters because words are built definitions are built upon understandings that understanding can still change. So if you say, I define a firearm as blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. My understanding of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah may change over time, depending on the culture. So everything is culturally significant. Yeah, I guess so. I don't like words changing definition. I prefer to stick to the same definition. I agree. That's why I have a problem with it. Anyway, I'm just saying these this nonsense that we're dealing with and allowing to happen, there has to be a breaking point. Okay there, we are approaching a point of no return. It's gonna give some time and you know, I have been Reminded over and over again about Ronald Reagan's Cuban immigrant story over the last few weeks I don't remember that one. So Reagan in one of his speeches talked about an immigrant coming up and he was relaying a story someone else had told him and he's this guy was talking to this Cuban immigrant and telling him how bad it was in Cuba and so on and the American said, man, how lucky we are to live in America and not have to deal with that and to be free. And the Cuban immigrant looked at him and said, how lucky you are. I had a place to go. I could go to America and get away. If America falls, there's nowhere left to go. Yeah. We are fucking falling in fast. Yeah I think there is a fallacy with that because there always is a place that is the place to go Yeah, where it just changes. Yeah, where I don't know. Where's more free than America I don't know more of any sort of I don't know if there is We're heading within say for sure within five years guaranteed. There's gonna be places you can find Maybe it'll be Ecuador. Who knows? It'd be some country you're not thinking of right now. Maybe. I'm afraid that, and this is what I keep reminding people in my family of, the natural state of man is not freedom. It's subjugation. Yeah, that's true. And I think we are, so there's a book I read many years ago, the 5, 000 year leap that talks about the leap that the United States revolution represented as far as human history. I think we're seeing the collapse of that, you know, it's the it's the old joke, you know, what did the socialists use before candles? Electricity. That's good. That's what, what's happening. We are reverting in so many ways we are reverting. Okay. So this laptop that you just sent me to go look for in this wild goose chase is not available anywhere. You realize that? Yeah, it is. I can't find a single place that has available. It's not available in the U S yet. Dude. You could have led with that. Oh, it's okay. Hey, you know what? The E Ink notebook that I want, the Lenovo E Ink notebook, same thing. Oh, it's not available in the U. S.? Not available in the Asus is. The Asus doesn't really have what I want. It's got two screens. What do you want? Not really. Sure it does. Not like the Lenovo. Not super functional like that. Yeah. I mean, Lenovo does have a bigger second screen for sure. Yeah, and I actually stopped carrying Lenovo gear after the IBM after the purchase. But yeah wasn't even a purchase like they I guess it was a brand name purchase, but they were manufacturing those laptops for IBM. Okay. Still difference. Who controls the software that gets installed on your computer? Yeah. Sure. Sure. It wasn't Chinese. It was just Chinese manufactured thing. Yeah. Wow. Anyway. Same thing with Motorola. I used to love Motorola and then part of the, I mean, ultimately they're part of Huawei. Okay. Similar parental customer owner, our custodial ownership and part of CCP and yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And communications technologies are part of the people's revolutionary army stuff. Yeah. This is why you should never use Huawei gear, by the way. Yeah, I don't, but. I think I just read recently why we just had a, which by the way, you want a free firewall. Do I want the free firewall? I have one. What would you give me one way? Maybe I've got a business partner that I'm having to go through and do not having to, but we need X number of people certified. For this deal and which is trivial for me to do is just a pain in the ass. And I've got one more thing to do and then I get a free firewall from this firewall vendor, which is, you know, hey, great, but I've already got my set up. Yeah what kind of firewall is it? I don't want to say the vendor name on here and I'll tell you later. Okay. I mean, when I say this, there, there are two major firewall vendors in the world right now. Gene. Is that all there is though? As far as everyone's concerned, as far as top ranked next gen firewalls, you there's really only one and there's a one that's a secondary contender kind of coming up. Wow. I mean, Cisco still makes firewalls. Checkpoints still makes firewalls. Lots of people still make firewalls, but when you're talking next gen firewalls, it's FortiGate. And the big dog is Palo Alto. Palo Alto is the top tier firewall manufacturer. Cool. So you're giving away a 200, 000 firewall. I'll take one. I never said that. All right. Fortinet still make some checkpoints. They'll make some Barracuda still make some Cisco. We know about Huawei firewalls. Give them one of those away. Apparently the most used firewall in the world. Yeah, that's like saying Mitsubishi makes the most used PLC in the world. They do. They do. And it's in a very specific portion of the world. Oh, Juniper is still around. I didn't know Juniper Oh yeah, Juniper, yeah, Juniper, oh man. Oh, don't get me started on Juniper. Yeah, because I remember they bought Netscreen back in the 2000s back when I was doing shit. Yeah. Yeah. Juniper back in the day, and then you still got, I mean, still technically Cisco makes firewalls as well. And they still have their reverse Polish notation, but Oh, do they really? That's great. I always liked reverse Polish notation. I have a joke that's a half joke, but yeah. But I'm not joking though. I'm serious. Like I had the HP 28 S scientific calculator that used RPM and. I thought, why the hell doesn't everybody do this? This makes so much more logical sense. It doesn't. It totally does. Explain reverse Polish notation for everybody. Reverse Polish notation is when you first entered the numbers onto a stack, and then you do the operations to those numbers that are already on the stack. So if I want to do like one plus three plus five, or let's say one plus three minus one. So I would actually enter 1, 3, 1 plus minus. And by the way, order of operations matters here and everything else. Yeah, it just, it made a lot of sense and it really doesn't. It really does. And to me, it, like, it was a great tie into assembly language programming. Like it is literally the same thing. I mean, literally that's why it exists. Okay. But the entire reason why that over to you? No. You understand the reason why the HP calculator functioned the way it did. It was because they didn't have the memory to write the interpreter. No. They had a lot, a ton of memory. This thing was super fancy for its day. I mean, literally you wrote programs on it. I understand I, by the way, I have a HP or actually it's a, I'm sorry. Yeah. It's TI. Sorry. I have a TI inspire CX, which is my engineering calculator. Okay. The day still people are that now, I don't know if anyone's actually curious, but if you are curious, just look at HP 28 S. And you will see this calculator. It had, it was a bifold calculator, meaning you open it up and it had buttons on both sides of the flap. So the left side and the right side, both had buttons on them. It was very advanced. It was probably one of the most advanced calculators back in the eighties and I got mine, I think in 86. Not a nerd look up the TX inspire the TI inspire Texas instruments here. Let me, all right. Is there a model number or anything? Yeah. I just dumped it in the chat. Oh, okay. This is what a modern calculator can do. So this is really a programming calculator. I mean, my calculator right now is on my iPad. Yeah some of us want a physical calculator. It's in a zoom dude. That's not handy. Yeah. That's handy. Okay. We're literally talking on it. Yeah, but I'm not looking at you. You have to click on shit to make that chat pop up where I'm looking already at the signal chat. Yeah. I don't have signal on my computer. What? Oh, you're on that computer. Okay. That's right. Oh, it's got a color screen and everything. Yeah. And not only that, but it's got, you can add sensors to it and all sorts of cool stuff. Yeah. I mean, that's cool and everything, but I would prefer a bigger screen that my iPad gives me. And I bought a scientific calculator for the iPad. So yeah, it's in there. It's all I mean, realistically, if I'm going to do something like that, I might as well use math lab. Exactly. You can run that on your iPad. Yeah, that's what I do. But anyway, for a portable calculator, it's nice. Alright, Gene. It looks thick. Eh, nope. It doesn't look thin. I mean, not much thicker than my cell phone. Oh, one last thing. Couple days from now I'll have a new iPhone. Or let me rephrase that a couple of days from now, I'll be ordering a new one. Finally, after all these fricking years, we're going to have a standard USB connector, USB C on the iPhone. Might be a reason for you to switch. Might be a reason right there. For who to switch? For you. Why the fuck would I switch to iPhone because of that? Because it's got a USB connector now. That was the main reason you didn't have one. No, the main reason I don't have one is I like customizability. Which you get. An awful lot of with the iPhone Y. You really don't. I mean, you get enough. No, I can root my phone and I can gain access to the underlying operating system and I can kill things that you can't kill on the iPhone. Yeah. But that's'cause things that run on your phone that you don't want that running on there. Yeah. Location information. Exactly. Whereas with Apple, you don't need to reject shit. You just click a little button that says, Do not provide my location information. But anyway, I'm pretty excited. I've been waiting for this moment for, I think, 11 years. So congratulations, you've joined the rest of the world. Almost, I mean, I have to get it first, but once I get it, then I can find it, you're going to have to buy all new cables. I know. I know, but I've got a lot of those cables. Cause the standard cable, may I make a recommendation on cables? What's that? Anchor makes some really good USB C cables. You see. Best cable. I'm sorry. I can't hold it. You're fucking joking, right? No. No, I'm dude. Nothing gets plugged into my phone That's not made by Apple. Thank you very much. We're gonna trust some half ass fly by night operator like anchor This is premium, high quality stuff coming directly out of Taiwan. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Gene. That just, I, so instead of spending, you know, 30 bucks for a pack of three, you know, high quality, high throughput handles the you know, fast charging, all that and everything, you're going to pay 30 per cable for a three foot. 30. Where'd you see those on sale? They're 59 a cable, thank you. Oh, you're fucking with me now. No, 59 bucks. And you're actually gonna pay that? I already got three on order. Dean? High quality stuff, man. Did you eat lead paint chips as a child or something? I mean... I did lick a lot of lead when I was a kid, cause it tastes good. No I like my apple shit, man. I... I do have I mean, you have to recognize, especially on the cable side of things, this is just, here's the thing. Apple cables last longer. Okay. Th All right. Let me put it to you this way. I have a TV out on my back deck. Yeah. Right. Like, I watched the football game last night on my back deck. I like, I doing that while I cooked steaks and it was wonderful. Yep. Yep. I could buy, A outdoor TV to go outside that would last longer and I could spend 6, 000 on that, or I can spend 400 and I have the TV that works and when it dies, I don't give a shit and I can do that a lot. And if you're buying, if you're buying a 50 cable, you can buy four or five plus other cables for that price. That will do the exact same thing. I have probably 50 pounds of cables. Number one, you should start getting rid of cables. Yeah, but where do you recycle them? Why do you recycle them? They tell you it should be recycled right on the application. Oh, fuck that. Fuck, what, do you just chuck it in the trash? Absolutely. I don't know. I still have some of the old iPhone cables with a fat connector the original wide multi pin connector. The 30 pin connector. Yeah. So that actually made sense back then. And lightning even made sense for a while you know, the lightning connector and the lightning standard. But, you know, once we moved to USB C USB C and USB 3 kind of merged a lot of the lightning bus in, right. And a lot of that went away. That's why you can have USB C docking stations and everything else, which by the way, USB 3 with USB C and the lightning integration and the. Direct connection to the actual bus architecture on the motherboard. Yes. Security risk out the ass, but that's neither. Oh yeah, totally. I mean, if someone gets physical access to that sort of port, it's game over, which arguably Apple moving to some of the USB stuff, depending on what, I haven't looked at what they've done hardware wise, but. Unless they've neutered that connection to some extent. There's a lot of fun breaking into the iPhones. There will be two layers or two levels of USB C cables for the iPhone. The iPhone Pro Max, which is the one that I'm getting, will have the the full Thunderbolt implementation. Whereas the regular peasant, I was saying lightning, but I meant thunderbolt. Yeah. Thank you for correcting the regular Peasant version of the iPhone will get USB to what they're restricting it from USB 3 why? for peasants, why Makes no sense because they ought to be buying better phones. Thank you Okay Yeah. And this is one thing that Apple's really good at is having a path forward for your customers to always have something more expensive for them to buy. Okay. So I think it's, you know, there's a reason that Apple's worth as much as it is. Yeah. Don't get me started. Yeah. It's called the average intelligence of humanity. I don't know about that. Either way, I'm pretty excited. As far as I can tell, there's only really two new features. One is USB, which is very awesome. It's revolutionary new feature. And then the other one is they've got a a new implementation of the camera lens, which is a what do they call it? The folded lens design. Now, apparently a much inferior version of this has been in use on Android phones for about five years now. But. They finally perfected it, Apple has finally perfected it to the point that they can roll it out to their high end customers for the, only for the pro max version of the phone. And what's that going to cost? 1, 400. I mean, you could go up to two grand if you add more RAM to it, but why would you do that? Did what used to have a folding lens. It's it makes sense. It's a cool design innovation. No. Why would you pay that much money for old technology? It just came out. What do you mean old? Okay. It's not old. It's brand new. Brand spanking new. So CSB I think is sitting there nodding and agreeing with me and you know, fuck you to everybody else. Okay. And on that note, we'll see you next week. See you Gene.