Just Two Good Old Boys

043 Just Two Good Old Boys

October 13, 2023 Gene Naftulyev Season 2023 Episode 43
Just Two Good Old Boys
043 Just Two Good Old Boys
Just Two Good Old Boys
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How have you been? How are you today? I'm doing well, Gene, yourself? I'm alright. What did you do this weekend? What didn't I do this weekend? Actually, I, I, nothing too exciting. I, I'm kind of catching up some, I'm doing some house related stuff that I kind of decided to push back when I went on my vacation a couple of weeks ago. Now, when you say house related, do you mean watching the TV show house? Oh no, I still need to finish that. I think I've got a hand, just literally a handful of episodes left. I got on the whole listening to your audio book bandwagon, so I haven't washed house in a while. What'd you think? You had some criticisms for the book last time I talked. I do. And in fact, I've kind of invited a few folks that have read the book and wanted to see if people want to just do an Episodes special where we, I guess it would be a book club, wouldn't it? Where we just sit around and talk about the book. Oh boy. Huh. Oh boy. You didn't realize you were joining a book club, did you? Or a cult. Yeah. No. It was at your instigation, frankly. But yeah, no, I, I, here's the thing. I think that given it was the guy's first book, I think a lot of the stuff in there that are critiques and they're valid critiques. But I think that he can be given more leniency on that, given it's his first book. If it still sounds like this five books in, I'm gonna be a lot more harsh. Okay. All I can say is wait till you read the also set in the same universe books of Charlie's Requiem. Holy crap. What do you mean set in the same universe? They're, they collaborated? No. So Charlie's Requiem is a different series that focuses on the same events, but from the aspects of the cities. Really? Interesting. Okay. So the same author, same author with collaborating with one other to do some of this. And so Charlie's Requiem, it starts over on the same day that You know, Morgan's whole journey starts, but it tells the story from someone in Orlando. And let's just say it's a very different set of experiences. I bet. But it's taking place at the same timeline, same timeline, same timeline. Okay. You know, what else would be cool would be to do another series. That's like from the perspective of the government. Yeah, you should read Charlie's Requiem. Oh, it's in there? Okay, cool. I don't know exactly how much of the government perspective we're going to get, but so far in the book DHS is already there which is interesting. And it's interesting how they're going about things and yeah. Yeah. And how they're, who, who and how they're recruiting people. The thing you got to keep in mind is that living in society, meaning not just. Like a hermit alone, but living inside, although that's clearly the preference. Yeah, I know. But that means that you are an unwitting sometimes participant in layers upon layers of different games and some games you are a. More of a NPC, other games, you're more of an active player. Some games you choose to be in other games. You had no choice to be in one way or the other, but it is almost inevitable to not be participating in games when you're living in society. And what I mean by games. Is essentially somebody's plans to do something, which, yeah, sometimes, but sometimes the pawn crosses all the way to the other side. It comes a queen. I like the slow burr. I kept waiting to say something and becomes a queen, you know, okay. Pond crosses across and just, you know, you're wearing the analogy a little thin. My friend starts wearing women's clothing all of a sudden. And there you go. Next thing you know, pawn's got a coming out party. Anyway yeah, I'm in a funny mood today. I guess that'll be consistent throughout the podcast. Where shall we start? Did we go right to Israel or do something else first? You can tell me about Israel because other than the paragliders and the basics, I haven't heard anything. I've been, I've been enticing geriatrics to shoot guns this weekend. Oh, nice. That's a good activity. I think probably more fun than following the news. So it appears that Israel is in full on military mobilization mode. Because there have been some planned, I think it's unquestionable that these were coordinated attacks by Hamas, which Israel is responding to fairly sternly and quickly. And of course, that is being used politically by half the planet. And I mean, people on both sides of the argument are using this as leverage. From the... From the non Israel loving side, this is a, Oh my God, look what they're doing. Yet another ward, the U S is calling on provoked, even though clearly this has been provoked for decades now. You know, Hamas people, the Palestinians living in territories are basically living in an Israeli prison. They're unable to do basic human things. And it is inevitable that there will be some stirring of the pot as the pot is boiling that ends up in violence. And of course the brutality of Israel is becoming more and more evident. Now, on the other side of that you've got almost everybody on both sides of the aisle coming out saying, I'm This unprovoked attack on Israel deserves a swift response, and America will stand by its partner in Israel and do whatever is necessary. You know, the truth is usually not on either extreme. It's somewhere in the middle, and you can start figuring it out. What, what I think is interesting is the, hmm. In order to not take into account what's happening in Ukraine with what's happening in Israel. The in effect, Israel's raison d'etre for this strike back has everything to do with the security of its people. It has to do with the the ferreting out of the people that they're going to call terrorists. You can argue back and forth whether or not they're terrorists, but certainly people that are going to perform anti Israeli violence and you know, including things that are violent, but not maybe necessarily all the way out towards the edge of murder, but kidnappings, for example. Okay? And so there is fairly straightforward, legitimate, like self defense argument to be made here. At the same time an awful lot of the arguments that Netanyahu is using right now are ones that Putin was using about a year and a half ago. And we have a lot of people that are all in for Israel, but condemning Putin. And then we have people that are not condemning Putin, but are still all in for Israel. So it's a, it's a weird kind of juxtaposition. I'm trying to figure out like surf that wave of how do people determine which side they're going to cheer for and root for and, and which side they're going to buy t shirts and, and then which side they're going to boot. Yeah, I'm not pro Israel. I'm not anti Israel. I don't think they need our help the way that we have kind of put it out there. I don't think we should be funding states, but I don't think we should be really funding any state Israel or otherwise. Israel has kind of been taking a backseat in terms of funding to Ukraine lately. Okay, cool. We shouldn't really be doing either. And, you know, I just, I don't think that we should that said you know, the Israel problem is pretty hard to. Navigate you know, whether or not, you know, should the Israelis be there? Is it Palestinian land? Is it Israeli land? You know, all that. I, I wish that it were a very cut and dry thing, but I don't believe that it is personally. What do you mean? It was a British land and it was given to the Israelis. Yeah. Let's. So it's done. Deal. The lawyer signed off. Hey, Hey. And that argument, I am fully on with going down that path. I'm just saying in general, this is a complicated, it's, it is a mess. It's complicated. The Israelis don't help themselves out by essentially creating an apartheid state. Yeah. I mean, you couldn't say that, but you have two groups of people that are more religious than just about any other place on the planet living in extremely close proximity. So I think you could just as easily say that, that the Jews living in the Muslim countries are absolutely no better off than the Palestinians living in Israel. Okay. Apartheid goes both ways. Okay, but the fact is it's an Israeli state and the Palestinians aren't really, you know, allowed to vote. So it's kind of the problem, but, you know, the whole point was to set up a Jewish state. So how much can you really complain? You can, it's nothing wrong with complaining, but it is interesting to just again, what people use to me, it's kind of a meta. Analysis is and what I'm interested in is trying to understand what people use to determine which you know, I can't help you because I don't have a dog in this hot, man. I know, I know, but a lot of a lot of people shouldn't have a dog seem to express. A a very, a lot of people who shouldn't have a dog, have a dog. Why do they have a dog? I know if we should, if we ban dogs, this wouldn't be a problem. So let's backtrack. And this is something I actually talked to Adam about earlier this morning, as I, I have a, a theory, let's just say. About Israel and the relationship that the U. S. has. We should also mention that you are Jewish. So when you go off on some anti Semitic rant, I want that noted that the non Jewish person is avoiding this and not saying it, while the Jewish person goes on. He was not willing to touch the live wire, is that what you're saying? Not that one. Not particularly. Look, should I just start off by saying the ADL is a bunch of fucking assholes. Oh, I'll, I'll say that the, I will say that the Anti Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center are both just wholly corrupt and absolutely insane organizations. They're both arms of the Democrats. That's all they are. There's, there's nothing whatsoever related to. The original stipulated purpose of the organizations at this point, they, they've been fully what's the word? Not taken over, but absorbed into democratic party. They're, they don't like for ADL, they, they don't care. What's good for Jews. They care about what's good for Democrats. And that's a problem. But anyway, Yeah, so I am a non practicing Jewish person, but I guess genetically I would probably be in the concentration camp, that is true. Although, you know, my nose is, my nose is not that big. So I think, I think there would be some, I wouldn't be on the first train, let's put it that way. So I like how you're just staying quiet the whole time. I, yeah, I don't know what to say to this. So here's, here's the thing you remember the the, the five days war, right? Yes. So that happened in 1968. And interesting timing wise. Israel developed and actually manufactured, they developed it earlier, but they manufactured their first atomic weapon in 19, in the fall of 1967. They became a nuclear power in 67. Allegedly. Pretty much. Yeah. And there was a, a much more of a ballsy attitude in the Israeli military as soon as that happened. And, in fact you look at the, the five days war. You will see a difference in the way that Israel reacted during that conflict with previous permissions and that scared the shit out of the Pentagon because there there's enough Jewish people around the administration there to know that unlike the United States and the Soviet Union, Israel may very well use a nuclear weapon as a A first strike defensive weapon and they can do this because they are a theocracy, not a democracy. And so it is within the realm of legitimacy to do that. And so an action was taken by the United States at that point in time to essentially trade Israel a promise to not ever use nuclear weapons. We're not going to take them away from you. You still have them. But you will never use them in trade for full unconditional American military. Surrender. Wait, what? Yeah. Effectively it was a deal that the United States will take over. Ensuring the security of Israel for the promise of non use of nukes. Okay. We got very close in 1992 to that deal going away. Why after the fall, but why? Because the scud missiles that were falling on Israel had started making a lot of Israelis doubt. The American capabilities of protection and Israel was very close to using nukes at that point in time. I, Israel has one nuke, if it has any. They have 16, so if there's a why that number? That's probably, they made, I don't know, get look up change. It seems to come odd. Number 16. Yeah. I don't know why. It's an odd number. Meaning odd isn't unusual, not eyes and numerically. Oh, gee. Yeah. I was like, are you forgetting basic math? Are you forgetting basic math? Jesus Christ. So either way I think right now we may be at a point where America has to get involved in that conflict and, and completely stop it, freeze it. Because if they don't, Israel will nuke Iran. I mean, first of all, they're not. And if Israel nukes Iran, you know that the U. S. is going to pop a EMP over Florida. Ha ha, over Florida, yeah. You think DHS will take the opportunity? You think they won't? I think it's a possibility, by the way, this is a call back to the books. Yeah. Yeah. There's two people that understand what we're talking about. Everybody else is what, why? Yeah. So you're actually getting into the story though, aren't you? Oh no, I'm enjoying it. I can enjoy a story, but still nitpick the writing. Yeah. Yeah. This is why you'd be with the one's on the train. Anyway, I would, I would let you go through all that without saying a word. Exactly. So here's, if I'm right, then what we're going to see is the U S drastically shifting its focus off of Ukraine and focusing on bringing this conflict to a, at, at worst a slow bubble. And at best to complete freeze. And that may very well include boots on the ground, peacekeepers in Israel, that kind of thing. First of all, sorry. Why the hell would Israel allow us boots on the ground for money? Okay. Now, Palestine, the Western bank. Okay. Sure. Tel Aviv. Not so much. No. Yes, yes. Fair enough. I, I meant in the the controlled areas, not. Not in like normal parts of, you know, Jerusalem or anything. Yeah. Yeah. It's in the Gaza Strip, you know, places like that. And I think that the U S is still too dependent on and relies on the oil coming out of the Middle East. To let things just go and let Israel do its own defense. So this was originally the rationale. I don't know. Might. Might not. Let me just finish the thought. So this was originally the rationale in 1968 for the deal the U. S. made with Israel is that the doing, looking at the actuarial tables and, and making a decision that it is better for the U. S. to take on the cost of full Israeli defense. Then it is for risking Israel getting into a hot war with one of the countries producing oil that the United States is using oil that we need. Yeah. And so essentially it was a, a deal to accomplish primarily that, but also to kind of shore up a the, and prevent the the Soviets from having any influence in the Middle East. And so it, it was a, cause you gotta remember if you look at the original, original founders of the state of Israel, there was an awful lot of communists in that group. Oh, Israel has been socialistic slash communistic from the beginning, like actual communists, like people that were friendly with Stalin. I mean com, com Communism is primarily a Jewish thing, but Sure. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And you could say the whole idea of a kibbutz is basically a commune. It's where you, you know, you live communally with a group of other people that you're not related to. You do the work that you're able to do and you take whatever you need. But you cove and kibbutz. You could, but I don't think you're going to have time. You're going to be too busy to quit. I mean, you're not going to get paid for crutching in the kibbutz. That's for sure. I always thought it'd be fun to go to a kibbutz when I was young, just to do it for six months. And see how many, how many people I can piss off while I'm there. I have a pension. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I have a pension for making people, yeah, making people angry about their life. It's not my fault. I just ask a few questions and people start getting pissed off. I don't know why. You think you could do a little better, you know, come on, he's got a car. So my, my question is how different would the Middle East have been? How different were the last 40, 50 years have been if the U S didn't do that deal with Israel and Israel very likely would have used nukes sometime in the seventies. Okay. Had they used nukes in the late 60s, early 70s, they likely could have gotten away with it for a number of reasons. One was there's very few nuclear nations at that point. Two it was only 25 years, 30 years since World War II and the Nuremberg trials and most people alive still remember what was done to Jewish people back then. And so there was a certain amount of leeway that would go along with Israel using nukes for defensive purposes. Even by blowing up a different country, because after all the example of the United States doing the exact same thing a mere 25, 30 years earlier was fresh in people's minds. So if United States they, I mean, we certainly weren't offensive, were we now? I mean, that was the word we were only doing things to save people. It's we could have stayed on our own shores. Yeah. Anyway. Of course you could have. Let's not talk World War II. Back then, I think it could have been accomplished. If Israel nukes Iran right now, and Iran is the most likely target, incidentally if that happens right now, it's going to trigger a whole bunch of what are they called? The treaties. Amongst different countries. I mean, I think Pakistan will fire back. I don't think Pakistan would. I don't know. Yeah, they have there's there and they're all aimed at India. Yes. And they're all what aimed at India. Yeah. I think it's fair one for Israel. I don't know, man. They need every one of those for India. But it would, it would definitely be a major reshuffle with that. Kind of structure that, that setting in place. Here's my, my Occam's razor conclusion about the sole Israeli situation going on. Who does it benefit the most? Not the U S no, no, no. Like who, who, Gene? Russia and China. Huh. Because it, it takes the focus off of Ukraine. It refocuses the United States on something that they care a lot more about. And for China, it means us has to, once again, start focusing on sand warfare and be diverting troops there instead of sending them to Taiwan and doing a bunch of drills in a hot you know, hot jungle environment. Okay. I think it's, if let's put it this way if they had no hand in it, then they're both China and Russia just got dealt some very lucky cards. But I think it is fairly likely that either one or both of them had a hand in it, especially given the growth of bricks. I think what you're seeing right now is an emboldened Iran that was basically. Feels the backing of bricks and is comfortable enough going after America's pet. Okay. And of course, both Russia and China would be, you know, prodding them right on to do it. It's sure. Yeah. I mean, we don't have a problem if you want to help those poor Palestinian people. Yeah. No, that makes sense. You know, I mean, here I am, I'm, I'm shitting on both Israel and Russia for doing this. But I think it is. It's not anything anyone's been talking about. It's not a theory anybody else come up with, but it makes fricking sense to me. Okay. Like this would be a brilliant move. If I was a political, you know, planner in Russia. I mean, totally legitimate business man, but sure. No, no, no, no. This would be a state position, not a business position. But if I was doing that, this is an idea that I would highly endorse because destabilizing your enemy by refocusing their energy on some place, you know, they have to do something with is much better than why do you think we care? Who cares? Us? Yeah. Oh there's no thinking of it. You know, that the U S cares yours. Can't do anything about it because if us doesn't do something, then they risk a nuclear bomb going off. And they can't afford, the U. S. can't afford to lose the, whatever is left of its Middle Eastern connections. Why? It's ties to oil. Why? Because the people that pay for this country's government have a huge investment in oil. Yeah, but I mean, quite frankly, our domestic supply is more than enough for the U. S. and you know, so what? That's I mean, if anything, the Europeans have more need for that to be true than the U. S. Yeah. But the U. S. Makes money over in the Middle East. The U. S. Makes money by pumping oil there. Okay. It's it's not like we're just a customer. We're both a customer and a distributor. I gotcha. Yeah. But why do we need to protect it? I mean, quite frankly, we could be not a customer and, you know, do okay. The origin of this, this sort of, I mean, it's not, I don't think it's a formal treaty or anything, but it is certainly something that's been in place since the late sixties. So very long time. You know, it, it was created at a point in time where the U. S. Absolutely did not want to lose any, any influence in the Middle East. Right now, it may be inevitable that the U. S. Is already losing so much influence that it may not matter. The U. S. Saudi deal right now it looks is being re evaluated by Saudi Arabia. So that that thing that I mentioned about a year and a half ago about U. S. Military bases getting kicked out of Saudi Arabia may not be that far from here. I mean, it's possible, but I mean, we also had a pretty damn big, you know, agreement in place. A damn big agreement in place and exactly the kind of thing that disappears as soon as the nuke goes off. Yes. If a nuke goes off, I would agree. But again, if a nuke's going off and we let it happen, how much do we really care? You don't care. I'm just saying that the people that actually run the country very much care. And I think all you got to do is turn on the TV to see that playing out. Almost every politician on both sides of the aisle. Is going on TV right now talking about defense of Israel. Yeah, sure. There's a huge lobby. I got it. My, I don't think it's just a lobby. I think that beyond the lobby, there's just a lot of people that in government have direct business financial connections with the oil industry, the Middle East. I'm talking from a U. S. Actual strategic importance. I don't think the Middle East is what it once was. I'm not saying that people don't have business ties and that there aren't economic reasons that corrupt politicians will eventually use to drive us to war. I'm sure that there are. But I'm saying we blow up a couple of buildings in New York and went to take over another country because of that Middle Eastern interest Yeah that was also before that was only 20 years ago, but a lot changes in 20 years for the worst. I'm sorry for the worst. No, actually, we are far more energy independent now than we were in 2004 far and away. Me we may be more energy independent, but at six bucks a gallon The average American would prefer to get cheaper oil from the Middle East yeah, that that's the problem with American oil has always been the same. You need 100 a barrel to make it sustainable for not sure. Not sure. I don't know. That's what, what a guy that literally owned millions of acres of land told me where he's pumping oil is that at 100 you can literally get oil out of any place in Texas. The cheap wells are few and far between. Literally, you can get oil out of anywhere at that point. Yes. Yeah, exactly. But you can get oil out of far cheaper repositories. Then a hundred dollars a barrel. So yes, you can frack just about anywhere at that price, but I don't know that you need to frack just about anywhere at that price. When you look at the Dakotas, when you look at West Texas, you know, really, if we put in the pipeline infrastructure, you can get that oil pretty dang cheap. So why do you think the prices are as high as they are? Because people don't want to put in the infrastructure and they don't want to go down that road. And why is that? Globalism. So you're saying it's, it's a preference for people that actually have the money and the power to use Middle Eastern oil than US oil. Yes. Yeah. Because of the economic interest. Okay. Cool. You're agreeing with me. Okay. We can be in agreement on that and still disagreement on, Hey, I think that the global interest, yes, I get what you're saying, Jean, align with that. But I'm saying from a, from a U S sovereignty standpoint, they need not. I think you're talking a different, like past each other here. What I'm saying is about the current United States. Including its government. Okay. What you're talking about is a theoretical independent United States, which could exist, but doesn't today. Good. And should. Sure. Right? But I'm, but I, is that accurate? I mean, cause I fully agree with you from that standpoint. It's does the United States have to have oil from other countries? Theoretically, not at all. We have enough supply domestically, but that's not the state we're currently in right now. We're paying 87 bucks a barrel for oil. So we're almost at a hundred and and by the way, you can thank Russia and Saudi Arabia for that because they're tightening the output flow. Both of those countries and Joe Biden no, Joe Biden was spending all the oil. I mean, I think our reserves, our strategic reserves are down to 5 percent now. He's trying to keep the prices low. He's trying to keep the prices low, but he also created a artificial lack of supply by shutting down pipelines by pulling permits and everything else. From that standpoint, yes, you're right. Yeah. And it's, it's ironic because he can only pull those permits from American oil. In a sense, he's kind of, given more opportunity for the globalists to sell their oil to the U. S. by limiting the production of oil in the U. S. I, I agree. So it is, I don't know how anybody could possibly think that there's any living cells in that man's brain. There aren't. No, hasn't been for years. Okay. Remember how many surgeries he said, dude, I just been on weekend around geriatrics. Okay. You don't have to rub it in. They're not all like that, dude. I mean, I don't think Trump is quite there. No, actually. Did you watch some of his recent speeches? Entire speech that he just did in California. Do you watch that? That was on fire. It was on fire. Very pro Israel. He said he's, there's never been a president's more pro Israel than Trump, number one, the best. He said that. I, and dude, I yes, I, I'm aware, but the peak of that, but I love the way he phrases things like that. Cause it's just the hilarious and I think he's in on the joke. That's the part that I like is that he's smiling while he's saying it like 100 percent on the joke. Yeah. My favorite bits. Of that two and a half hour speech that he did was when he was pretending to be Joe Biden and he was talking about how, you know, there's nothing there. And Biden, and so he starts stumbling around the stage looking for an exit. Yeah. And he flat out says, I've never been on this stage, but I can find my way around the stage. Joe Biden can't, he just looks confused. Doesn't know where to go. What to do. Exactly. Like he's saying the shit everybody's thinking out loud. And you're just sitting there having to go, he's not wrong. No, no, he's totally right. But you know, he's still how old is he? He's like 75. Yeah. Yeah. He said, no, he's 76. Okay. Right around there. Cause he's a year younger than my mom. So he's an old fart. So it's like some people age better than others. I don't think Biden aged particularly well, could have something to do with the surgeries he's had, could have something to do with other issues. I mean, they've literally taken the top of his head off. So keep that in mind. Six times. Yeah. They've had to replace the brain with something. Not sure what. I don't know. We have to inject something. I mean, it's you're almost asking for a one of those cartoon show episodes. I don't know. You know what I mean? By cartoon show. It's that, that show that you watch. I keep thinking Ren and Simpy, but it's not Ren and Simpy. Lower Decks? No, the other one. Rick and Morty? Rick and Morty. Like you could have a Rick and Morty or a Futurama or something about, you know, Joe Biden's brain. Oh yes. In fact, I hope they do that just because it would be funny. We have to find his real brain. It's been missing for 25 years. What happened to it? We don't know. Yes. It depends on the timeline. They have to find the right timeline where his brain still exists. Yeah. Crazy cartoons. So it's, it's interesting, but again, if I was China or Russia right now, either you just get a winning lottery ticket handed to you. Or in the background, you were actively coordinating this shit and you were perfectly fine sacrificing a few Middle Eastern countries like Iran and Israel in order to deflect the attention of the United States. Off of where it currently is. Yeah. Potentially sacrificing those countries. They're not, yeah, sure. Potentially, but like not caring if they do, you know, and you know, it's, it, it is kind of funny. And for all the conspiracy people out there, not only is the Lansky, you know, Jewish ish, it's kind of Jewish. I mean, really, you know, Benjamin Netanyahu is kind of Jewish. And Vladimir Putin's kind of Jewish. Okay. And you know, it's like the Chinese dude's the only one that doesn't look Jewish. Out of the bunch of them. So you think Z is, Z, G is the only one who's not Jewish? I, I don't know if, me maybe. I haven't looked at his genetics. He may very well be, you know, it's all, it's all part of the grand plan. It's only, it's only been shared with part of the tribe. Mm hmm. Oh dude, that, that, that shit's real. You know that, right? What? The, the tribe thing? What tribe thing? The Jewish tribe. What do you mean? Oh, I mean like, when, when you're in a, you know, a business y type setting or something and somebody is kind of suspects you're Jewish or whatever. Okay. And they'll, they'll either kind of say something about Jewish food or something just to see what your reaction is or, or they're like, Oh you know, I figured I was the only MOT here. MOT? Yeah. Member of the tribe. And then depending on what, what the reaction is, then they'll know if you're Jewish or not. If the reaction is MOT, then they know you're not. So it's, it's a thing. Okay. I think I just gave away a secret handshake, God damn it. But it's true, and I've accidentally forgot to answer that when asked. And they're like, oh nevermind. I was like, oh, you mean if I'm Jewish, yeah, I'm Jewish. Sometimes it's not the first thing that pops into my mind when I'm trying to order pizza, you know? Okay. It's do I get a deal though? I mean, what are you ordering as a pizza topping? Jesus Christ. Bacon. Naturally. Good tasting stuff. Huh. Huh. Ah, dude. More Jews eat bacon. Than don't. Oh, I know. Yeah, anyway, to get off of your your whole kind of, you know, anti Semitic line of reasoning here, let's move on to some other topic. McCarthy is no longer Speaker of the House. Yeah. Which is a good thing, I think. I, I, again, I mean, I, I feel like, I feel like I've been blessed the last few days. Feinstein's dead. McCarthy's no longer speaker, you know, it's just the, the world seems to be going in the right direction. I think I saw a little cartoon from the Babylon B saying that the, the Democrats found Pelosi's votes for the next 10 years. They don't have to have anybody in that seat. They can just go ahead and use the votes she would have been casting. That's pretty good. You did. You did see where the the interim speaker made Pelosi vacate her office. That's hilarious. Yeah. It's I, I never liked McCarthy. I didn't like the fact that they kept trying to shoehorn them in there, forcing them down everybody's throats. Yeah. And it's no, he's not. Popular enough, and I'm happy that the guys that finally you know, let'em become the speaker did it under such conditions that they could kick'em out anytime they wanted to. Yeah. The guys that had the balls to do it. The balls. Yeah, the balls. Which is that guy from Florida seems to be leading that group. Matt Gates. Yeah. Matt Gaetz. Yeah. Yeah. Which I've heard some stuff about'em, but, you know, you, you don't know what to believe. What? What have you heard? Oh, like he's a pedophile and you know, he's like a preacher or something, which I don't know. You know, I mean, yeah, Marco Rubio is a gay pool boy. Oh, he's is he? Yeah. Have you not seen the footage? No, you didn't. No, come on. No, I haven't seen that. I really know. I've not been paying attention to Marco Rubio. No, this is like during the 2016 election that this came out. Did not see it. Oh, my God. You need to look up Marco Rubio gay pool party. Okay. All right. And, was he at a gay pool party or throwing a gay pool party? Oh, just go look at the footage. Jesus Christ. All right. I will. Just go look at the footage. I will. I will. Anyway, no, it's, it's, it's great that McCarthy is... Finally out and, you know, I'm not seeking reelection. I wish they would just put Trump in as speaker and get it over with, but I would be hilarious just for the hilarity of it, you know, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. Unfortunately. Yeah, exactly. But it would be funny as all hell. Yeah, the, the ridiculousness of the anti anti Trump liberal stuff happening right now. Yeah. I think is that a new high with, with all the news media channels talking about how Trump lied about the value of Mar a Lago because it's only worth 16, 000, sorry, 16, 000, 16 million. Oh yeah. And not, not the whatever, however long, however much he said it was. And there, every single one of these stories is using quotes from people who don't understand real estate or finance. And think that the, what the tax assessment of a property is set to is the value of that property. That's not what banks give loans on banks, give loans based on. Actual property valuations done by what do you call them? The, what are those people called? The the ones that do the appraisers, there you go. Like actual appraisals, right? Not what the tax valuation is. No. And not only that, but, you know, one of the things that Tim pools brought up multiple times on that is that. Mar a Lago is actually a business as well. So it's not just the property value. And when you're talking about the overall value of that business, yes, you have the hard assets, which are pretty substantial. You know, and you can say, oh the covenants prevent it from being, you know, subdivided or whatever. Okay. Yes, that can change. It's hard, but theoretically you know, some money, everything is changeable. And I don't understand how they think that, that my point is though, that business is worth quite a bit of money. Yeah. And there's another element to this, which is unlike all the other properties in the surrounding area, this one has the word Trump next to it and that makes it more valuable. Somebody buying Trump's property is going to be paying a premium over somebody buying a generic property in that area. That's just a fact. But I mean, the fact matter is if you take that property and you look at comparables around the area and you don't even take into account the business side of Mar a Lago. Oh, it's hundreds of millions. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you're talking 20 acres in Palm Beach, not West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, beach to beach. Which beach to be just, just such a beach. Technically speaking, there's a road that goes on both sides of it. So it's actually neither sides on the beach, but you know, they're adjacent to okay. Beach. I'm just saying I remember when I drove around that property. Yeah. I was a little surprised when I drove around the property, trying to decide if I wanted to buy it. That's why I was in 404. I was trying to figure it out. You know, is this actual beach front or did they lie? Like they do about the value and I have photos. I took photos of those down there. Was this like the photos you sent me of Mexico? Yeah. I sent you a photos. Cause that proves I was in Mexico. Yeah. Except the photo that you sent me was clearly out of some game and was also of of Dubai. And I'm like, that was not out of some game. Okay, you sent Oh the, it wasn't from Mexico It was totally from Mexico. Mexico was a new skyline that you may not be. Uhhuh. Uhhuh. Uhhuh. Dude, I was there earlier this year. I can recognize Dubai. Thank you. Uhhuh. Uhhuh. Uhhuh. I'm just saying you can look at the yeah. What was that F F info on that file? It's not been altered. It's the real thing. Okay. So I'm just saying that there's a there there's definitely a Scraping the bottom of the barrel going on to try and find something else To throw at Trump beyond all other shit. And of course their timing Here's that I think we're gonna see happen. They're going to make sure that they time that To have more than one trial that's active at the same time and then come up with some bullshit reason why they don't want to move it. And so Trump will literally be unable to be present at both travels at the same time and they'll make contempt and they'll, yeah, totally. It's I guess it was gonna, he doesn't show up, you'll have to sit in jail. I can very much see something like that playing out, but. You know, the banana republic of the stage, man. I mean, the fact that there's talk that the trump organizations that were ordered to dissolve the properties are going to have to be auctioned off the fact that that's the direction that. We're even contemplating as a possibility. Okay. I don't care if it's just some legal scholar on the Internet going they could do this. That should be totally unthinkable. I tell you, if they do, the fact of the matter is, it's not. I, if they, if they do that, I think that this has to happen to the Clinton properties. Yeah, You know the guys that were, that, that, that had a net worth of 1. 2 million when Bill became president that have a net worth of several billion right now? Those people. I don't know if that's several billion. No, according to the Hillary's interview it is. Okay. Don't fully believe that, but okay. You wouldn't suspect she's exaggerating anything, would you? Oh no. I mean, why would she exaggerate? What would Trump, would anyone? I keep mind, man. Trump, you know, he just looks shifty. But Hillary Clinton, no. She looks very trust. She's very trustworthy kind of woman that you would trust running your own mail server. Okay. Man. And the fact that the, the whole mail server thing, you know, there's so many there's so many things about. That, that are problematic. So first of all, email servers, email is not secure in any way, shape or form. Okay. And email is essentially a postcard, especially if it's not in a secure environment and it's inter office email, right? Mm hmm. Mm hmm. So her doing that to begin with is problematic and then the environment of it not being really secured and then the whole this way, I don't have to turn over fucking records is a whole thing. She's a lawyer. She knows how laws work. Yeah, just yeah, it's still there. Really gets the audacity of these people to just exclude themselves from any possible laws. While coming up with irrational rationale for irrational reasons, non rational for other people having the books thrown at them, even though they didn't actually break the laws. Yeah, it is, is very contemptible. Again, part of the swamp's been drained, but now Matt Gates is facing potential expulsion and that's a whole thing and that's problematic. We've got to figure out what we can do about that. Why is he facing expulsion? I didn't hear this. Because the GOP is pissed off because, because they got, you killed blue, you know, I mean, you got one of their boys, man, they're, they're not happy. Yeah you know what the GOP's borderline socialists at this point. So fuck them. I think they're gonna have a fine okay, maybe not borderline but there's definitely there's a lot of people that need to get kicked out of the GOP or just Fuck them and start a brand new party and and it's by invitation only there you go. Mm hmm much better idea Yeah what shall we call this new party? I don't know Just two good old boys. Just to get a party instead of just two, just the, just the good old boys. Yeah. Just the good old boys. So you've been watching the it's fat dude from Alabama that I, I've been watching and he's hilarious. Oh yeah. The way down South guy. Yeah. Yeah. The guy that does that are pretty funny. Yeah. A lot of his stuff is right on the nose. What a key really. He, he nails a lot of these things. So it's all about Southern culture and he'll, he'll do sort of skit things where he plays every part. And the whole thing, by the way, it was funny. Cause some of my Mississippi cousins were Oh, we're here. Yeah. Did you show them the video? I didn't show them those videos, but they're well aware. And one of my cousins is an Alabama fan and a and M and Alabama played each other this weekend and it did not go my way. So yeah, I had to deal with that. Yeah. And he's done a lot of different, and these are yeah. Southern sports teams related, but he's done different food, things, different restaurant things, and just a lot of Southern. But the funny thing is in like pointing out the differences between states that Northerners would all think of as the South. Yes, but yet they're very, very different from each other, like Alabama and South Carolina, you know, very, very different cultures or Texas, which he considers both Texas and Florida. So they're sort of borderline Southern. Yeah you know. I mean, I could see that. I could see it. There's some Western in Texas. It's not all Southern. I mean, he's not 100 percent wrong there, but at the same time, it's... I mean, he's sitting in Alabama, which you can't really be more Southern than Alabama. Hmm, okay. What other state has no other influences? Mississippi. You know, Mississippi still has some of those Bayou folks out there. Yeah, but Mississippi was literally the, you know, wealthiest state pre Civil War and lots of things. Big old plantations in Mississippi. I've been to a couple of them, you know, being old enough before they were destroyed in the great monument destruction craze of the 2000s. But I remember doing a plantation tour back in the early eighties. Yeah. You got to remember that the, the Southern society was really do there so much about Southern society. So if you look at the Virginia and Georgia and. You know, the eastern seaboard of the old south is totally very different than Alabama, you know, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas Arkansas, very, very different. I mean, just the cultures around it, you didn't have big planters planter class people in those states really other than. Mississippi and Mississippi was only as rich as it was because of the Mississippi river and trade routes and everything else. And new Orleans was also very wealthy at the time, but Louisiana as a whole was not but yeah, that's absolutely true. Louisiana as a whole was not really whole thing, but yeah. Yeah. How far back are we going here? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you can definitely go back pre statehood, but yeah. But there's a, certainly a big demand for that cotton and, you know, it wasn't like the North wasn't buying cotton producing itself. Yeah I mean, had the Civil War happened just a decade earlier, had it been fought in the 1850s instead of the 1860s, there is no doubt in my mind that the South would have absolutely won. Yeah, and by won you mean guaranteeing its independence. Yes, yeah, because there would have been no Indian cotton plantations at the time. There would have been basically the South would have still had a monopoly on cotton and a lot of countries would have been at the very least forced to, to work with them. And then, you know, you had the British working both sides. You know, the British, the only the only shit, what's it called? Embassy that mm-hmm. the Confederate states had was in London. Mm-hmm. and they had a embassy in London, so Yeah. Yep. In fact, if I ever get to spend much time in London, that's one of the things I wanna go see where that was. Oh, go take a picture. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, the building's probably still there. Building's probably still there. Yeah. There's even a whole monument and everything. Oh, is there? Okay. Cool. Yeah. Monument may be a strong word. Marker. Monument. It was here. These days. Please don't loot. Yeah. Yeah. Or it could have been turned into a pub, which a lot of places seem to have gotten turned into. Eh. You know. Go have a pint. Yeah. Yeah. I'm trying to keep the calories down. Too many carbs in a pint. What else going on? So I watched the Trump thing. Watch the Matt Gaetz thing. I think what else? So where do you think the Matt Gaetz thing is going to end up? Oh, I think it'll, it's only helping his career. I think that guy's going to probably. Run for either governor of Florida, or he's going to run for a president in the four years governor in another two years, I think is pretty much guaranteed. Yes. I, I, and I think it'll be a good spot for him. Yeah, I, I've generally liked him. I think he is definitely more of a populist than a libertarian. He is perfectly happy to work with. AOC and a lot of other democrats Did you see ilhan omar? Did you see the pictures of ilhan omar? Oh my god, there are pictures. There's there's a video of ilhan omar when he Up there giving this speech about you know, getting rid of him and stuff and she's like Ling him. Really? Oh yeah. Like she's totally looking at him, like biting her lower lip and everything. Right. Oh, really? Yeah. Why so she, she's like eating him up. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it's just huh? Mm-hmm. huh? Mm-hmm. Okay. You know, it's such strong man that's attractive to women. What? You know, Uhhuh Just genetics at work. I'm going to have to find this video and send it to you. Yeah. Yeah. Or post it on, on NAS. It is on NAS. I reposted it a while ago. Yeah. Then do an at me on there. Cause I, I didn't see it, but I ain't got to go find it. We're anyway it's all you do licks her lips when looking at Matt gates. That's great. Oh, too funny. But I think Matt gates will be just fine. Yeah. I mean, when you say Chad, you mean signal, right? Cause you wouldn't have put anything into chat that's built into zoom. Cause I've asked you like six times not to do that now. Yeah. But I don't have, I don't have signal on my laptop and this is your personal one, right? So come on. No, this is my company one. Why are we using your company one? Cause that's the one that's a misuse of resources, Gene. I'm paying for it. So it's your personal one. No, it's my company one. I'm not the administrator. I'm just paying for it. Oh why would you do that? Cause that's how our, our business works. Oh, okay. Huh. Anyway, just, just look at the thumbnail on that. YouTube video and you'll get the very good idea of what I'm talking about. Okay. All right. I'll, I'll look right now. So let me go to chat. Where the hell is chat? I think you'll get a kick out of this. Otherwise it wouldn't make you do it. All right, let me see. How the fuck do I open chat? I don't even know where chat is. You literally click the button at the bottom of the screen that says chat. I don't have a chat button. It's because you're full screen. Oh, oh, there it is. Yeah, there's a button that says chat right there. Yeah. All right. I do want to hear some of his case because it was obviously a case well made. I have no idea, but you're playing the video. Yeah, I know. I said, just look at the thumbnail. Okay. So I'm putting a mute. No, I'll play it on mute. So that everybody on our podcast can listen in on no sound from this video. I'm watching it. So he was, I guess, yeah, he he went and did this anyway, gave a speech. He was sitting behind him and she was licking her lips and looking at him very like lustfully. And it was somewhat hilarious because politically they're better enemies. Oh, they should be for sure. But he, like I said, he has had a record of crossing over. For topics like ending war, not sending money, crossing over is this a, is this a new euphemism I'm not familiar with crossing over? Yeah. I think somebody might be a little sexually frustrated because they're keep getting sexual innuendos out of very plain speech here. I don't think he's wearing drag if that's what you mean. No, I think he is. He has been aligned with some of the squad people in the past on topics where his view and theirs coincides where most of the the Republican caucus. Will not do that even if their views coincide. No, I, I think he's doing good by doing that crossover in that way. Yes, but I was more of a making a joke because of the look that's on her face. But yeah, the other guy that I like is Josh Holly. He is, is just seems like a really good lawyer. How does he seem like a really good lawyer? If you listen to him question witnesses. In Congress, he just comes across as a good lawyer. Do you not think he's a good lawyer? You know, I think there's gotta be something there. Yeah. I don't think he's a completely not Jewish. Sorry. I knew you were going to say something like that. Yeah. I, yeah, I would normally, I would say you'd never trust the lawyer that doesn't have a Jewish last name, but I'm willing to make an exception with this guy. I think he's probably had a very good law professor. Yeah, did I send you a picture of the battery pack I got from China to change subjects? What'd you get? So I got some, what were supposed to be Baofeng radio battery packs. Mm hmm. And they're supposed to have USB C charging on the bottom, which would be great. So I plugged it in to charge and I came back and it was melted. Oh, yeah. That'll happen. This is a lithium ion battery. Yeah. That's not a good thing. Yeah, I, I think I got some counterfeits or there's tongue is flickering while she's watching him. He's got that little left, right, left, right tongue action going on, not just the casual licking of the lips. This is she is getting it on right now. Yeah, she's, she's, she's caught up in last and visualizing what she's going to do to him. But yeah, exactly. By the way, I was actually saying something totally serious because I thought we'd moved on. I was watching the video and I was waiting for that moment to come. And it finally got there. And it finally got there. No, she, it's, it's, it's bad, dude. I remember this is a chick that fucked her brother. Married her brother. Yes. Oh, you don't think they consummated? Come on. Anyway, it's inappropriate for in their culture. It is absolutely appropriate to marry. I'm talking about her behavior in Congress. Yeah. Oh, I'm sure you could find videos of Pelosi doing that to Bill Clinton back in the day. They were in the same party at least. Yeah. Oh, you mean as far as crossing parties, lusting. Okay. I'm talking about just that in general, I, I don't really see a lot of lustful behavior in Congress. I mean, I, I don't know, we'd have to check the congressional records and see about the Viagra subscriptions in Congress. Yeah. Remember what animo he says is, is politics is like acting for ugly people. Yes. Sure. So meaning it's people that want the notoriety of being famous, but don't have the face for it. They go into politics. Let's choose another topic because as soon as we can, I'm going to step away for 30 seconds and go use some nasal spray. Otherwise, I'm going to start sounding really nasally and stuff. Oh, got allergies or are you getting cold? Ah, it's post COVID, dude. Since I've had COVID, I have had these allergies where I get stuffed up fairly. But you didn't use that COVID vaccine bullshit, did you? No, no, of course not. You get some myrmectin, that stuff's good for everything. Yeah, I, so I, I, I, I've, I've recovered from COVID fine, but what I found out post COVID, I never used to have allergies beforehand. And like everybody thinks it's just allergies, but I, it's something where my nasal passages are not. So I don't know if you listen to my other podcast with, that I do with this Chicago guy named Darren. I do most of the time. I didn't listen to this week yet. So this week's he talked about how he went to the dentist'cause he thought he was gonna get a root canal. Mm-hmm. And then after the dentist did some x-rays and stuff, he said, yeah, I don't think this is a tooth thing. I think you have a an infection like a, what do you call that whole area around your nose. Dinosaurs. Dinosaur infection. Huh. And so he wrote him a script for antibiotics. Huh. And and I said good, that'll take care of your gonorrhea at the same time. And then apparently, within a week of being on them, not even the full course yet his, all his toothaches and shit went away. And one of his other symptoms... Was, it seemed like he had allergies for the last year. So I'm just bringing that up because you may want to check with your doctor and see if maybe you've got a like a long term latent actual you know, bacteria infection in your sinuses. That could be masquerading itself as allergies, and it makes total sense that bacteria would get in during COVID because COVID greatly decreases your ability to fight other disease. Yeah, but I would think I would have other symptoms than just a stuffy nose. Let me ask you this. Have you had, have you had any antibiotics in the last year? I was already trying to think about that and I can't remember that I have, so I'd have to, I'd have to maybe worth at least checking out, we don't give medical advice as usual. I say a lot of things, but none of it is medical advice, but, this is something that I would certainly look at if I were you. I'll get you a script over in the morning. So I've got a thank you Dr. G Just wondering if you caught that. Yeah. Oh, I did. So I've got a I've got a I've, I do have a legal question for you. I got a legal advice. We're not lawyers here. We don't give legal advice. Go ahead. So I, I did a, a podcast episode for work because they wanted to do for cyber, cyber security month or whatever for October. They wanted some war stories and I don't know. So I did a little 15, 20 minute, I don't know what they ended up putting it at, but little kind of war stories from the trenches sort of thing. And some of it is about some time at a previous company. And legal came back and was like, yeah, no, we can't do this. I'm like, why not? They're like you're, but I said I'm not using their name or anything. And they're like we still can't do it. I said, they cleared me and I've given presentations on this exact same topic publicly for the other company. So why not? I just don't see the risk. The other company has allowed me and authorized me to talk about it publicly before. I've spoken about it publicly before, why can't I not relay that now, even not naming the company, like it just, it seems like legal is going a little off, off off the rails there for me. Yeah, I would agree. I think that's the easy solution is if you actually wrote an article about it, or if you give, have slides from a presentation that you've done about this topic, then it's all you got to tell legal is I'm not talking about the company, I'm talking about my presentation that I gave. Thank you. While I was at the company, but it doesn't matter if you were at the company, but it's, it's the presentation that you gave to an audience of public people. Yes. So like that automatically. Even if it was something bad about the company, it would automatically just make it already not a trade secret. You can't classify that as a... trade secrets or anything like that. Yeah. Yeah. But you you can't even imagine classifying something that is publicly available as being a, a, you know, a topic that you might have legal concerns about now, having said that YouTube, as you've seen, I'm sure has made their own decisions about what topics they would want and don't want on their platform. So maybe your company is really just saying yeah, that's not something you want to talk about. Now, none of this would fall under that. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. But generally if you don't use the company name, if you don't get into too many identifiable details. Then, and, and time is the other issue. Like how long has it been since the event? Like there were, there were plenty of things I could not talk about until fairly recently because they were, no, no, those I still don't talk about. Don't these are, these were just, you know, they were an investigative issues at some major fortune 500 companies that I was a part and I signed. You know, I signed essentially contracts that said, yeah, indeed, I'm not gonna talk about this shit. Yeah, yeah. But all that shit's expired too. I mean, eventually everything expired unless your NDA is with the government, then it never expires. And as long as with a corporation, it has to have an expiration date. Yeah. But that doesn't mean you get to talk about it after the expiration date. It just means that you're no longer bound by the expiration date if you're exposed to new information. It, it means that it is no longer a contract by which you're bound. Okay. I think you're still liable for abiding by the NDA for what you learned under the NDA. Right, but that's what I'm saying. The NDA has to have an end date. Okay. It can't be in perpetuity. Those get thrown out. Okay. Just saying. Not legal advice, but I'm just saying. I think what you said about this topic sounds totally reasonable. You know, I'm, I'm putting stuff into my current book that I'm working on and I had stuff in my last book that I did that were a whole bunch of stories about what happened in client companies with, you know, names withheld and a few little facts changed just to make it. Cause they didn't really need to be in there, but, and they would make things a little more identifiable. But, but if somebody really wanted to, they could certainly piece together who the hell I'm talking about. So if you're a former client at jeans, when the book is published, but there again, like none of the stories that I'm telling are newer than 10 years old and I don't have a single NDA that lasts that long. Yeah. I mean, this is all this is all getting pretty close to 10 years old and again, I had permission from the company previously to talk about it publicly. So I just, again, that's not a concern. And again, it's been given publicly, so I, I, I'll have a meeting with legal again earlier or early this next week and try and figure that out. But yeah, seemed a little ridiculous to me. It does. It does. But maybe they have other concerns. Maybe it was all the profanity. I don't know. You were like, all right. So I got a story from this company I used to work at where Jews caused a bunch of problems. The lawyer in legal is what? They're like, it's all good. I get an okay from the company. You talk about this stuff. Huh. Huh. The Jews run Hollywood. What? I promise, Mr. Goldberg, it's okay. Huh. Huh. Dude, how, you know, how can somebody say that that's a controversial thing to say, when we really, we literally had a TV show about it on HBO. Called entourage that did a very good job of portraying that whole Hollywood manager, you know, scene, like all the meetings happen at bar mitzvahs. I don't know, man. Did you watch entourage or were you too young for it? I never watched entourage. I'm not too young for it. I just don't like that kind of show at all. It was on like 20 years ago. So you may be too young. I liked it. I thought it was really well done. I like Jeremy Piven. I think he did a great job playing Okay, while you talk about entourage, I'm going to step away for just a second. Go take your pee break. So if I'm sure most people listening have probably seen, or at least remember one or two episodes of the show, if they didn't watch the whole damn thing. I thought it was good enough to watch the whole series. And I even went to the movie when the movie came out, the movie was a little weak, but the series I thought was very good. And it just kind of chronicled the life of a fairly nobody New York actor that gets a big break, gets discovered. Ends up getting a, a manager and it's really their interaction and relationship, I think is the central theme, but then a whole bunch of stories revolve around what, what that interaction is. And Ari Gold is the name of the manager in the TV show which is obviously a very Jewish name. And I think that's fine. I thought it was just very well acted. The, there was plenty of beautiful girls in there cause it's all takes place in Hollywood and all these parties have hot chicks in them. In fact, in I think it was the last season or maybe one before the last season. The main character's girlfriend was Sasha Gray, who was played by Sasha Gray. So Sasha Gray was playing herself. And I've always been a big fan of Sasha Gray and who is Sasha Gray and for the two people out there who don't know who Sasha Gray is, I don't know who Sasha Gray is, is probably one of the most successful and beautiful. Ex porn actresses are you ever really ex? Yes. She sure. Oh yeah. Yeah, she's a Twitch streamer. She's, she's definitely, that's that's not exactly X, but okay. I'll send you some of her cooking shows. Is this like the naked news? No, it's not. It's literally her cooking. Which is hilarious. She, she was always kind of like the, I mean, the really dirty girl next door. Does she, does she make a, does she make some tuna fish or what? No, no, she makes a lot of, a lot of good food. But anyway, I'm not, because you're insulting you know, my my girlfriend, so fuck you. No, I've, I've always liked Sasha. She was, she, she won the The adult video awards. I remember that first year when she won, I think she was 21 and she would, unlike most porn actors, this was not like some story of a low IQ person that had good looks and needed money. This chick has got a really high IQ and she had planned out her whole porn career. And invested money and got all kinds of all kinds of deals as a result, like her own production company, et cetera. Most porn actors just never do. So she came in, she took over the industry, basically did a lot of stuff that was very extreme and then retired by the time she was, I think, 26. And still looks fricking amazing at 30. Huh. I'll send you some videos, but her, her claim to fame, her notoriety was in her first video is she did with Rocco and anybody who knows my not your time. I know she's definitely my type it's we're talking about something that's just not, you know. What type family friendly since when are we family friendly? We try You try I don't try but anyway She she is definitely somebody that I think it has made an awesome transition So she's still very much in the public eye, but a lot more family friendly as you put it What with the transition did she have a cooking show? Transition from being known for porn to now being known for live streaming. Okay. Yeah. I know, I know where you were going, but no, I know. Yes. Now, one of the other things about her that that was sort of unique is that she never got implants and she's, she's got like small B at best big, a small B breast. And so she was always like the exception because literally every other porn actress is walking around with these honkers. And, and they all buy off on this idea that, you know, if you want to make it big, you got to be big and Sasha never did that. And I think she just, as a result of that, just looks exceptionally good right now. Yeah. You like the spinners. I do like spinners. Yeah, I, I like the more natural look you know, Lauren Phillips, Lauren Phillips. I've never seen her porn. Not your type. No, no, I could go on Pornhub and Google her, hold on. That'd help Google. It's, Google is a generic term these days, you know that. That'd help Google. I usually go, I usually use Bing for Googling stuff. And the Microsoft marketing department is rolling over in their graves right now. Hey, if they failed to protect it. It's, it becomes generic. Just Xerox or Kleenex. Yeah. Or Kleenex. Exactly. Mm-hmm. anyway. Or Linux. Linux was never a trademark thing. Exactly. See, they're lost. I don't even know where to go with that. I really don't know. We got, we got anything else, Ben or we about out of comedy here? I think we're about out of comedy, but yeah, yeah, I think it's a little shorter than normal, but I honestly, I think we covered the big topics. I mean, I've got some personal topics to talk about too. Oh, you, you want to do that? I thought you were done comedy. Oh, okay. Go ahead. Tell us, tell us about your coming out. Yeah, that's not what I said, but okay. No, so it, it was a, my, one of my aunt's 80th birthday parties this weekend. You know, yeah, I mean, some of them are getting old and it was shocking to look around the family reunion and everything and realize I'm in the middle of the pack. Oh, you're, you're middle aged. Yeah, this is troublesome. You're just hitting that. Yeah. I mean, why would I not just be hitting it? I mean, I kind of felt like you always felt like you were middle aged, didn't you? No. You felt young at some point in your life? They still kind of do, but anyway but no, I actually, so I think I got my mom to pick up a new rifle. Oh, what'd, what'd she get? So I got her out there shooting that PC Carbine and, you know, my mom, she's 77. Yeah, she, she really enjoyed it. And anyway, as a result, I think we're going to have to get her one for Christmas. Went through a few hundred rounds of ammo. Enjoyed, enjoyed our time. Now, what is, what is her purpose for having one? Just a rifle she can take out and shoot and Plink around with, self defense, shoot hogs or whatever else she wants. Yeah, I guess. It, it just, if it's just plinking, you'd probably do better with 22, but You want to include self defense in that, or hogs, then certainly you want something a little bigger, but... Yeah, I don't know. I just find that the, the carabines, the pistol caliber rifles are just, they're in a weird place. Like I just don't really want any. I think they're cool, man. I'm sorry. I kind of had that I do, I've always been a big caliber guy. I mean, my ARs, I even didn't want five, five, six because I thought it was kind of a pussy caliber, but yeah, but anyway you know, I've always gone. But bear guns but I, I would rather have an AK pistol than a nine millimeter rifle. I disagree. Do you disagree that I, that I would want that? I mean, you can want it, but that's just not what I would want. But okay. And why is that, you know, why I wouldn't want that. Yeah. Because we're shoving this similar amounts of lead. And if you're going with a shorter barrel and I'm going with a longer barrel, we're achieving, if you're talking 762 by 39, we're achieving similar velocities and the longer barrel with the twist rates and everything that I'm doing versus what you'd be doing. I'm more accurate. Mm. I don't think so. I do. Yeah. I also don't think you're going to push those velocities either, man. Oh, absolutely. Really? Yeah. So if you look at AK pistol velocities, I mean, you're talking, you know, you're well under a few thousand feet per second. No, I'm just over 2000 on mine. With what ammo? With I don't know. It's, it's whatever steel cheap Russian shit is. Yeah. There's no way you how long of a barrel? 13 inches. Okay, so 13 inches is not a pistol barrel. That's an SBR. Okay, it's an SBR barrel. Okay, so anyway a pistol barrel, I'm talking more like an 8 inch barrel. Okay, how long is your barrel? 16. 16 inches. Okay, the full blown rifle. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 16 inch barrel carbine length. I mean, a full blown rifle be, you know, 20 inches, but, you know, so I can push you know, I can push lead over 2000 feet per second too, but I'm going to be more in the 55 grain category than you are, but, you know, you're going to be in that 115, 120 grain. 123, yep. Yeah. Okay. So 123 grain, I'm shooting 124s. I'm producing, you know, 1500 feet per second. You're producing, let's say just under 2000, which out of a 12 inch barrel, maybe so anyway, it's just not that big of a difference. My ammo is same as my pistol. There's, there's just some reasons why I might want it. So yeah, If you're getting that kind of velocity and that's the barrel you want, sure, but I want a shoulder able firearm, so 16 inch barrel is the legal length I have to go to. Yeah, I, I, I guess. Without a tax stamp. I just I think if I'm going to have a longer barrel, then I would, I'd like to use a more sawed cartridge. Again, it depends on what you want. I'm talking about a hundred yard and in gun. And I, I'm just telling you, I was shocked at a hundred was 62 by 39, 300 blackout. Those are legitimate a hundred yard and in cartridges that are, you know, 300 blackouts, not, not any more than that. That's for sure. I mean, some people push it, man, but no, 300 blackouts made to be suppressed and short range. Now, I sent you a video earlier today about the 8 6. Yeah, that's basically the six fury. Yeah. Yeah. So this is to three, this is 300, this is eight, six is to three Oh eight as 300 blackout is to five, five, six. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and some of the twist rates that they were shooting were just insane. Yeah. And Q makes expensive guns. So I knew you would have a reaction to that as well. Yeah, they make great guns but they're expensive. I mean, like they're, you're talking like three grand as starting price. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I, Gene, I don't just have inexpensive guns. I do have some expensive guns. You know that, right? I do. I do. I just make in front of the fact that you're like very drawn to cheap shit lately. I don't think you've always been that way. I'm drawn to purpose built things, right? So you know. A gun that's going to sit in a get home bag, for example, I'm fine with it being a Glock clone that's inexpensive, but reliable and something that is a gun to get me home, not a gun to go to war with, you know, those are, those are different things. Although reading, reading that book sure seems like going home may be. Pretty close to war. Yeah you know. How many people did he kill before he finally got home? Hopefully, by the time you're, by the, by the time you're home you can resupply. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Now, I think the ideal gun, if. You know, I could just magically wave my fingers for that bag would actually be the five, seven, except ammo. I mean, you're going to have to pick up ammo along the way and you're not, you're going to have to bring all your ammo. The ammo weighs a lot less and it has much better performance. Then alternatives and it's, it's just the big, the one big downside is it's just not readily available ammo. So you're never going to run across it randomly. I mean, that's the same problem with a six, eight SPC or anything else, or even a 40 Cal at this point, even 300 blackout. Oh, 300 blackout is pretty popular, but yes, more people have 40 Cal than 300 blackout. Maybe a lot of cop departments were using 40 Cal. Yeah, but a lot of people who want an AR have 300 blackout. That's true. I still haven't bought any ammo for mine. I bought the gun like a year ago and I still haven't bought ammo for it. I mean, it was, so let me just tell you, this is another reason why someone would want a pistol caliber carving my 77 year old mother. Who, by the way, is a whopping four foot 11 on a good day. That's the tallest she ever was. And she's shrunk. So she's a, she's not a big person and she's old and she's out there picking up this gun. With, you know, a 27 round magazine in it and at 25 yards, hitting a eight inch steel target, no problem, just freehand and because you think she would have a problem doing that out of your XDS. Yeah. At that range? Yeah, if you hit the target. No. 25 yards. No. No. I mean, do you think at 25 yards you can take a pistol and hit an eight inch target easily? You know, I haven't done that for a while. I used to do that very consistently, but smaller than that. At 25 yards, I was typically shooting about three and a half inches from pistol. Yeah. So me with my Springfield or not my Springfield, my SIG rather today at 25 yards, I was hitting it fairly consistently and I hadn't shot that gun in a while and need to shoot it more. And I actually, the problem I had was I kept shooting high cause I'm used to other guns and just sight alignments. So anyway. That's excellent. Oh, yeah, but you know, in line, it was just vertical alignment was my problem more than anything. But after I corrected, I was fine. I can hit a target. At range from pistol, and I'm no good pistol shot by any stretch. I think at 25 yards, 8 inches is plenty good of a target for me. I'm not going to hit 3 inch target at 25 yards with a pistol. I don't think I would today either. But when I was shooting regularly, I was doing that every time. Yeah, see, I've never spent a lot of time shooting pistols. I've always shot rifles. Yeah it makes sense. Yeah, I just it gives you more points of contact. It's easier to manipulate firearm and, you know, it's easier to aim and the report out of it, dude shooting that gun without ear protection was not a problem. Yeah. I don't think it's the one deal though. I'm just telling you, you know, and especially with subsonics, that was great. Oh yeah. Yeah. Subsonics out of that barrel were pretty cool because they weren't quite sorry. I wonder how long you need for subsonics to really, truly not require. A a silencer in order to still be quiet. Mmm, they were pretty quiet. a, there's gotta be a point at which like, maybe a 28 inch barrel or something, or a 30 inch. Yeah. What? I don't know, just making kind of a pathetic noise is what I was going for. Yeah. It, it's I don't know, I've never had a rifle with that long a barrel. But there's got to be a point at which it's like the, the, the, the effects of a silencer would not be appreciable. I don't know. I, I, I wait for the days of the overturning of the NFA and suppressors being legal. Totally. Can't wait for that shit. I've been really close several times. Like I've had my shopping cart loaded up and I've always just kind of paused at the last minute. To not buy one because I thought maybe something will change next year. And I'll, we'll have to do the paperwork and, you know, but I don't know, maybe at some point I'll just take the bite. Cause I do know from having watched enough videos of kind of what I want. I just I've just always, like I said, I've gotten as close to as actually having it in my shopping cart because you, you actually buy the thing, then you get the paperwork sent in. And then you don't take possession of it until the paperwork's approved. And you're stuck in legal limbo until it is. Yes. I mean, the legal, the limbo is kind of, it's one that a lot of people have gone through. And, and if you watch any of these gun YouTubers, I think they're constantly just sending those forms in. Because it seems like every gun they have. Is shorter than the 16 inches and has a, a sound center. That, or they've got the hell of a trust set up that they're all just swapping things around. That's true. Yeah. And I, I've not looked, I mean, I've looked into it, but not enough to actually kick off doing it. That probably honestly should be the first step is just fucking set up a trust. And then you still have to get a bunch of, so a lot of people say that you should set up a trust and or corporation for each one. Oh, really? Yes. That's a pain in the ass. Yeah. So there's, there's a lot of different legal theories on that. Not legal advice, but yeah, people can go research. I have not done enough research on it. Okay. Just. Read a few articles that suggested that that's something you should consider doing, and I have not gone through the rationale as to know why enough enough yet. Historically, what I am aware of at least is one of the big benefits of a trust is that you can have multiple people be involved in, you know, on the name of the trust so that all of you are legal without having each person individually have to become legal. Right. But that's members of the trust or whatever, but that would be for each potential silencer at that point or suppressor. I hate the word silencer. I don't know why you got me. Yeah, whatever it's silencer suppressor, but you know what I'm talking about? Just take your clip, shove it into your pistol and screw on the silencer. What else is there? And on that note, Hey man, I'm an electric gun expert and shit. I'm doing it on purpose, but, but I am curious, I have, I have certainly would like to know if there actually is some benefit in having a separate trust per gun. But I, I can't imagine what that benefit would be because if they're going to go after your trust for one gun, then they're likely to go after your other trusts at the same time. I don't think that would be an impediment to the government. Oh, you forgot to go after these other trusts I have. Therefore you only just get the one gun. And if that's not the rationale, if it's something tax related, maybe, I don't know, maybe I'm just can't think of what it might be, but I've always, I always thought that it would be a cool thing to have. A bunch of my gun buddies and myself all in the same trust so that when one of us gets a full you know, spends crazy money and gets a pre 1985 fully automatic weapon. Then we can all play with it, legally. A pre 1985. Mm hmm. Like an Uzi. Why would you want an Uzi? I don't know. But, you know, you could buy one for about 38, 000 right now. Yeah, but it's just hard to control. Yeah, it's not a very good gun. I'm just saying, you can't have any newer ones. If you want something fully automatic, it has to be old. I understand. Yeah, that's all, that's all I was trying to say. That's why it really sucks. Because, ideally, the gun that I've, really wanted ever since I first saw videos of the prototype was the P90 like that to me is still my dream gun, and I've never shot one. I'd even take a P90S at this point and SBR it. You could. Okay, I mean, that's, yeah, I guess you could do that. That's, but it wouldn't really be full out. It'd just be a I wonder if you put a one of those force re reset triggers in there. You could definitely probably put a binary or something. Yeah. Yeah. But once the force resets are once again, fully legal, cause they're kind of in limbo right now, but once they're fully legal, I, the videos I've seen of the force resets are fricking amazing, man. Why? Because they're, they're better than full auto. How because they're slower. They're at a reasonable rate of about 250 rounds per minute. So you're just doing a few shots per second instead of 600 to a thousand shots per minute, which is typically what full auto does. So it like, that would be my preferred speed anyway, is a slower fully automatic easier to control that way too. But and not to mention the fact that at least they used to be and should be totally perfectly legal. I mean, you can also use, I mean, this is no different than a bump stock though, realistically. Oh, it's way different than the bump stock because, because the bump stock relies on the inertia of the whole weapon. This thing does not rely on inertia whatsoever. All you need to do is maintain pressure on your finger. That's all. Okay. When I'm saying it's like the bump stock, I'm talking about the rate of fire that you can expect. I'm talking about bump stock is very inconsistent. That's the other problem with the bump stocks. Yeah you can achieve bump stock type fire from your belt loop. You know that, right? Yes, I've seen that. Yeah. But it's a it should just be we shouldn't have restrictions on fully automatic first of all, period. There's, that, that did not exist during the first hundred years of this country. There was no restriction on fully automatic weapons. And so according to the latest interpretation by the Supreme Court, Of history, tradition, and something else, I can't remember what the third thing is. The whole NFA should just not exist. From your lips to God's ears, dude. Yeah. I wish God would do something about it. Maybe I'd believe in him then. I don't know if it's gonna happen anytime soon, but, I'm getting very mixed feelings about the Supreme Court, because there clearly are some people there like Clarence Thomas that totally understand what's going on. The constitutional enumeration of the freedoms. You think Clarence Thomas is going to survive? I don't think he will, but that's where my, my fears come from is that the appointments that Trump put in. They are, and I've said this before, they're, they're, they're not really not only are they not pro gun, but they're, they're not what I would call libertarian conservatives that they are they're like religious conservatives. They're conservatives, much like Trump's ex president that are conservative only president. Yeah. Ex vice president. Exactly. That are only conservative because of their their, what do you call that stuff? It's not just religion, but just sort of their, you know, life view or whatever. They're not financially conservative. They're not for they would happily reinterpret the constitution. If the constitution they thought was in disagreement. With their personal convictions about religion, and I want somebody in there. That's gonna be a true constitutionalist So you want a constitutionalist not a conservative I do but unfortunately That's not what we got. I can respect that and I think Thomas is a Constitutionalist. Oh, yeah, he's an originalist. Yeah, which is what I like. Yeah. Yeah, exactly So I I'm I'm not In the group where I think majority of the gun owners are very gung ho about yeah, we got a great Supreme Court and I was like, yeah, don't don't don't assume guys, I think we're going to see a very split decisions. I think we'll see some gun cases that will be seen as victories for the gun rights groups. And I think we'll just have just as many decisions that are going to be seen as losses for the gun rights groups. The Supreme Court is going to go along with depends on who you think your gun rights groups. First of all, if you think the NRA is is on your team, then we got a problem. Yeah. It's a, you know, the NRA doesn't matter for the people that don't like the NRA there, they're have nothing to do with it. And for people that are still part of the NRA, the NRA has done plenty to represent us. So I'm not yeah, I'm a member of all the groups. I'm a member of four different gun groups. So Gene is also a shill for the NRA. I'm not a shill dude. I run the LinkedIn group for the NRA. What? Yeah. I run the LinkedIn group for the NRA. You do not. I do. I've been doing that for 15 years. Oh my God, Gene, and this is, I thought we were friends, but this is, this is the issue. Okay. I mean, I, I, I knew you were Jewish, but Jesus, Oh, just dig a deeper hole for yourself. Yeah. Again, it's I think that at the time there was the NRA was, and it's really, it's not the NRA. It's for, for people actually understand how the NRA is made up. It's the ILA is actually the group that does all the political shit. The NRA name is used a lot, but the NRA is an educational foundation. It doesn't do anything political. It can't by charter. Yeah. I got you. So I just think gun owners of America does a better job. Yeah. And I'm a member of that group too. And I'm a member of the the, what is it? The legislative Institute for gun rights. I'm a member. I used to be a member of juice for firearms membership, but I kind of lost track of those guys. That's hilarious. That was one of the original groups that came out of the eighties during the the whole, you know, passing of the the 86. Legislation that banned us being able to buy brand new fully automatic weapons. I mean, the Israeli at the time, the Uzi lobby should have been a big thing. Mm hmm. I think, Hey, you're hurting our exports. Exactly. Exactly. You bastards. There's a lot of, a lot of what are the other groups? There's two other groups I can't think of that I'm a member of. Hmm. I you should be a member of these two, I think I'm a member of, I'm a member of gun owners of America and I used to be a member of the NRA as a kid and stuff like that. But Second Amendment Foundation, I'm a member of that. Remember that? Yeah, I've been very disenchanted with They all ask for money. That's how I know I'm a member, cause I get, I get snail mail from all these groups every month asking for money. Yeah, for some reason, you don't get it from JBS or what JBS JBS that I'm going to sign you up for their stuff just so that you're affiliated. I have never heard of this John Birch society thing that he's talking about. I don't know what it is. I know you've heard of the job, Burgess. Never heard of it. I don't have no recollection of anything. I don't know why you keep bringing it up on every show. I just think it fits. I've never been a member of the John Birch Society. Okay. All right. So we done? You got anything else? No, I think we're good, man. We we've coupled together a couple of podcasts through traveling you and me. This time our audio quality doesn't suck. Hopefully. So yeah, it should be good. Even though my neighbor's been revving his engine lately. I don't know what the hell he must've bought a new car or something. You probably can't hear it, hopefully, but it hasn't made it through the noise gate. Okay, good. It's a very low pitched rumble, but I can definitely hear him. Sorting it up, rubbing it, and then turning it back off. Okay. Must have done something with the car. This is where I keep thinking, Man, I want to live on 20 acres and not have any neighbors. Yeah, it, it, it's nice, man. I'll tell you what Why don't you go find some property in Florida? The property my parents have over in East Texas is we, we walked a lot of it and my, my son walked out there with me and my dad and by the way, he caught his first fish this weekend. Oh, that was cool. A little perch. He caught a little perch. Yeah, he reeled it in to first time. And you know, just on the pond. Yeah. I mean, we, the cold front came through, so it wasn't even a good time to go do it or anything, but he wanted to, so him and Papa went out there and they, by God, he caught a little perch. Nice. Yeah, you don't want, my watch actually tells you good times to go catch fish. Yes. Your, your, your watch that is one 10th, the price of a Rolex. Exactly. It's a bargain, a bargain at one 10th of the price. No, I, dude, I would love to have that watch. I would love to have the features of that one. I refuse to pay for that one. You could hint that it could be a good birthday gift for you from who? From somebody it'd be a great birthday gift for me, Jean, not me, somebody that likes you, you know, yeah I mean, the only people who like me that are going to spend that much money on me or, you know, actually, I don't think the people who like me and are going to spend that much money on me exist. Yeah, I could see that. No, my, and, and the only Rolex I ever had, my ex wife got me as a gift. I never bought one for myself. You know, like you pulled up the citizen and stuff like that. I actually had a pretty nice citizen that I ended up they. It went missing after one thing, but I liked my citizen. You called an accident then? No, no, actually it was at a plant outage and I, I took it off because I, when I was typing I mm-hmm. I had taken it off and I had set it on desk mm-hmm. and I went somewhere and I came back and it wasn't there. Oh man. Somebody stole it. Yes. That sucks. Yeah. Yeah. I, so I found thanks to our conversation. Not that anyone gives a shit, but I found my old citizen watch that I bought in Japan over 20 years ago. By the way, if you want to get rid of that watch, that one I'd buy from you. Really? Yeah. Yeah. It's only 500 bucks cheaper than the other one. You can get it right now. They make it. Yeah, but that's jewelry. And the other one is electronics. I, I mean, they're both kind of electronics. They're not, I mean, I wouldn't really classify the citizen as jewelry. I would classify it as a, what used to pass. For a high tech watch 20 years ago. And the citizen we're talking about was one of the first watches with a sensor in it to set time based on the atomic clock in Colorado, as well as a additional one in Germany and one in Japan. And that, that Colorado universal time signal is no longer broadcasting. So the watch can't set its own time, but it was really nice because it kept super accurate time. It had multiple time zone functions and all the standard watch stuff, like stop, stop, watch alarms lights you know, backlit so you could see stuff in the dark and the whole face of it was a, a solar panel. So it, it never needed batteries. Like it literally didn't have batteries. It had a capacitor in it. Yeah, but that watch is pretty. So see my Casio that I have on is pretty. My, my Casio that I have on my wrist right now, I have a Casio pro track on my wrist that has an altimeter. It has a temperature. It's got compass. It's got all that. It's got the same radio time set that that one does all that. That's my daily wear watch and it's a great watch. Yeah. It's not very attractive. Is it solar too? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So it does have all the features. Yep. It's literally got all the features of that. It's still not a citizen. Doesn't look as good as in as nice. Sure. No, I get that. I get that. And I, I think when I bought that citizen, I think it was, oh man, so 20 years ago, I want to say it was about 670, a little under 700, I think and whatever that was in yen back in the day. And then I remember. Like when I bought that watch at the the factory store, like they treated me like I just bought a Rolex or something like I had, you know, sales people shaking my hand and, and you know, telling me that they, they truly appreciate my, my buying it from them. And then, you know, it's like way better quality service than you would ever get in a watch store in the U S it was it was somewhat surprising. Cause It, I mean, it's not a cheap watch by any stretch, but it's, it's less than it's less than the Apple watch pro or whatever it's called right now. The men's version of the Apple watch. And that thing comes out every year. You got to upgrade that every single year. So that gets expensive. This isn't the exact same model that I have. Mine's fairly similar to this to what, what I'm sending you in the chat. The chat, okay. That's essentially my watch. That's a newer version. That's the current one. That doesn't look bad. It's all black and stuff. I like black watches. It's blacked out. Yeah. That's when my Apple watch like that. I've got a black Apple watch. And you know what else I found along with this citizen is I found two pebble watches. Do you ever have one of those? No, I never did. Do you remember what it is though, right? Yeah. It was the first smartwatch and I have two of them. I actually have a smartwatch too though. Yeah. I've got a, go ahead. So one of my pebbles is actually from the Kickstarter. So I, I should check to see if that's worth anything on eBay. I may be able to turn that around and get a couple of bucks back. I actually have a Casio Protrek smartwatch. Okay. Not the one that you sent me though. No, no, different one. This is the Protrek smart and it's it's got gloss NOS and a lot of GPS. It's a hiking watch, you know, it's pretty good, but it doesn't have the solar. It doesn't have a lot of things. It doesn't have the battery life. So I don't, I got it years ago and quite frankly, I don't use it as much as I should. That's the biggest thing that the the Garmin watch has over everybody else. You know, it's a GPS that I mean I, the reason why I haven't gotten rid of that watch, that watch is eventually going to make it into probably my get home bag powered off. Yeah. Because it has GPS and it has features and it has, it is chargeable through a solar panel and things like that. You know, it's a GPS that I can throw in a couple of days. A couple of days. Okay. Yeah. But it doesn't have it doesn't have the charging requirements. Like it, it, this watch is literally, they sell it with a solar charger for hiking and stuff like that. Okay. So a little solar panel can charge it pretty easily. Yeah. I don't remember off top of my head what the Garmin was, but I want to say it was like up to 30 days as a smartwatch without the charge. And up to four or five days with GPS without a charge, but yeah, right. And, and if you turn both of those off, if you just basically use it as a very accurate dumb watch, it's a year. And if you, if you turn everything on, including like your phone, text messages, popping up on the watch and You're using the GPS and you're listening to music on it. Then it's about five days. No, still that's, that's better. So what I don't like is having to take off and charge a watch. It's pain every day. That's just not accepted. This is where I actually liked what the pebble did. Cause I think the charger was on the side. So you didn't have to take it off. If you were typing, you could just leave it plugged in and click a little connection to you and it was magnetic. So it could always pop off if you pulled. Yeah, that's the way the the Casio is actually yeah, it's literally instead of one of the push buttons One of it had, and if someone's getting hum from this charger, I apologize, but I can hear it in my speakers when I pick it up and touch it. Cause it's plugged in right now. But literally instead of a push button on one of them, it's a magnetic charging port. Yeah. That makes sense. Unfortunately, the Garmin is not, it's more. Typical back of the watch, little, little metal prongs. So you, you plug it in and it's a proprietary cable. It's not a USB one. Yeah, this is proprietary as well. But I don't know. I think I like, I like a lot about the Apple watch and I, I had Apple watches up through, I think the last one I bought was the sixth one, but I just got tired of buying a new watch every year for 400 bucks. It's a waste of a watch because you can never sell it for anywhere near that price because there's a new model out. But how long do you think that Garmin watch is going to be a valid viable option? That is, that watch I bought a year and a half ago as a gift to myself. And and it was kind of a fuck you to Apple because I decided not to buy the Apple watches. I just bought that one. I'm totally supportive of this. Huh. And that is model. I think it's the seventh model of that. So I'm going to guess there hasn't been one since, so probably next year, model eight will come out. But I don't know what else they are going to add. I mean, I kind of do know what they're going to add, but I don't know. I don't, I'll, I probably will not upgrade that watch. Because as long as it's fast enough, responsive enough and keeping up software wise and batteries good and everything else, and it's okay. But you got to wonder how long that battery is going to be good. And is it replaceable? Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I have not looked into it. I mean, when was the last time you had to replace a battery on a watch, man, over a decade, but by the way, the you were saying you replaced. On your citizen, you have to replace the the, what you would call it, the Oh, a capacitor. Yeah. Capacitor. Yeah. I've never had to do that. And that washes over 20 years old and it still works. So I have a citizen that's it's probably close to 20 years old cause it was a, it was a graduation, high school graduation gift. So yeah. That's a nice gift. Yeah, 20 years old. And it's, it's a pretty simple little gold and stainless steel. So you got it when you were 13. Got it. But anyway, it's, it's got the whatever the power technology they called it. I can't remember, but it's a solar cell on the face of the watch. Yep. Yep. Yeah. And after 10 years or so I had to, it wouldn't hold a charge. So as long as it was in sunlight and everything, you know, all the time it was fine, but as soon as if you put it in a closet for a day, it was dead. And so it wasn't holding enough of a charge. And that's when I sent it in, got it replaced. And Bob's your uncle. You're good. But one of the things that I Robert, your mother's brother that I remembered about the citizen that I found is that it it's. If, if it doesn't, I don't know how the hell it figures this out, but if, if you're not wearing the watch, it stops moving the hands. Mine, mine, the one, the one I'm talking about had the same as well. And it's still ran it. Oh, interesting. Yeah, because I don't think it takes a whole lot of juice in a capacitor to just power the mechanism or just the electronics part of it. Again, it was just, it was dead. Like that, that capacitor had to be replaced and then it was fine. Okay. Okay. Got it. Yeah. That was 10 years ago and it's Oh, but you don't have it anymore? No, I still have it. Oh, you do still have That was a different citizen than I lost. Okay, got it. I'd liked citizen watches. I I used to, I did too. I, I, I used to have a whole watch collection and just, that was a thing and I, what happened, man? I get married, spend money on different different things. Yeah. I, I did. I used to like watches too. I never got into the fancy watches. Like I said, the only Rolex I ever had was one that I got as a gift. But it was a, and I sold it like right after we got divorced, but it it's, I've never been a fancy watch guy, but I've always liked multifunction watches, always liked stuff. If a watch had more functional, like the, the G shock or what do they call it? G something. Yeah. Those Casio's. I remember when the first one started coming out, I was like, fuck yeah, I'm totally wearing this. And they were massive compared to what the, everybody else was wearing as a watch. Right. Everyone was going real thin and everyone's going for like the, the two millimeter thin watch and thinking that's a cool thing. Cause it's almost not there. And I was walking around with a watch that was half an inch thick, but you could drive a truck over it and I would still keep running. Yeah. And do your taxes on it. Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't go that far, but it was still pretty fancy. Come on. You never had a calculator. No, I had a 28 S. I told you that HP 28 S with RPM. No calculator watch. Oh yeah. Of course. No, I had all those Casio's. I had the multiple different calculator watches. And I'll tell you, you know, the I don't know if you, I don't know if you believe this, but I actually installed a calculator in my garment. I could use the touch face as a calculator on there now. Why would you do that? I have no idea cause I, I'm, I'm too old now. So my vision sucks compared to when I was a kid. So it would be impractical for me to use a watch as a calculator cause I can't see shit. So Gene, when they come out with a new one next year and you upgrade. You should just send me one. You want this one? Is that, is that, yeah. I don't know if I'm gonna upgrade this. Hey, I'm probably gonna hang to Hey, but you know what? We were about to wrap up and I forgot. Yeah. We're wrapped up. Yeah. We needed to, we needed to mention two things. What's that? Two things. Oh, we got a donation, didn't we? Yeah, we got a donation. Fuck. That's right. I almost forgot. Yeah, you, you got the donation, so why don't you read it to us? I, that means I need to log into PayPal first. You could have reminded me offline that I would have done that. All right. Let's see. All right. You're logging into PayPal. The other thing we need to say thank you for is CSB calling us out on Courier and the Keeper. And you did it on two different shows. Yeah. So thank you. CSB. That was very much appreciated, man. We really, we, that is a donation in and of itself. Oh, totally. He did it on Korean Keeper and he did it on the what's the show Adam does podcasting 2. 0. Yeah. So on two different, and he actually, his description of our show, I felt was better than what I usually say. So he did a good job. I'm sure he had an AI basically say, here's a, here's a transcript of that show. Now give me a good description in three sentences. I would assume that's what he did, because that's what I would do if I was him. Maybe we should just start using him as our copy editor for the tagline. I know, right? Exactly. But I thought that was a very nice gesture of him. Yes. And it's, it's much appreciated because neither one of us has bothered doing that ourselves. But anyway, I wanted to make sure we said thank you because, you know, it, that, that to me means all that. That's nice. I appreciate it. Yeah. And I wanted to, you know, the, the, the donation we got is nice too. I really appreciate the yeah, a guy who's actually well known in the no agenda crowd the hollow books guy. Yeah. What's his name? I'm, I'm looking that up right now. Activity last 30 days. Show me the activity. Come on, man. PayPal is fricking slow, slow, slow. Come on, show me. And I don't have it pulled up before. Gene, it's, it is free Hall books. That's why I told you, so it is his note was two good old boys is my new favorite podcast. Good. We're glad we're making something that you enjoy. Yes. And you know, Hey, it, we haven't encouraged donations or anything like that, but just having y'all both CSP and free hollow books reach out and do something is appreciated. Yeah, I mean, honestly, for both of these people, both CSB and free hollow books. Like they had to go to some trouble to bother to get us something because we don't make it easy. So I think there is maybe a link in the description somewhere in the episodes, but that's about it. Like we don't talk about it. We don't call it out. We don't really talk about a websites. In fact, I don't even know if there is an obvious link. I'm sure there's a link somewhere because I probably put it in, but. I don't know if there is an obvious link. If you go to just too good old boys. com, you may have to dig a little bit to find a donation link in there. But certainly again, nobody needs to donate, but. If you do donate, we do appreciate it because it's, it's a nice gesture beyond the monetary amount. It just shows that you care. And yeah, it was just good to get called out and, you know, I, I liked Adam's response. Yeah, I know who that is. Oh, oops. I, I think, I think is what you were hearing in that was. Yeah. Why didn't those guys send me some money directly? Maybe, maybe. All right, man. All right. Sounds good. So we will go ahead and wrap things up. And now I think we actually are in the two hour mark, like usual. It'd be a little over a little over, right? I'll get the episode posted probably tomorrow. When you're listening to this, no, I'm, I'm still recording. I haven't said goodbye yet. I'm telling the peoples that I, my plan is to. To take a day or two before I post it. Oh, by the time you're listening to this, we recorded a couple of days beforehand. So just in case there's some new shit happening in Israel, you'll know that the reason that we didn't talk about it is because we recorded this a few days before you actually listened to it. There you go. Now we can, we can wrap it up.